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Thread: Beta 2.2 - Update 2

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    Can't stay in the game for longer than 2 minutes (thrown out by transaction server error) and now I also get the client too old message again while in main menu

    for starters: don't panic, that's all normal first hours in beta behavior, it's all going to be fine

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    anyone else getting server connection issues??

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    Originally Posted by davyred88 View Post (Source)
    anyone else getting server connection issues??
    I cant even upgrade to the new version - something is going on lets be patient.

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    Originally Posted by isokix View Post (Source)
    Shame you changed the FSD boost from jet cones. I enjoyed jumping my Beluga 95 light years to another system. The journey back was a though.

    Few things :

    1. Winging up with a buddy crashes to desktop most of the time
    2. When i manage to get into a wing and fly to a planet, dropping out of orbital cruise crashes to desktop
    3. After crashing to desktop from 2. I then cant get back into a wing, stuck on leaving wing for at least 6 minutes. Can you shorten this time out ?
    4. Jumping into Shinrata Dezhra crashes to desktop 99% of the time
    5. It seems I have to open UPNP on my router to get this BETA to work. Has something changed here? I have been running my AppConfig.xml as follows with no problems all year :


    6. The Galaxy map takes a very long time to open up, if I turn off trade routes, it speeds things up. Why?
    7. I have noticed sound issues with engines in the Beluga. They sound as if they are far away and to the right behind me. I know it's a long way to the back of the ship, but it sounds weird.

    Sorry if this is the wrong place post bugs.

    Beta has its own file and the file usually gets reset with each update.... so you have to keep amending it

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    nvm i'll call it a night and try tomorrow, tis a beta after all and from the 2.2 new list they have done shi* loads, so hats off to them, there's going to be bugs.

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    Servers are going to be restarted in 7 minutes

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    Launcher says my client is too old even though I just loaded it. I restarted game three times and then I got in. After about two mins I was kicked out due to server bug or something. So I guess we'll see tomorrow what we'll see.

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    If I wait in main menu I can connect but it's for a while going to super-cruse and get disconnected, just waiting for a restart.

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    Same problem for me...and maaaany french players

    4h download V1....launch....too old...update 1....45 old.... I Think it's a beta stress test for the ED players

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    Originally Posted by Von Shadow View Post (Source)
    Beta has its own file and the file usually gets reset with each update.... so you have to keep amending it

    Thanks, yeah I know. I should have said I use AppConfigOverride.xml - this one doesn't get overwritten.

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    • Reduced FSD boost from jet cones to 25% (This will be subject to further balancing!)

    Doesn't worth the risk, it's only ONE jump on which you're risking your ship integrity for something really special. 25% just NOT WORTH the risk...

    I really don't understand why FD works so hard against explorers. It beats me, really.

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    Wel this is offensive ..mine says cmndr to old!!!! oh wait client to old sorry

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    No fish = no/minimal Engineer testing. Very simple ...
    Also now after 10 minutes parking @ Farseer Inc = your client is to old ..

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