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Thread: The Outlander Challenge

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    If I had spotted this when I started out to Colonia over a year ago I would have signed up .

    Cmdr EdzUp here in good old Reaper
    CMDR EdzUp
    EdzUp's website

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    Originally Posted by Jaiotu View Post (Source)
    I'd kind of given up on this endeavor as, for the past few months, I've been participating in the Colonia Migration CGs which I'm hoping to finally place in once they release the April results.

    Last week I started over again. My wife has been talking about starting to play Elite with me so I wiped one of my game saves for her to use and then decided to do something different with it: An exploration-only game save with the goal of reaching Elite without ever purchasing a new ship or moving Combat/Trade rank up by so much as a single percent. That first couple of game sessions of just trying to generate enough credits for basic upgrades to my ship was a struggle. Things started looking up once I could afford a decent FSD and an Advanced Discovery Scanner.

    This evening found me parked on Pad 4 at Sacagawea Space Port. I've been selling my exploration data along each rung of the Colonia Connection route so I'm sitting on a nice balance of 21 million credits ... which is a fortune if you aren't planning to upgrade from the Sidewinder. The new payouts are a real boost to the exploration career field. I've made a few first discoveries on some water worlds, ammonia worlds and one Earth-like.

    I hope to finish to journey sometime in the next two weeks.
    I planned to do this last September myself, with Dr Kaii, but other events happened and we never got chance.

    I'm having a bit of a rest from ED for a while, but I'll be taking up the challenge in the next month or so.

    Good luck with the rest of your journey to Elite, Jaiotu

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    Arrived in Colonia yesterday. It was a fun little journey and, after selling off my exploration data, I'm sitting on 80+ million credits and over halfway from Ranger to Pioneer. Not quite ready to claim my badge of merit ... I've got to earn my first 1 million credits in Colonia. My goal is to become allied with each player minor faction in Colonia ... while waiting on the results from the April colonization initiative to see if the Earth Expeditionary Fleet finally qualified for Colonia PMF status.


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    Hi again everyone. Two months on from my last post (when I'd made it to Amundsen after being rescued in the Sagittarius Gap) I have now arrived at the third outpost at Eagle's Landing. I'd taken a detour to the Omega Nebula during this last leg, and did the 1,400 or so light years on to the Eagle Nebula in a couple of long sessions yesterday. That puts me around 7,000 light years into the journey to Colonia. I've not been on my Xbox commander anywhere near as much as my PC account, and as such progress has been slow.

    Looking at the journey ahead, it would appear that splitting it into two 7,000 light year legs, with a stop at Gagarin Gate in the middle, might be the best approach, as the other two outposts are quite a way from how the crow flies. But it's certainly a sobering distance in a Sidewinder. I must admit having now presumably got the silver award, and with 5 million credits from exploration data with my intermediate scanner (including dozens more first discoveries that I unfortunately can't record due to the Xbox scroll bug) and the rank of Trailblazer with this latest cache, it is very tempting to call this off, self destruct back to the bubble, get a new ship and just enjoy the game as at my present rate it might be next year before I arrive at Colonia! (I'm now seeing why I got a couple of good-natured Discord comments about being crazy for taking this on, a while back!). But I admit, if I quit now that'll always hang over me, plus I'd quite like to get involved in the Colonia Racing Club assuming they have an Xbox division, though that'll be next season at the earliest at this rate!

    So onward I go. Am busy today but when I leave Eagle's Landing I'm going to try break the journey into 10-20 jump stints each day I'm able. That way progress will be more consistent and hopefully less daunting in bitesize chunks (I was never a big explorer on the PC, so I'm appreciating the mindset needed now! :-) ).

    One final question: how do I claim my badges? Early in the thread there appeared to be mention of some site or system to officially claim the badge and the accompanying PNG file. It would be really nice to get hold of them but I'm honestly not familiar with what the system is. I asked about this a couple of times after I achieved the bronze award but have had no reply. If anyone out there is able to enlighten me as to the process I'd be very grateful - it would be nice to have a little something to show for the long stints out in the black. :-)


    Mark (CMDR Gilmorril)

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    Good luck Dennehy.

    Breaking the trip up into chunks is a good way to do it and avoid space madness!

    Regarding the badges, please ask Olivia Vespera on the CCN discord if they're still on offer, I'm a bit out of the loop with it at the moment (had no PC for a while now so haven't been able to keep in contact with a lot of folks).

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    Thanks for the advice Erimus. I looked up Olivia Vespera on Discord and she's sorting out the badge - I appreciate it!

    One other question if I may: when I eventually reach Colonia do I have to stay in my starter Sidey to make the million extra credits, or can I upgrade to a better ship when I arrive? (I think it's the latter from reading the exploits of those who've gone before further up the thread, but thought it was worth checking).

    Cheers again!

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    For the full challenge, the task is to make your first Colonia million in the Sidewinder, but it's up to you if you want to upgrade to a bigger ship to do it

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    Thanks Erimus. Well I've done the full challenge so far so it'd be silly to deviate from that now. I am looking forward to finally reaching a station with outfitting so I can actually officially name my ship in game (2.3 arrived after I'd already set off - my Sidewinder is the 'Juno' btw, even if that's not in the game itself yet). Got 19 million credits from exploration data so far, and I must admit, though the trip has made me really appreciate the capabilities of the Sidewinder, I am looking forward to getting into a shiny new Asp eventually (...or maybe even a Type 7, ugly though they are!), but for the challenge I will remain in my Sidey till the extra million at Colonia is in the books.

    Buoyed on by reaching the silver award (and by conveniently having a week's break from work available giving a bit more time for the Xbox) I've cracked on this week and reached Gagarin Gate (Colonia Link Outpost 5) this afternoon, having skipped Sacawagea to straight line the route across the Conflux. I'm now sat at the station in the Norma Expanse contemplating whether to straight line the last 7,100 light years straight to the Colonia Nebula, or break it into two by going via Polo Harbour. The only thing that puts me off the latter option is that the vertical distance between Gagarin/Colonia and Polo is about 800 light years, which would further add to the trip presumably. Any thoughts from anyone else still reading this thread? :-) (...indeed, am I to be the Last Outlander?!).


    Mark (CMDR Gilmorril)

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    Please excuse the double post, though I hope the breach of etiquette will be excused as... 180 days after setting off from the bubble, CMDR Gilmorril has finally arrived at Jaques' Station!

    Time for a beer!

    P.S. Erimus, thanks for the reply to my question mate, much appreciated - I can't reply via PM as your inbox is apparently full.

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    Originally Posted by Dennehy View Post (Source)
    Please excuse the double post, though I hope the breach of etiquette will be excused as... 180 days after setting off from the bubble, CMDR Gilmorril has finally arrived at Jaques' Station!

    Time for a beer!

    P.S. Erimus, thanks for the reply to my question mate, much appreciated - I can't reply via PM as your inbox is apparently full.
    Congratulations! I know how hard it can be. Unfortunately there is no beer at Jaques' Station, but I'm sure you'll be able to quench your thirst with some other beverage available at the bar

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    Originally Posted by Jermus View Post (Source)
    Congratulations! I know how hard it can be. Unfortunately there is no beer at Jaques' Station, but I'm sure you'll be able to quench your thirst with some other beverage available at the bar
    Cheers mate, I appreciate it! Man it felt good to finally arrive. Once I'd reached the Conflux my motivation increased again and I wanted to crack on, though I tried to do plenty of scanning on the way. Found three new Earthlikes and numerous water worlds (annoyingly a bug on the Xbox means you can't scroll back up the 'Congratulations CMDR ... first discovery of' box but I bookmarked the locations of the Earthlines and two systems that had twin water worlds.

    After arriving at Jaques I took a pop over to Colonia Dream to improve the scanner and add a DSS, then headed off out towards one of the other nearby nebulas to do some detailed scanning and raise my million at Colonia. After an evening's trip I got back to Jaques' and was flabbergasted to see I'd earned 4 million credits (what a difference an ADS and DSS makes, presumably coupled with buff to exploration data payouts!). The icing on the cake was that also took me from 92% Pathfinder to Ranger exploration rank.

    The relevant screenshots with the bank balances on are below. (As an aside, I subsequently found myself in the curious position where buying an AspX and fitting it out with the best FSD I can get at Colonia Dream would mean it still didn't have the range of the Sidewinder I'd journeyed over in! Don't think I've got the appetite to Suicidewinder back to the bubble and journey over again just yet, so I'll maybe just concentrate on trade, hauling, and fairly local exploring in the Colonia region for now! - EDIT: I later found a 5B FSD at Dervish Platform, which will do nicely for now).

    Thanks again for all the encouragement and advice folks have given, both on here and on Discord!

    Mark (CMDR Gilmorril)

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    Originally Posted by Dennehy View Post (Source)
    ...indeed, am I to be the Last Outlander?!...
    I think you just may be - not a bad title.

    I've been out here 6 months and it's been a bit of a bust for me.
    I've seen maybe 10 commanders spread across Open, FleetComm, and Mobius.
    With all the migration, it's not the hot spot I was expecting.
    I think I'll clear save back to the bubble.
    Then take a break for several months and see what happens.
    Hopefully I can start over it a much better/deeper game.


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    Hello all,
    I take the challenge too.

    CMDR Manon Hanson.
    Wiping existing save (few hours old only): Starting in Sidewinder this day and heading to Colonia as soon my ship is fitted for travel.
    Deep Space Explorer.
    The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone is likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been.

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