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Thread: The Colonia Citizens Network

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    The Colonia Citizens Network

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    I can't rep that, but I do

    +rep !

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    W00t! Good luck! I'd rep it but I need to spread my reps. Long live Jaques.

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    The birth of a new era... already en route to a new life in the colony in August Exodus convoy 2.

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    I shall be visiting Jaques when the Galactic Nebula Expedition reaches there.

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    Come join the server - over 1,000 colonists have signed up so far...

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    EXCELLENT! Thank you for that. I share with the french community.

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    where can I find the estate agent for my new appartement ?!

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    Greeting Command,
    This is a great idea, I'm in! As I'm currently surveying neutron stars below and to the left of Jaques.

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    Ride on..... one this days..

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    Count me in!

    Dragged myself in a bit after the first convoy got there, now doing some quiet mining before I get my exploring mojo back -
    burned myself out a little trying to buckyball 20,000 ly!

    Taz o7

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    I'm still heading back to the bubble from Jaques in the cargo hauling Python I took out there to pick up my exploration Vulture ship. Not sure what I'll do after that. Maybe take part in that small ship expedition. There are some systems I want to revisit near the galactic core too, so I might stop by Jaques around then.

    Best of luck.

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    I was Waiting for some sort of Group to form Around Jaques Station <;3

    didnt want to start one myself tho.. as its just my Secondary goal in the game which might take alot of time away in the upcomming months

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    First round on me!

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    Well made thread and great idea, count me in!!

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