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Thread: Geyser and Fumarole Location Catalog and Data Collection

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    COL 173 SECTOR WS-N B2 1-1 5 B 8 128 Water geysers and grey smokers

    Hi All,
    And a big thankyou to CMDR Raptor and the rest of you for sharing tips and techniques - I thought I wouldn't find my first field before the Exploration update!

    Still waiting for the sun to come up, but managed to snap a near conjunction while parked.

    Playing around with the aerial photo in ImageJ produced a rough estimate of 217 geysers, having most of the resource nodes in the valley floor. ImageJ is a bit unforgiving, and it's nearly quicker to count by eye than to use the 'Analyse Particle' feature. I'll still probably continue using it for a reliable count after the exploration update.

    o7 and Good Luck !

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    Once more with images, (hopefully)

    Getting to the site,

    Near conjunction shot,

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