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Thread: Aussiedroid's Enhanced Thrustmaster Warthog Script

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    Thanks again. The path in your script is correct. It's ED Launcher that is giving that error. I'm on Windows 10!

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    I thought you may be on Windows 10 from the pop up window from the screenshot. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my patch notes it doesnt seem to work anymore under Win10. Not sure if its a TM issue or a MS issue but it seems to block it from running.

    The alternative if you are starting up multiple programs with ED, is to create a batch (.bat) file to start up all the programs you want to run. A google search should give you some more info on how, but here was one link that might get you started ( Doing this would start all the programs, Target included, but then you would just need to open the script & run (so still a little manual but might streamline it a bit for you).


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    Thanks AD. Think I’ll stick to the manual method of running the 2 apps!

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    Originally Posted by Aussiedroid View Post (Source)
    I think running as Admin has been attempted. A few pages back in this thread there was some investigation done into it and the user also contacted TM support who didn't have an answer. It seem like either a TM bug/issue or some restriction/security feature on MS side. I've moved back to Win7 a few months back so I cannot test it out anymore unfortunately.
    I'm on Win10 and it (spawn) doesn't work from the script. I don't think TM will take too long to fix it, the spawn.exe launches apps from the command line fine, although the syntax seems different. I played with it a bit and it launched EDDiscovery with just the path to the EDDiscovery executable, no -w switch or the software directory was required.

    The manual doesn't appear to provide much detail about system() or spawn besides how to use them to launch software.

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