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Thread: Transfer Poll Results

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    Lead Designer- Elite: Dangerous Frontier Employee

    Transfer Poll Results

    Hello Commanders!

    We have the results from the ship transfer poll.

    For reference, we posed a simple, two option question:

    POLL: Should transferring ships and modules to your location take time?

    OPTION 1: No, the transfer should be instant.

    OPTION 2: Yes there should be a delay of 5 minutes minimum, 100 minutes to cross the human bubble, edge to edge.

    As I stated in the initial post, we were already leaning fairly strongly towards having delivery times, but we wanted to get a snapshot of player sentiment to help us with our final deliberations.

    39,902 people voted, of which 38,045 have validated Elite Dangerous accounts. Wed like to thank you for your participation.

    Seventy percent of the vote was in favour of having delivery times.

    This result has helped us confirm our decision to move away from having instant ship transfer, which we arrived at after much internal discussion, helped in part by vigorous debate on our forums, Reddit, etc.

    Its always great to be able to include feedback from you, the Commanders who play Elite: Dangerous, and we feel this has been a positive experience.

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    Carry on

    Thank you for listening. Do we get to see the transport ships at stations pretty please?

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    As predicted by the exit poll.
    But: What is an invalid account?

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    Thank god (yes, I'm that relieved).

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    70% = Like the forum exit poll!

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    Thanks for taking the time to read (most) everything and give feedback.

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    Almost 40,000

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    Good logic prevails!

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    THANK YOU Sandro very much for doing this again. This is why I am keep supporting FD - they look at feedback and they react on it. Thumbs up.

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    SteamCommunity ED Moderator 57's Avatar

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    Wow, turns out the forum was representative after all. Talk about a landslide!

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