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Thread: The Annie owners club

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    Bought an Anaconda yesterday, took it on a tour of Li Yong-Rui controlled systems for discount modules. A-rated it, then engineered its shields, power plant, FSD, and drives.

    Not really a fan yet. It's got better jump range than my Cutter for sure but it handles like a drunk cow on ice (in my humble opinion.)

    So I've bricked it for now (parked it at a station, stripped the modules and weapons.) - I might kit her out another day if I feel like jump range is more important than maneuvering and utility.

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    I am reaching now 200 million credits with my CMDR's current incarnation. Before clearing my save largest ship I had was Annie with Black Friday paintjob. With recent fresh start I made a decision that I would never again go back to bigger ships than Python. But seems "never say never again" is true.

    I am now dreaming of getting my Annie back to try out the SLF and to utilize the longest jump range of all ships. Currently using Asp as taxi and exploration ship, and Annie would replace it. I fly PvE and mainly use Cobra MkIII for missions and BH.

    Need some more cr to cover some insurances. Can't wait ...

    Eagerly waiting to get back my Annie. Just need to do some more missions to cover few insurances.

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    This a heavily engineered build I'm currently using I switch it between cargo and passenger depending on role.
    I've been asked more than a few times "But why the docking computer?" cause I'm a lazy ol Commander that's why!

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    I just gained access to Pacifiers and was using my Conda to mod four of them at once. When I was finished I was going to go and pass them on to my Python and Vulture but there was a CZ in system and I wanted to see how they felt. Turns out four Pacifiers at once do a lot of damage... a LOT.

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    Bought my Anaconda about a month ago and damn - that thing is great. I owned one before briefly but couldn't engineer it at all, so it wasn't as great as I had hoped. Now though, I love it. I run the Surimont with 1 Huge and 3 Large efficient beams, and 2 small/medium overcharged multicannons, and a SLF with multicannons. Not all A-Rated yet, but mostly there, and some nice engineering to boot. It's a PvE machine - I love it. Not sure whether I prefer it to my FdL or my Clipper, they're all just so different but so fun.

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