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Thread: Small Worlds Expedition

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    Small Worlds Expedition

    Small Worlds Expedition
    September 17th 3302 - October 8th 3302




    Waypoint GoogleCal

    Recommended Ship Builds



    Small Worlds Expedition is to provide the support and ability for new and casual players to be able to explore our galaxy without worry. We aim to help develop the skills and knowledge required for long distance exploration. Additionally, we hope we can provide veteran explorers an interesting and challenging alternative to the more commonly accepted exploration vessels.

    Registration 8/7/3302 - 9/14/3302
    Departure: 9/17/3302

    Waypoints and Launch times

    Weekends: Meetup 19:00, Launch 20:00
    Weekdays: Meetup 23:00, Launch 24:00

    WP Images

    Small Worlds Expedition Meet and Greet: 9/10

    Distance to next
    0 Base Camp Agarla 5 E A 0.05 -35.4, 95.4 9/17 654.36Ly
    1 Hind Nebula T Tauri A 1 A 0.09 -72, 99.4 9/19 552.63Ly
    2 LBN 623 LBN 623 Sector JH-V C2-21 1 0.64 10.9, 0.84 9/21 896.56Ly
    3 R CRA R CRA Sector DL-Y D12 A 1 A 0.04 44.73, 68.9 9/23 701.61Ly
    4 Fine Ring Fine Ring Sector JH-V C2-4 A 1 0.09 -19.15, 85.02 9/25 941.20Ly
    5 Spiral KN Muscae 1 1.27 -11.41, 137.2 9/27 1,307.80Ly
    6 Eight Burst CD-39 6137 4 2.09 -17.9/173.68 9/29 3,198.11Ly
    7 Blue Planetary Blue Planetary Sector NI-S B4-0 AB 3 A 0.12 21.32, -54.75 10/1 4,119.47Ly
    8 Bug Bug Sector FW-W D1-28 3 A 0.14 37.6, 154 10/4 1,500.78Ly
    9 NGC 6337 Hen 2-215 A 2 A 0.18 -44.2, 8.85 10/5 1,691.44L
    10 NGC 6565 NGC 6565 Sector KC-V C2-6 3 B 0.05 13.4, 12.4 10/7

    Reminder! This expedition takes place in a Private Group
    Search: Braben Is Thargoid

    Expedition Map

    More to come soon! Stick around to see roster, waypoint LZ Images, Videos, Images, and more!


    CMDR Name Primary Role Secondary Role Which ship are you bringing? Ship jump range (Ly) What is your ship's name? Platform Continent
    1 VirtualAnomaly Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 33.8 IEV Jodi Beth PC North America
    2 Jerek Content Creator Photographer Vulture 31.28 Dagger PC North America
    3 LaneAtomic Pilot Content Creator Cobra Mk3 31 Nezumi PC North America
    4 Dexter7 Pilot Content Creator;Fuel Rat Cobra Mk4 31 Pride of Leesti PC North America
    5 Nuse Photographer Content Creator Eagle 29 PC North America
    6 Senor Corgi Pilot Photographer Adder 20 The Flying show PC North America
    7 Braben Is Thargoid Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 20 Thargoid Mobile PC North America
    8 RedJive Pilot Diamondback Explorer 41.94 Nauvoo PC North America
    9 Rosander Pilot Cobra Mk3 35.1 Snake Eye's PC North America
    10 Lasher Fuel Rat Photographer Diamondback Explorer 31 Icarus PC North America
    11 MattYoung Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 30 Tranquility PC Australia
    12 Nyxi Content Creator Pilot;Photographer Imperial Courier 25 Triangulum PC North America
    13 Glorfindel The Wise Photographer Pilot;Content Creator Diamondback Explorer 37.92 Ithilien PC North America
    14 Rinzler o7o7o7 Photographer Content Creator Imperial Courier Light Jet PC Australia
    15 Raijiin Pilot Content Creator;Fuel Rat Cobra Mk4 31.85 Hidoi Fune PC North America
    16 Eliteodyssey01 Pilot Diamondback Explorer PC Australia
    17 Krail9 Pilot Cobra Mk3 31 Kestrel PC Australia
    18 Sniffy Pilot Photographer Sidewinder 26.53 Goldilocks PC Australia
    19 Alistair Hope Photographer Pilot Cobra Mk3 36.19 Upekkha PC Europe
    20 Lapotor Fuel Rat Photographer Type 6 30 Rattype PC Europe
    21 0PPR3550R Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk4 27.96 Vox Utopia PC Europe
    22 Hikowa Dean Pilot Photographer;Content Creator Cobra Mk3 25 RSC Oppai Explorer PC Europe
    23 Ovidios Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 43.3 Doesn't have one PC Europe
    24 Aegg Pilot Diamondback Explorer 33.72 INV Searcher PC Europe
    25 Ruxconk Photographer Pilot Imperial Courier 20 PC Europe
    26 Ekol Tieja Pilot Cobra Mk3 28 Rum-laced Fun Express PC Europe
    27 no1spectat0r Pilot Pilot Cobra Mk3 PC Australia
    28 Laffelrog Photographer Pilot Vulture 29.5 Lemonizer PC Europe
    29 Xeres Pilot Imperial Courier 30 Ascendance PC North America
    30 Shabooka Pilot Hauler 27.5 The Faeles PC North America
    31 Pavel Mirsky Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 30 Astro-van PC North America
    32 Mikeydal565 Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 Hooded Venom PC Europe
    33 PsynFyr Pilot Pilot Imperial Courier 36.5 Festina Lente PC North America
    34 Krumix Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 PC Europe
    35 omgcow Pilot Imperial Courier PC Europe
    36 Grebenkov Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 30 Road Runner PC Europe
    37 J Clutario Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 32.38 PNS Czareenah PC Asia
    38 Leif Ross Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 50.84 INV Lucky Grasshopper PC Europe
    39 CMDR RUSHTHEWORLD Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk4 Xbox Europe
    40 Keane Martinez Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 25 Stryka PC Asia
    41 Ablative Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 52.2 DMX's brother PC North America
    42 Jonuss Pilot Pilot;Photographer Adder 47 Armchair Traveller PC Europe
    43 Maverick and Goose Pilot Content Creator Cobra Mk3 Good Grief PC North America
    44 Eayrn Pilot Diamondback Explorer 41.5 Endurance PC North America
    45 Wotherspoon Pilot Diamondback Explorer 32 Rebecca Weston PC Europe
    46 Abe Cox Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 PC North America
    47 Ravstar52 Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 45.58 Steve PC Europe
    48 Saomaster1450 Pilot Photographer Viper Mk3 18.54 Doragon PC North America
    49 Eldrik Kellsy Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 31.27 PC Europe
    50 Druthyn Pilot Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    51 CupcakeRising Pilot Diamondback Explorer Xbox North America
    52 Quester91 Pilot Pilot Diamondback Scout 24 Vesta PC Europe
    53 Starstuff Pilot Diamondback Explorer 32 The John Rae PC Europe
    54 AreZee Pilot Photographer Imperial Eagle 30.51 Blackbird II PC Europe
    55 Jonas Treesong Pilot Diamondback Explorer 45 Shamash PC Europe
    56 0ni Pilot Diamondback Explorer 35 Flying Cubicle PC South America
    57 Solegot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 33 Small Explorer PC North America
    58 Jackshot Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk4 Nova PC Europe
    59 CMDR NAVYBLU Pilot Fuel Rat Hauler 16 PC North America
    60 LavenderSH Pilot Imperial Courier PC Europe
    61 Leadthefight Fuel Rat Pilot Cobra Mk4 The Bermuda Xbox North America
    62 KidChemo Pilot Diamondback Explorer 35.21 FES Vespucci PC North America
    63 ReaperEvolved Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 32.16 Team CPW PC Europe
    64 Kel Solaar Pilot Viper Mk4 32.24 PC North America
    65 Cysop Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 28 Monochromatic Rainbow PC North America
    66 Minty Fuel Rat Cobra Mk4 30 Cibus Opus PC Europe
    67 CompositeDynamic Pilot Diamondback Explorer 47.12 Wandering Moon PC Europe
    68 BlueJay25 Photographer Pilot;Photographer Vulture 20.89 The Malignant Tumor PC North America
    69 Burd Turglar Pilot Imperial Eagle 29.15 PC North America
    70 Hambone Pilot Viper Mk4 20 PC North America
    71 Camel o7o7o7 Content Creator Fuel Rat Cobra Mk3 17 PC Australia
    72 Olam Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 19 Spec PC North America
    73 Airey Pilot Pilot;Photographer;Fuel Rat Cobra Mk3 Blue Ensign 2 PC Australia
    74 Tharzog Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 23.5 Errant Barmaid PC Australia
    75 Rumzfeld Pilot Cobra Mk4 17.9 The Fiddle Xbox North America
    76 Architriklinos Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    77 Gandaar Pilot Pilot Cobra Mk3 25 Little Trekker PC North America
    78 SRVVR Pilot Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    79 Mudmonkey0311 Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 30 Nimbus Xbox North America
    80 Ghent Pilot Diamondback Explorer 32 Starshadow PC North America
    81 Hazara Pilot Pilot;Photographer Imperial Courier 31.14 Burnt Whiskers II PC Australia
    82 CMDR Misterioos Photographer Pilot Diamondback Explorer 20 Prometheus Xbox South America
    83 Tiro II Pilot Diamondback Explorer 29.8 PC Europe
    84 LetsGeiloLp Fuel Rat Diamondback Explorer 25 ASP Scout PC Europe
    85 kjkb1980 Pilot Diamondback Explorer Exploration Vessel Moya Mk II PC Europe
    86 CMDR WillOTheWisp Pilot Pilot Viper Mk4 17 Baby PC North America
    87 #Spooderlady Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 40 Harambe PC Europe
    88 Beattiebombastic Pilot Diamondback Explorer 29.22 S.S.Clownfish PC North America
    89 Conspiracy1955 Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 49.07 Mustang & Sally PC Europe
    90 Mister_Slippery Pilot Pilot Cobra Mk3 24 You can name ships? PC North America
    91 Benno441 Pilot Pilot Cobra Mk4 25 Father Jack Xbox Europe
    92 Rathstar Pilot Fuel Rat Type 6 36 The Flying foot PC North America
    93 StumpyRumble90 Pilot Pilot Adder 23 SS Australis XVI Xbox Australia
    94 CMDR Mrgreen420 Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 20.94 the dud tender PC North America
    95 Capt.Stark Pilot Pilot Cobra Mk3 24.86 Explorer 2 PC Asia
    96 bevkcan Photographer Pilot;Photographer;Content Creator Diamondback Explorer 33 TITANIC PC Europe
    97 Karrok Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 25 The Cant' PC Australia
    98 Prawps Fuel Rat Cobra Mk4 40 NSW Mini-Rat PC North America
    99 kyz0r Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 48.67 Xpl-01 Xbox Europe
    100 Maverick3z Pilot Pilot Imperial Courier 25 Ardent Galliard PC North America
    101 Rudi Raumkraut Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 42.5 iCure PC Europe
    102 CMDR Terrabla'e Photographer Pilot Cobra Mk3 31.75 Son of Harri PC Australia
    103 C. Kowalski Pilot Photographer Hauler 17 Wandering Star PC Europe
    104 ARGHouse Pilot Photographer;Content Creator Cobra Mk4 20.3 ANS Vigilant PC Australia
    105 Cmdr Webbie Pilot Fuel Rat Cobra Mk3 50 Phoenix PC North America
    106 Loki~ Content Creator Photographer Vulture 29.09 Emelyn's Descent PC Europe
    107 Zak Starfall Pilot Fuel Rat PC Europe
    108 Jet Horizon Pilot Diamondback Scout 39.71 Schwalbe PC Europe
    109 24B Pilot Adder 24 Juliette PC Europe
    110 Von Claussen Pilot Photographer Adder 25 Daishi PC North America
    111 dennieboy Photographer Pilot Viper Mk4 16.3 evoliner PC Europe
    112 Defaultusername Photographer Photographer Diamondback Explorer 32 Explorer's First Love PC North America
    113 DMC_RULEZ Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 49 Perseus PC Europe
    114 CMDR JIPEGOS Pilot Content Creator Imperial Courier 25 Baby Normandy I PC Europe
    115 Demeisen Kredlem Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 46.98 PC Europe
    116 Reggie Perrin Pilot Diamondback Explorer 30 Earnie PC Europe
    117 Kayden Alenko Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 47.98 Nautilus PC North America
    118 General2k Pilot Cobra Mk4 21 Mistilteinn PC North America
    119 xxpitt Photographer Pilot Cobra Mk3 PC North America
    120 Skari0 Photographer Pilot Diamondback Explorer 37.28 Arctic PC North America
    121 Cthulhu, of The Deep Photographer Pilot Diamondback Explorer 20.05 Cthulhu's Vessel PC North America
    122 Zunaro Content Creator Eagle PC North America
    123 Jennings Pilot Diamondback Explorer 35 Terribilis PC Australia
    124 Nevo Pilot Pilot Hauler 17 KALAMATA TRADER PC Europe
    125 Wonky Penguin Pilot Content Creator Cobra Mk3 32.89 Bumski PC Europe
    126 Tychus Flynn Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 31 Morr??ghan PC North America
    127 TKBest2327 Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier Xbox Europe
    128 Mr Skelly Pilot Sidewinder 25 PC Europe
    129 Tonygarret jax gage Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 32 Serenity PC Europe
    130 Kacarot Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 PC North America
    131 Lynexia Pilot Pilot Vulture 15 Sidewinder PC Europe
    132 CMDR Spectrumancer Pilot Cobra Mk3 27 Trousers PC Europe
    133 Bleak Walker Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 30 Wanderer PC South America
    134 MacWii Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 16 PC North America
    135 Atebits Pilot Pilot Adder 33 MH Phalias Oasis PC Europe
    136 Macovzki Pilot Sidewinder 18 PC Europe
    137 Grimshun Pilot Imperial Courier 33 PC Europe
    138 KenTV Pilot Diamondback Explorer 49.82 Adaris PC Europe
    139 Kit Rakish Pilot Content Creator Cobra Mk3 28.99 Green Fairy PC North America
    140 ksg Pilot Cobra Mk3 30 PC Europe
    141 benji7425 Pilot Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    142 pompomat Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 26 rumble PC Europe
    143 borbra Pilot Fuel Rat Cobra Mk3 35 First Love PC Europe
    144 CMDR Biozombie Pilot Pilot Imperial Courier 23 Blockade Runner PC North America
    145 Dunks o7o7o7 Pilot Content Creator Diamondback Explorer 45 Jesse's Mum PC Australia
    146 Redwalljp Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 30.4 PC Asia
    147 24 Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier Jenner PC North America
    148 Primal Muffin Fuel Rat Photographer Cobra Mk4 31 Ratadactyl PC North America
    149 DemonsElemental Pilot Pilot Imperial Courier PC North America
    150 Arstan Pilot Diamondback Explorer 45.3 Black Bullet PC Europe
    151 Atmos Pilot Photographer Hauler 32.48 Hauler 329877 PC North America
    152 Knwldg101 Pilot Photographer Adder 34 Triumph PC North America
    153 Keloren Fuel Rat Pilot Cobra Mk4 25 Adiona PC North America
    154 B.E.N Pilot Photographer Diamondback Scout 21.06 Crimson Moon PC Europe
    155 Morphenox Fuel Rat Pilot;Photographer Type 6 30 Ol' Rusty Tugboat PC North America
    156 Plattfish Pilot Pilot Cobra Mk3 25 Lark PC North America
    157 NACHO MAN Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer Ship for brains PC Australia
    158 --={SAITCH}=- Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 17.25 Unity PC Europe
    159 QUICKSCOPA14 Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 22.66 King Cobra Xbox North America
    160 Beefytaco Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 32.09 PC Europe
    161 Henkka77 Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 34 Joy PC Europe
    162 Kyae Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    163 Skipp Doe Content Creator Pilot;Photographer Viper Mk4 34 Celestis PC Europe
    164 Deltasnake Pilot Photographer;Content Creator Cobra Mk3 24.73 Cosmos PC South America
    165 Eric Devoe Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 34.45 Celestine PC North America
    166 Anvil Jones Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    167 CMDR Casparov Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 24.07 AUSS Centurion PC Australia
    168 Kaspr Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 32.88 Star Clipper PC North America
    169 Caldeon Pilot Cobra Mk3 PC Europe
    170 Xeknos Pilot Cobra Mk3 24.1 Steamrunner PC North America
    171 Taskchair Pilot Diamondback Explorer 30 N-241BJ PC North America
    172 CMDR rajip Pilot Photographer Adder Xbox Europe
    173 Nicky__8 Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 32.38 PC Europe
    174 Kassandra Fuel Rat Pilot;Photographer Type 6 35 Bathtub of fuel PC Europe
    175 Durousseau Pilot Diamondback Explorer 33.5 Scion of Orac PC North America
    176 Aidair Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 33.5 ISV Puddlejumper PC North America
    177 ZSCHMEEZ Pilot Content Creator Diamondback Explorer 47.5 New Horizons PC North America
    178 DarkHellSpartan Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk4 28.91 Hatshepsut PC North America
    179 Mooberry Photographer Pilot Sidewinder 24.29 Over-Side PC North America
    180 Andromedaa Pilot Photographer;Content Creator Imperial Courier 25.35 Astraeus PC North America
    181 Strogonovsky Pilot Diamondback Explorer 42.75 Solaris PC South America
    182 parad0x1e Pilot Cobra Mk3 24.39 EC-1 "Serenity" PC Europe
    183 Bendarr Pilot Sidewinder 15 Fartcatcher PC North America
    184 Slydex Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 32.38 Golden Hind PC Europe
    185 Kordinn Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 23.33 Athena PC North America
    186 Steve Climber Pilot Photographer Diamondback Scout 26.82 Extropy PC North America
    187 SuperButter Pilot Diamondback Explorer 32 PC North America
    188 Carrow Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 31 Lazarev PC Europe
    189 Cronicrisis Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 30 Iridium 1 PC North America
    190 KI1ROY WAS HERE Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 24.5 The Return of Kilroy PC North America
    191 Stardogchamp117 Photographer Pilot Diamondback Explorer 30 idk yet Xbox North America
    192 Moby Maxian Pilot Cobra Mk3 20.14 PC North America
    193 Trunkage Pilot Adder 32.47 PC North America
    194 DeepQuantum Pilot Fuel Rat Diamondback Explorer 32.14 DeepQuantum Exp. PC Europe
    195 Harumodoki Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 31 ‘???? PC Australia
    196 QUAKE9 Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 20 Beak PC North America
    197 Mainfrezzer Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 49.67 Vaughn PC Europe
    198 FERMDASIUS Pilot Cobra Mk4 PC Europe
    199 Quar Damek Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 35 Nifty PC Europe
    200 CMDR CMDR ICARUS Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 39.71 ATHENA PC Europe
    201 TeruTheRogue Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 22 Imperial Taveler PC North America
    202 Katarus Delwood Photographer Pilot Imperial Courier 23 Ursa Minor PC North America
    203 Moraes Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 32 USS Jannette PC South America
    204 curious fish Pilot Cobra Mk3 29 PC North America
    205 D4RKS4V4NT Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 23.37 BonVoyage PC Europe
    206 MostlyAwol Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 29 The Spectator PC North America
    207 Darut Ceredar Pilot Content Creator Cobra Mk3 25.86 Halve Maen PC Europe
    208 Dukrous Pilot Content Creator Cobra Mk3 25 Euryale PC North America
    209 Balky Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 32.93 Kaylee PC Europe
    210 Joppofiss Photographer Pilot;Content Creator Diamondback Explorer 30 Joppofiss PC Europe
    211 Fiasc0 Pilot Photographer;Content Creator Diamondback Explorer 35 The Raven's Nest PC North America
    212 ZX SPECTRUM Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk4 25 Down to Earth PC Europe
    213 Sulu Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk4 30 Rim Runner PC Europe
    214 Aku42 Pilot Imperial Courier 26 Anton's Key PC North America
    215 Strudelbaron Pilot Vulture 22 Tiramisu PC Australia
    216 Polarius Pilot Cobra Mk3 24 Bucket PC Europe
    217 Nicolas Rabut?? Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 22.14 PC Europe
    218 The_Gripen Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 27 S.S. Naked and Afraid PC North America
    219 TwoFingers Pilot Photographer;Content Creator Imperial Courier 35 IronSeed PC Europe
    220 _MacK_ Pilot Diamondback Explorer 48 Blue Jacket PC North America
    221 Noktelfa Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk4 19.93 Hasbro PC North America
    222 NinjaWolf Pilot Pilot Cobra Mk3 30 SpacyMCSpaceShip PC Europe
    223 Vamp1r3 Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 44.99 R/V Trillion PC Africa
    224 darkinnit Pilot Hauler 31 Sprite II PC Europe
    225 Jack Calrissian Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 40 IES Grand Nagus PC North America
    226 Viitanen Pilot Cobra Mk3 33.63 PC Europe
    227 'Yellow Belly' McGee Pilot Pilot Cobra Mk3 35 Wile E Coyote PC Europe
    228 Kuretes Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 23 Deirdre PC North America
    229 Isla Sitheach Pilot Vulture 18 Hierophant PC North America
    230 Luketh Pilot Imperial Courier 30 Talon PC Australia
    231 Solko Pilot Photographer Eagle 27 Bird of Stray PC Europe
    232 CMDR Snorezalot Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 31.36 Centurion PC North America
    233 Mythbusting Pilot Pilot Cobra Mk3 34.6 Mongoose PC North America
    234 OrcusCZ Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 31.64 Javelin PC Europe
    235 ToScH_23 Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 34.5 PC Europe
    236 Heined Pilot Imperial Courier 20 PC South America
    237 Cursar Dan Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer DB-X_Cursar-DSX PC Europe
    238 Stephinfection Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 40 Vanishing Point PC North America
    239 ryan_m17 Content Creator Pilot Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    240 MessedUpDuck Pilot Pilot Viper Mk4 23.81 HMCS Centurion PC North America
    241 M98andpregnant Pilot Cobra Mk3 23 PC North America
    242 Infinite85 Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 38.7 Roadrunner PC North America
    243 Bling2Ming Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 42.6 The Coal Scuttle PC Europe
    244 Zimz Fuel Rat Type 6 35 Eagle 5 PC North America
    245 SKS Pilot Diamondback Explorer 32 FSS Irrelevant PC North America
    246 Murderminer Pilot Cobra Mk3 21.78 PC North America
    247 Sirkh Pilot Cobra Mk3 31 Grim Nomad PC Australia
    248 Silent Skies Pilot Diamondback Explorer 32.48 In Memory Of PC North America
    249 Slimm Pilot Fuel Rat Diamondback Explorer 47.81 PC North America
    250 Hikotsu Pilot Cobra Mk4 PC North America
    251 MentalFS Pilot Cobra Mk3 34.28 PC Europe
    252 Dylan Thielking Pilot Cobra Mk3 15.26 PC North America
    253 Archydamus Pilot Viper Mk4 34.97 LWEV Despair PC Europe
    254 LapisGuy147 Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 31 Flying Ferret Xbox North America
    255 ToCoSo Pilot Photographer Diamondback Scout 30 Jumpy PC Europe
    256 Noria Relic Pilot Photographer;Content Creator Viper Mk4 34.17 PC Europe
    257 YellowCaprisun Pilot Cobra Mk3 27 The Mistress in Red PC North America
    258 FusionCor3 Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 31 USS William D. Porter Xbox Europe
    259 XE7 Hades Pilot Cobra Mk3 24 Athena PC Europe
    260 FlynEvilMonkey Pilot Diamondback Explorer 26 I Don't Know Mommy II PC North America
    261 Rigel Kent Pilot Diamondback Explorer 50 PC North America
    262 johnzaku Photographer Pilot Imperial Courier 17 Matsunaga PC North America
    263 Jesus Christoph Pilot Diamondback Explorer 40 Anne Bonny PC Europe
    264 aT^C Fuel Rat Photographer Cobra Mk4 25.41 Genesis PC Europe
    265 Crimson Wisp Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 43 PC Europe
    266 Woderik_Blumpkin Pilot Cobra Mk3 34 Mikla Reika PC Europe
    267 SuperChu132 Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 15 Vessel to Newfoundland Xbox North America
    268 ArcticFenrir Pilot Cobra Mk4 20 Obsidian Basilisk PC Europe
    269 Derrick Gellert Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 50.23 Viewfinder PC Europe
    270 The Mudfart Pilot Fuel Rat Diamondback Scout 22.57 Solas Xbox North America
    271 Craig Tomlinson Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 40 Passion Wagon PC Europe
    272 Adal Pilot Photographer;Content Creator Imperial Courier 25.45 Odysseus PC Europe
    273 Dagobert IX Pilot Cobra Mk3 21.61 Snow Leopard PC North America
    274 LT RUSSLER Pilot Imperial Courier 20 The Currier PC North America
    275 The1j Pilot Photographer Diamondback Scout 27.46 HMS Liberator PC Australia
    276 Evelyn Mione Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 40.12 TDF Avro PC North America
    277 Marowit104 Pilot Photographer Adder 35.62 S.S. More Powerful... PC North America
    278 TheObstruction Pilot Cobra Mk3 21.58 PC North America
    279 Orehound Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 45.96 Rangerneer Xbox North America
    280 numlock Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 35 PC Europe
    281 A Moose in a Room Pilot Pilot Adder 30 Shippy Mcshipface PC North America
    282 drachenmaul Pilot Diamondback Explorer 42 Red Hook PC Europe
    283 brianpmack Pilot Cobra Mk3 24.73 Salsa Shark PC North America
    284 Fnowski Pilot Pilot Imperial Courier 28.09 Carolin PC Europe
    285 Firelord Pilot Content Creator Cobra Mk3 17.46 PC Europe
    286 Europeanempire Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 Flying Welshman Xbox Europe
    287 Mr.QuestGaming Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer Ugela PC North America
    288 Toats Pilot Photographer Diamondback Explorer 31.88 PC North America
    289 Cosmic Oblivion Pilot Imperial Courier 24.52 Fabulous PC Australia
    290 Miza Axem Pilot Pilot;Photographer Diamondback Explorer 48.09 The Jolly ranger PC North America
    291 YellowCake Pilot Photographer Cobra Mk3 35 PC Europe
    292 myself_st Pilot Diamondback Explorer 45 PC Europe
    293 Liger95 Pilot Photographer Viper Mk4 31 C.N.V. Azure Nova PC North America
    294 furrycat Fuel Rat Pilot Cobra Mk4 PC Europe
    295 Mengy Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 34 Harmony PC North America
    296 Spitifire456 Pilot Diamondback Explorer 40.66 PC Europe
    297 Eleventh Pilot Fuel Rat Type 6 30 HMS Fuelonium PC Europe
    298 CMDR FNG Pilot Pilot Diamondback Explorer 32 SS Anne Frank PC Europe
    299 Delta RC 2526 Fuel Rat Pilot;Photographer Cobra Mk4 23 Xbox North America
    300 Tytyro Pilot Imperial Courier 30 Avout PC North America
    301 Errvs II Pilot Diamondback Explorer 45.05 PC North America
    302 Rowdy Dave Pilot Photographer Imperial Courier 32 Bison PC North America

  2. #2
    Already on board for this one. The challenge of a tiny vessel in a big galaxy was too much to resist.

  3. #3
    Fantastic idea for an expedition

    Added to the Expedition Hub

  4. #4
    yay, the first expedition I have time for

  5. #5
    Damn, I'd join up for at least the space side of this, but my old Diamondback, the Endless Transit, is already about 12-13000ly out from my home system heading coreward.

  6. #6
    Theres most likely a mistake in registration form at the ships jump range as its twice there..

    But im in, i heard about this expedition listening Josh Hawkins' Brocast yesterday and was instantly excited.
    I was going to take my Viper Mk3 but it seems that Mk4 has much better internals so i will most likely go with that.
    Plenty of time for little FSD modifications..

    EDIT: Or maybe Vulture... decisions decisions..

  7. #7
    Looking forwards to this expedition, glad I learned of it when I did, and already making friends because of this.

  8. #8
    Very nice. I'll be giving this a pass, as i'm currently on my way to heart and soul. But a great initiative, especially to get newer explorers on board.

  9. #9
    Can i bring a python? Currently smuggling to get my funds up.

  10. #10
    I stuck an Enhanced Performance Drive on my Courier the other day and thought 480 ms-1 was a very nice boost speed. Then I realised it was the ordinary speed...

  11. #11
    Sounds good. Not signing up just yet as I have other stuff going on, but hopefully i'll make it.

    Currently in a Cobra, but may go back to an Adder

  12. #12
    If you need escort I can bring my FDL, otherwise I'll just hop in my DB scout.

    My asp is not fitted for exploration anymore, so I'll leave it in garage.

  13. #13
    I really like the theme of small ships only. Personally I hope we don't have anything else in the roster - no exception. I endorse the option of a Type-6 for Fuel Rats though.

  14. #14
    This is an excellent concept for an expedition! It reminds me of the early days of exploration with the FGE, only now we also have the option of planetary landings. These nebulae are very beautiful! I wont be able to take part myself, but highly recommend this endeavor!

  15. #15
    I'm in for this one.. going to take my gold sidey out just for the added challenge.
    Still got 21KLy to go getting back to the bubble and then i'll be engineering the heck out of his little engines/FSD.

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