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Thread: Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS official thread

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    Originally Posted by Antmax View Post (Source)
    Sorry, It's actually a 4 USB controller limit that is supposed to be lifted in the new Beyond update. I bumped into it when I had my HOTAS with pedals, mouse and head tracker all set up in ED. But I use TARGET for the forward and reverse pedals and Opentrack for the headtracking so it's no longer a problem for me personally.

    Yeah, I don't use the rudder part of the pedals and both the left hand throttle and toe pedals share the same axis in my setup. Works great.
    Oh, Oculus Rift. does that make six?

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    Oculus rift uses it's own drivers that are autodetected by compatible games. The limit is only for devices mapped in the ED control settings. Opentrack uses the Oculus libraries for head tracking in ED too. Will all be a moot point after Beyond is released anyway. Hope it's soon, I just finished all the engineer leveling I wanted.

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