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Thread: Buckyball Racing Club presents: Alphabet of Science

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    Buckyball Racing Club presents: Alphabet of Science

    For many centuries we, humankind, have reaped the benefits of the work of a few, talented people. This race is to honour a handful of these people in a race called:

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    NOTE: Extended play: Now runs until 23. October

    The race is starting from Archimedes City in BD+49 1280 and ends in Thorne Terminal in BD-02 5286. Between start and finish, you have to dock at one station named after each scientist in the list below. You can visit the stations in any order you prefer. You don't need Horizons to participate in this race, and any size ship can have a go. You are allowed to land at planetary outposts if you like.

    Every waypoint must be documented by taking and submitting screenshots to the race marshalls, along with shots of the module tab.

    Ships and classes:

    There are three classes; Regulation DBX, Open Stock and Open Unlimited:

    The Regulation DBX: Diamondback Explorer loadout
    Can be built for around 10Mcr. This class can be flown in either Solo or Open mode.

    If you want to, you can upgrade the Basic Discovery scanner to an Advanced Discovery Scanner.
    No other modules may be altered.

    The Open Stock class allows any ship with any stock modules. Enhanced modules sold at Engineers are not permitted. This class MUST be run in Open.

    In the Open Unlimited Spec class the sky's the limit. Any ship with any loadout or engineer mod can participate. This class MUST be run in Open.

    NOTE: The use of Jumponium is NOT permitted in any class. All runs have to take place in the regular game. No Beta allowed.

    There is an "Alphabet Bonus": If you complete the run in alphabetical order, you can deduct 50% from your time.

    Posting your intent to race:

    Reply to this thread with the following information:

    CMDR (in-game) Name.
    Forum Name, if different from your CMDR.
    Class you will be running in (Reg. DBX / Open Stock / Open Unlimited)
    Ship type, if in any Open class.
    Ship Name.

    The course:

    The systems / stations in question are:

    Start line: BD+49 1280, Archimedes City (69Ls, Orbis Starport)


    Finish line: BD-02 5286, Thorne Terminal (425Ls, Unknown Starport)

    Documenting your run:

    You have to document both your ship and its equipment by taking screenshots of all modules in the Modules tab.
    You also have to document your racing time by taking screenshots on the following locations:
    1. Just before pressing "Launch" in Archimedes City - The clock and station name has to be visible.
    2. At every station you dock at. Again, the clock and station name has to be visible.
    3. When you arrive in Thorne Terminal, take the final screenshot as described above.
    More detailed descriptions can be found HERE

    Normally, the F10-key is bound to taking screenshots. The images are normally located in the folder /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Pictures/Frontier Developments/Elite Dangerous
    As an alternative, you can record your entire run on video, using ShadowPlay or similar software, then make still pictures from the paused video using the cutting tool in Windows.

    Handing in your racing documentation:

    Your documentation should consist of:

    Module tab shots ( if the list can't fit one one screen, you must scroll down to capture all modules ).
    20 Shots of you docked at the stations/outposts showing the station clock.

    Post all these images on imgur or a similar image hosting service - one page per racing time submission.

    Then send an email stating:

    In the subject field: Your CMDR name and Your racing time.

    NOTE: Please use THIS to calculate the correct racing time.

    In the mail body:

    Forum Name (if different from CMDR)
    Racing class
    Ship type (if not regulation DBX)
    Ship name
    If you claim the Alphabet Bonus.

    A link to your racing documentation images.


    The race starts at Saturday, 00:00 GMT 8. Octoberl 3302. No runs attempted before that time will count.
    All timed runs have to be submitted no later than Sunday, 23:59:59 GMT 23. October 3302.

    Good luck, CMDRs.


    Open Unlimited:

    Open Stock:

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    Intent to race:
    CMDR Edelgard von Rhein
    Class: Open Stock
    Ship type: Cobra Mk3
    Ship name: Null Geodesic
    I have been looking forward to running a race for a while after spending so much time involved with Jaques and the Formidine Rift (and recent illness). My laptop might also be usable now as the latest driver update doesn't give my GPU such severe temperature problems, which will help my flying. I like the idea for this race: plenty of opportunity for a variety of routes could result in a few surprises! I'm not sure if I'll have the time to run multiple ship types but I'm not ruling it out, now that I have a grade 5 FSD range mod on my Courier...

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    Intent to race:
    CMDR Markzx59
    Class: TBC
    Ship type: Space Ship...

    Details will be updated shortly Something tells me I'll be in an Asp...

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    Details updated:

    CMDR Markzx59

    Class: Open Unlimited
    Ship type: Asp Explorer
    Ship Name: Silent as the Grave

    Ship parked at start line. Now all I need it a route...

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    I have route - unlikely to be optimal but hopefully it isn't too bad...

    A reminder about CMDR alot's route plotting tools for anyone struggling

    I used them combined with a script of my own to calculate the distance between each possible station and the start and end points with a sum of the two as well to give me a best guess at stations that were likely candidates.

    I then took those station in alphabetical order and manually used EDTS to see how close together the likely candidates were...

    Hopefully get a run in later.

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    Sorry Stern but all my time currently is being used up trying to learn the course for Friday's Paladin Consortium SRV race.!

    I know how much effort it takes to organise a Bucky race so I feel slightly bad about possibly missing this one but good luck to everyone who takes part and I may still get round to it at the weekend.


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    The route plotting is a huge factor in this race, so I would advise those considering a run to start investigating their options sooner rather than later. You can't just turn up at Archimedes City and plug in a few station/system names into the Galaxy Map! I've been doing the route plotting the old-fashioned way: completely in-game. It has involved a fair amount of flying around, in order to check supercruise distances to stations in systems I had not previously scanned. I need another evening session to finish, assuming I don't accidentally wind up on the opposite side of the bubble to where I need to be!
    Hopefully I'll be able to make a couple of attempts at the weekend (in any case I need to wait for the family desktop to come back from its annual service, as my laptop is still running too hot during normal flying, although it cools down gradually when on the Galaxy Map, so I have been able to use it to scout my route). If my time really is short, I might try the regulation DBX, which is a good fit for this race and has a much better jump range than my Cobra Mk3.

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    Big respect for doing it manually CMDR. The number of variables made my brain explode

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    First run submitted

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    Well done on getting a run in! This is probably the toughest race I've signed up for since the Christmas 'My True Love Gave to Me'.
    I was unwell again last night but my route is nearly sorted, I think. In case I don't get much of a chance to run at the weekend, I'll register my Imperial Courier:
    CMDR Edelgard von Rhein
    class: Open Unlimited
    ship type: Imperial Courier
    ship name: Kong Ming
    The loadout for my Courier won't be completely optimal for racing due to the Engineer mods on it: it's setup as a multipurpose ship for combat, exploration, materials gathering, signal source searching and the occasional courier mission. I can still take the weapons and SRV off, though (I never modded the weapons as I had always planned on being able to swap them out/in whenever appropriate). Not sure what her final jump range will be but so long as it beats the regulation DBX I'd rather race in this ship.

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    Aaanndd....we have our first run in:

    CMDR Markzx59 makes a round trip of the alphabet in just 46:32, using the bonus option. I wonder how many lightyears that was in total.
    We are waiting for CMDR Edelgard von Rheins time with bated breath.

    Open Unlimited:

    Open Stock:

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    hoping to run tonight, if not Saturday

    CMDR <-lightspeed->
    Forum Name : superflyguy
    Class : TBD
    Ship type : TBD
    Ship Name : TBD

    let the experiments commence!

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    Finally back from my slightly prolonged exploration run.
    Intent to race. I really hope I make it before the deadline.

    CMDR Polly
    Most likely in the ASP explorer "Regina Noctis"
    Open unlimited

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    Race time submitted for my Cobra Mk3! It was a quiet run; no big mistakes and no interdiction attempts to fend off. I'm not sure I'll be able to better that time with my Cobra so I'll switch to my Courier and see if I can make time for another attempt this weekend. Good luck to everyone else racing!

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    Race submitted. No interdictions, adequate route planning and no significant supercruise mistakes. Jump range of 52 ly was a big advantage. In at least two cases it let me choose a station really close to the star at the cost of only one jump more. I think I must have travelled something like 1600 ly.

    For those late to this race (like me) I advice doing the systems in alphabetical order. It reduces the time needed for research rather dramatically.

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