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Thread: Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS official thread

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    Originally Posted by GunnerBill View Post (Source)
    We'll it's been three weeks and well over a hundred hours of game play.

    I am happy to report no problems with the grease/throttle.

    To apply I removed the bottom of the throttle and loosened off and removed the rails from the inside. That sounds fiddly but I suspect if you are even in this thread you've probably got the skills to manage this successfully (small dish to keep screws in is essential!). I didn't use a lot of grease just enough to put a film over the rails.

    The effect on throttle control was a massive positive, no judder and a smooth uniform resistance which allows very small and accurate throttle adjustments.

    You can also make quick and extreme throttle movements with ease, such as while interdicting and if anything during these rapid movements the grease seems to lighten up.

    All for less than £10 delivered.

    I used this one: Perfect too, very smooth throttle now.

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    Greetings, I'm searching for technical info about potentiometer used for Yaw in T16000 Thrustmaster joystick. Anyone can help? (imo the biggest fail piece in otherwise good hardware) All others included TWCS throttle works well.

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    Don't bother asking TM, Customer Service has 'no access to technical data'. If you do find info please share as I was trying to find out what sort of plastic was used in the internals and eventually got squat and gave up.

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    You could try asking in - maybe someone there knows.

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