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Thread: Beta 2.2 - Update 6

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    Thanks! While we're at it, have some feedback on torps and ECM. I know most of my suggestions are not a simple change viable for beta, but, on the other hand, other ones can be a temprorary patch until a proper solution is created.

    So, torpedoes. Let me try and sum on my thoughts.

    Situation right now: there are basically three kinds of torpedoes.

    1. Basic torps, missiles but worse (take out external modules but fly too slow and have ammo that is too low)
    2. Reverb cascade, 35% damage to shield generator, must have for torpedo boat because there's no other way to damage ship itself without them
    3. Penetration munitions, the only hope for actually killing properly armoured ship with torpdoes, can damage internal modules (target PP and pray)

    Torpedoes have several counters:

    1. High speed - well, torpedoes are really small, most ships can just outrun them, and then their turning is bad so most ships can just outturn them, even unknowingly. There's speed inheritance but it really stops working after 3 sec or so.
    2. PDT - it takes around 21 seconds for one pdt to kill one torpedo so that's not too bad, but if you mount a few and then fly away, no torpedo will touch you even if your relative speed difference is just 100 m/s
    3. ECM - not only does it screw tracking but also makes torpdoes "drunk" now, veering them off course
    4. Staying close - well, torpedoes require time to arm itself, so if you just stay close to the enemy, he can't hit you with torps for damage

    All in all, torpedoes seem to be bad right now. How do we make them useful? There are several ways to do it, in any combination:

    0. Make tracking depend on external radar (that is, yours). Make it track better and fly faster if you have 7A scanner and wander around aimlessly and hitting you at 7F.
    1. Get rid of priming up time allowing for close range attacks
    2. Increase speed OR increase speed inheritance, allowing for longer range fast attacks
    3. Improve turning speed
    4. Add Huge and Large torpedo tubes with more ammo, allowing for second chances and more damage in total, OR
    5. Add Huge and Large torpedo tubes with better torpedoes that fly faster, turn faster or damage harder. Or whatever. Let them have more fuel and hitpoints.
    6. Remove ECM making them drunk / Allow for tracking reaquiring as long as you keep target targeted and in LOS / add some kind of KWS-like thing that lets you retarget torps if you aim at some ship and fire it up
    7. Introduce RNG or differences in ECM work, such as: smaller torps have higher chance of being affected by ECM while bigger torps are affected by it less. Make it a battle between radar and ECM. Make it rely on thermal signature. Make us do something that requires skill and allows for fun.
    8. Work on "incoming missiles" (or whatever it says, i can't rmeember) alert a bit - make the range of it dependent on distance, time, speed, position, etc.
    9. Drop the whole reverb thing and just let torps damage hull directly, ignoring shield, like the new hatchbreakers do. Think Battlefleet Gothic
    10. Allow for tracking assist on torpedoes by pilot/crewmember (and in future - by humans via multicrew) via telepresense, give the ability to aim the "pack leader" torpedo like modern AGTM can have


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    "Reduced loading time for Galaxy map" - that one is always very welcome. Thanks.

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    Originally Posted by Zac Antonaci View Post (Source)
    - Fixed supercruise motion indicators not being displayed
    Phew! Had a nasty feeling that change had been deliberate.

    Edit: I'm pleased but I note that other opinions are also available.

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    - Increased Module Storage size to 60
    - Tune credits costs of Ship and Module transfer

    - Reduced loading time for galaxy map
    - Fixed some stalls loading the system map
    I like these!

    - Fixed supercruise motion indicators not being displayed
    Hope this can be toggled, I did not miss them at all...

    All in all an excellent Changelog, great work guys!

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    Are Vulture pilots able to preview the ship kits?

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    "Added loading animation to screen for switching between fighters and main ship"

    wow, is that a animation explaining how the hell we can swap between the ship and the fighter?

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    Supercruise vertical bars are back, and still can't be turned off in any way. Sigh.
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    Originally Posted by Zac Antonaci View Post (Source)
    Galaxy Map

    - Reduced loading time for galaxy map
    - Fixed some stalls loading the system map
    all improvements to these load times are very gratefully received.

    (cough....Mission acceptance / completion delays ... cough )

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    Hoping that's not the return of the "kill button for griefers"

    [QUOTE=Zac Antonaci;4621725]


    - We think heat attacks have been reduced a little too far, and need a very conservative buff:
    - Diminishing returns for heat now limit at 100% (up from 95% in previous beta)
    - Damage penalty for Thermal shock reduced to 20% (from 25%)

    I hope very much that this buff is not too high and will kill again the game in open. 2.1 was a nightmare if you had not this kill button... with these groups of grievers.

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    - Increased Module Storage size to 60
    Is this a joke? All this discussion and that is everything, 60 slots instead of 30? How about more like, 1000? Is there any technical reason why that isn't feasible, or do you guys just subscribe to the latest "punish them with tiny inventory" fad?

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    Originally Posted by Zac Antonaci View Post (Source)

    - Audio: Fix for silent ambience on a secret thing

    5 chars
    Regards HexCaliber.

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    Suggested change for ship transfer

    Thanks for the update!

    Concerning ship transfer; what about having the possibility to have our ship transferred to ANY system instead to the target system to be locked _only_ to the system where we are docked in?

    So the idea aims to resolve the following issue;
    I am in system A with a trader ship. My combat ship is in system B and there is a combat CG in system C. These systems appear to be in 3 different directions not on route to each other (like a triangle). Currently I have to fly from A to B to change the ship from trader to combat, then to fly from B to C with the combat ship.

    With the suggested change on ship transfer, I could initiate my combat ship transferred from B to C from system A station, and I could fly from A to C and either my ship would be waiting there or I would need to wait a little only to have it there. This would just reduce the time we have to spend in super cruise and jumping in between systems.

    Let me know guys what do you think about this suggestion?

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    I know, no promises, no ETAs, but is there any indication when 2.2 will go live?
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    Originally Posted by maxpayne View Post (Source)
    "Added loading animation to screen for switching between fighters and main ship"

    wow, is that a animation explaining how the hell we can swap between the ship and the fighter?
    If you don't know that then you haven't been paying attention. Intellipresence for the win.

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