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Thread: Newsletter #145

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    Nice Galactic landscape, did he used any kind of EMB or it's vanilla ?

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    I haven't received newsletters in many months, but since there are no sneak peaks or dev updates, I don't really care anymore.

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    Originally Posted by Mr_Zeno View Post (Source)
    How does the star surrounded by rings cast a shadow on them? (4th picture)
    It absolutely should not cast a shadow on them, this is obviously the same code for generating rings around planets and gas giants, it definately needs tweaking.
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    What do we do when one ship already has 37 different paintpacks? Hell yea, we are going to add 2 more. [/sarcasm]

    Seriously, whoever is making these paintpack decisions seriously needs to have their job performance evaluated. Considering the exceptional work that the rest of the FD staff have been doing - everyone from Sandro and all the way down to customer support - paintpacks seem like one of the few issues that have not even been discussed with the community.

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    I like the pictures of CMDR Namsel

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    Talking of late delivery, I am still waiting for newsletter 144 and this one to arrive. Yes I did check spam.

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    Those cobra skins look nice!

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    Originally Posted by Ozram View Post (Source)
    Those cobra skins look nice!
    Yes a very good job here

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    Is it Friday per-chance??

    News on next weekend's beta-blow-out, and 2.2 October 25?

    Eyes down for a full house ....

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    My bet on October 18

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    Originally Posted by Fosdyke View Post (Source)
    My bet on October 18
    Possible, Frontier has already reserved the surprises of this type

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