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Thread: The Official Explorers Photography Thread.

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    The Official Explorers Photography Thread.

    After chatting with some commanders at last nights Elite Meet Harry Palmer mentioned how it would be a great idea to have a thread in the exploration section to show off your in game photography you take while you explore.the cosmos.

    Feel free to post your pictures here with a little explanation on where, when so on.

    Looking forward to seeing what you post.

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    Great idea.

    Here's a few:

    Original File

    Original File

    Original File

    Original File

    Original File

    You can find more here:

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    DWE 3302

    A couple from the DWE 3302.

    Imperial Meetup
    CMDR Macros Black, CMDR Draco, CMDR Neotron and CMDR Su'Ratt from one of the DWE waypoints.

    From across the galaxy. A view to core from BP (or thereabouts) before the journey home.

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    yay I finally figured out how to

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    Nice idea TJ
    Ok here is a few from my last trip to Sag A*

    Hope you like em
    EDIT: Oh and TJ? Love the sig

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    Stairway to Heaven:


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    Wonder if this Works.

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    I couldn't help but notice this thread.

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    best shots i've taken so far

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    Moon around a WW. Can't remember if I have uploaded this somewhere else but hey ho

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    The view of the galaxy hanging down from HD 119768:

    Similar view from the surface of the planet from roughly the same area:

    Breathtaking vistas:

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    This systems main star has six close friends. The star top right has another hiding close behind it but I could not get it into shot from any angle without losing another.
    System unknown. I'm guessing it was taken somewhere between Jaques and the core and about 1000ly under the galactic plain. That should narrow it down then.

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    Two questions about this thread:

    1. Why is it yellow? That looks so cool, I've not seen a yellow thread before!!!!

    2. Is this basically a sticky'd replacement for the Gratuitous Selfie thread that already exists in the Exploration Forum?

    And, to make my post not completely off topic:

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