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Thread: Beta 2.2 - Update 2

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    hmmm updated my client when I got home from work (about an hour ago from this post timestamp) after downloading the beta last night, as I was way out in the boondocks >50K LY from the bubble, I tried to access the system map, just sat there indefinitely 'loading' the map... so shut down the client and restart, try again same problem... ohhhkay, shutdown restart the client, self destruct back to the bubble... sweet that works... buy a gunship, fit it out for some passenger missions, browsing the mission list... then get a connection error... okay... log back in and go again... another connection error, and now it is telling me my client is too old and I have to update my client... yet in the launcher there is no upgrade option only the option to play Elite Dangerous 1.7 Beta 2 64 bit even after restarting the launcher.

    I am gonna take a stab in the dark and guess that the server is hosed...

    Will try the horizons beta 2.2 and see how that goes

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    Originally Posted by iFred View Post (Source)
    Keep getting "client too old"-message this morning...
    I just got that - I clicked "Verify game files" on the launcher and the game seems to be updating...

    *edit And now it seems to be working

    *edit 2 And now it's not.

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    When I had this yesterday, deleting the entire Public_Test_Server_64 directory and downloading again seemd to fix it. Drastic measure, however, as it took ages, no doubt due to all the other players trying to download it.

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    Up and down like a yoyo today. Had to verify game files twice, and now it's (immediately) asking me to do it again, because the matchmaking server keeps kicking me out.

    Bit hard to do any testing when the game continually kicks you out after 30 seconds.

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    Hmpff... This time the Launcher has completely frozen when I clicked the Install button

    EDIT: Srub that. Started downloading. Must learn patience.

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    Well... thats what a beta is for... i´ll try again later. In the meantime i will have a cup of tea. Vacation is awesome
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    Originally Posted by Frank_G View Post (Source)
    Well... thats what a beta is for... i´ll try again later. In the meantime i will have a cup of tea. Vacation is awesome
    Retirement is better

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    Originally Posted by Marak View Post (Source)
    Retirement is better


    Still got at least fifteen years to go.

    Thing is, this isn't really about the Beta. It happens with pretty much every single update.

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    Originally Posted by Brett C View Post (Source)
    [*]Capacity for Passenger Cabin Size 5 Class 4 has changed from 6 to 8
    You mean the luxury cabins? Or does that mean regular (economy, business, first class) cabins do actually exist in class 5 somewhere?

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    Originally Posted by Brett C View Post (Source)
    Reduced FSD boost from jet cones to 25% (This will be subject to further balancing!)
    Please, please reconsider this change. Here is a community poll showing the player's feelings about this issue, and it is overwhelmingly in favor of the boost being 300% or greater:

    The OP in that thread lists many benefits to the game for putting the boost 300+%, and even provides evidence and math to support why it is not overpowered nor will it "break the game." A boost of 25% is not useful to anyone in the game and would relegate this potentially incredible new mechanic to purely gimmick status that is rarely ever used by anyone. Please consider what potential the community sees in this!

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    Anyone else getting the message, "Failed to read from response stream. Network connection closed"? I keep trying to download the beta 2.2 and it starts syncing files, etc, then I get a full blue bar and think it is done but up pops this message.

    I've seen this before when trying to update but I forget what was done to fix the issue, if on my side or server side.

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    Originally Posted by Sikeksis View Post (Source)
    Anyone else getting the message, "Failed to read from response stream. Network connection closed"?

    Removing *.part and *.progress files is the bit that usually works for me. Also try deleting the VirtualCache file in the Products directory.

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    Thanks, I'll be trying those fixes.

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