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Thread: Welcome to the Frontier Forums. Pop in and introduce yourself.

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    Welcome to the Frontier Forums. Pop in and introduce yourself.

    Welcome to the Frontier forums and our fantastic community!

    Why not take a moment now that you’re here to introduce yourself to the other members of the forum, and show us that you’re more than just a forum name Tell us who you are and what you enjoy doing in your spare time, if you get a little stuck for ideas telling us your favourite game is always a good start.

    Even if you’ve been here a few years, please take a moment to give a quick introduction for the new users of the forum.

    If you’re a little stuck about how to use the forum, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions. If you’re still a little confused or stuck after reading it feel free to send me a Private Message by using the Private Message feature.

    This is a family friendly forum and as such when posting please remember to keep replies polite.

    Here are a few useful links to get you started.

    Have fun posting!

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    New old commander.

    Thx for the welcome. Got the premium beta several weeks ago. Have missed this game for years. Great work guys. Looking forward to when the hiccups are ironed out. Am very impressed so far. Greetings to all commanders.

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    I exist.

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    Hello there its good to finally be back in our Elite galaxy after such a long wait but it was totally worth it.The beta is excellent in all aspects and with online capability it blew my mind its still got the secret sauce all the other games have been trying to emulate but have always been lacking.
    Good to be back and look forward to seeing you out there.
    Top job FD thanks for all your effort and hard work.

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    Greetings, Dr.Dag here.

    After a long absent time from elite, its about 14 years when I retired my panther clipper, I am back. I hope the Panther will make it into the game again, as i loved it with 20 mw laser turrets and a particle accelerator on the front with 200 shield units in the cargo bay. It was a powerful flying brick

    See you out there,

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    Hi all

    Just thought I would pop in and say hi. I'm Malet ex eve onlineplayer looking for some fun here. Ready to pew pew and have lols.

    Cya in space:smilie:

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    Lol,yes. Really loads of shield units. I remember it well. Welcome back. Both of us :-)

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    Hey There


    A big hello to you all. Im an old gamer & use some parts of my
    sparetime for nice games.
    This game becomes awesome i think. God Job

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    The Names Christ0bell.....Mr Christ0bell

    Howdy all, a welsh lad from the suburbs of mr Dylan's grave yard of ambition born 1985 in Swansea.

    I was introduced by this game by my blood brother who showed me a vid from dasquirrelsnuts on youtube. i was well aware of star citizen and didnt like the the idea..figuring they had so much cash donated i would have figured the game would have been progressed more than a dog fight then along comes elite under my radar...

    Straight off the playable beta.....go trade..go loot....go do whatever you feel like ina space vessel....... OFF TANGENT MOMENT COMING UP.

    its always been one of my dreams to go explore the galaxy and see new systems...films such as Firefly...and of coure tv shows such as red dwarf, i love it.Whats out there? stare up at the night sky wondering...what if....maybe not on that star but on that one..maybe theres life. the greatest adventure for our generation is the exploration of the stars....(or the deep) up to your own opinion of course. For those conspiracy nuts that have been down the rabbit hole like i have will know many crazy things........though what to believe is again there choice. Billy Miers Plejarens.....Ring makers of Saturn.....Tall Whites...Reptilians and many many all accumulates to the unknown in space...and it bloody well fascinates me.

    Then here we comes a game silently stomping through the interwebs that give you this.......a Space sim thats more approachable n beautiful than Eve....sorry looked a little to complicated for me....complete with decent combat and ever increasing customisation mechanics...along with a map.....that lets be ridiculous in scale. Allows single player or online play...beautifully designed craft and space stations that are more..believable in concept........ basically what im saying guys is...Well Done... sorry for using this ...intro part of the forum for this big post but it must be said. I got the 50 quid beta being late to the party...played for a day and im wondering whats around the next corner...evaded pirates.....delivered cargo..fought my way through a blockade by players..and had the computer crashed a few times...did i care?? hell no.

    Bravo Braben and team. Keep it up and realise the vision we and yourselves have for this.

    P.S im pretty sure this game is what has caused a severe lack of x52 pros on sale...........had to get a tmaster basic instead ......but it serves me well.

    P.S.S Bravo.

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    Hi all i'm new to all this forum malarkey but here goes.
    I think this is the game I've been waiting for ever since I buckled myself into my cobra
    Mk III back in the 80s David gave us something special then and he's done it again now but this time he's turned the volume up to 10.
    Looking forward to seeing you all out there, Here's to a lot of fun, and maybe some grief.

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Welcome to the forum everonne.

    Have fun and dive in.

    See you in space.

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    Hello from not so sunny Bristol

    Hi all just started the new beta phase and so far a lot of tears and joy lol. Epic game so far hope to see you all out there

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    Just a quick line to say hello to all. Watched a few vids on Elite and hearing 'The Blue Danube' brought back so many memories. Played originally on the BBC Micro and the Amiga 500, such good times.

    Looking forward to the return.


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    Hailing from Rome, Italy


    I'm Simon. Elite: Dangerous has me excited about computer simulations again. From the sheer scale to the physics to the sound, I'm amazed so far and am looking forward to its future!

    One request: Please provide an 'Offline' mode so that an internet connection is not always required to play. It is frustrating to be cut off when a connection to the server drops!

    Love from Rome, Italic Peninsula, Sol System,

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    Double Elite Global Moderator Sir.Tj's Avatar
    Welcome to the forum folks.

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