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Thread: [CCN] Colonia Geographical Survey Project

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    Arrow [CCN] Colonia Geographical Survey Project

    "If geography is prose, maps are iconography."
    ~Lennart Meri

    Welcome to the Geographic Survey Project, a part of the Colonia Citizens Network. With humanity starting to settle around the Colonia Nebula near the Galactic Core, opportunities arise for cartographers to step forward and map uncharted places in the area.

    While the related Colonia Nebula Project is all about counting and cataloguing stellar and planetary objects to derive information and scientific knowledge, the Geographic Survey Project is about visualizing, naming and creating bonds to places. What we hope to achieve is to make the Colonia Nebula feel less sterile and more like ‘home’ as a bubble 2.0 (just better!).
    Names in particular help us to quickly recognize a place and to form bonds with it through a past incident or story. Naming and cartographing are also tools to mark those places for posterity where history was written or where the Pioneers gathered on more or less special occasions.

    Out here at the frontier of humanity every explorer currently has the opportunity to put his mark on the maps of this wild and untamed country. The highest mountains, the deepest chasms, the largest craters and the meeting places can be cartographed and named by you!

    Join the Colonia Citizen Network Discord Server today to get in touch with fellow explorers and cartographers. The role of Geographic Surveyor can be self-assigned by asking the Colony Bot Jeeves using the command @Jeeves join Geographic Surveyor.

    Trello is used to submit locations for the Atlas. Detailed instructions about the surveying process and current priority targets will be pinned to the #Exploration-Wing channel on Discord. Completed surveys will be published in the Colonia Geographic Survey Atlas. The submission of event locations around Colonia like planetary racing tracks for publication in the Colonia Geographic Survey Atlas is also encouraged.

    Here is an example data card of a feature on Colonia 2A called Barnacle Basin. No Barnacles have ever been found around the Colonia Nebula so far, but a number of colonists is relentlessly searching sandy areas on candidate planets. The name is thus merely homage to these explorers and their efforts.

    Community polls to name some of the most prominent features of the Colonia system, which is the first priority target of the GSP will follow shortly.

    We are looking forward to seeing you out there with sharpened pencils and cameras to help us with the creation of the Atlas of the Colonia Nebula area!

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    As a start could I suggest the Geographic Survey begin within the Colonia system itself?

    That mountain for example is a very prominent feature on the outskirts of the Colonia Hub - it could be given a community name* by Colonial Surveyors ?

    (*Unofficial naming of course - part of the community-driven mapping project).

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    That mountain being the tallest next to the hub, I've simply been calling it Colonia Mountain.

    Also the tallest peak in the second picture was used for the limbo event as it is very steep. So I'd connect it to that.

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    Once I arrive and have some time besides mining I'm gonna keep my eyes open for interesting things.
    Might do the same once I'm on the C3E, but I don't know yet if i can bring my SRV.

    CMDR Mira Hart out o7

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    I nominate Organ Mountains after the ones from my adopted home town. Obviously for the mountain feature.

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    Originally Posted by YinYin View Post (Source)
    That mountain being the tallest next to the hub, I've simply been calling it Colonia Mountain.

    Also the tallest peak in the second picture was used for the limbo event as it is very steep. So I'd connect it to that.
    Submit that to the project leader, CMDR Tharrn.

    The project is in its infancy so now is the time to get on board and help bring some (unofficial) names to the colonia region.

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    I've applied for my own faction Poodle Party), but I expect the big player groups to bulldoze me.

    (Naked PR Ploy)

    Once I make it in Alison The Asp, I want to be the Wacky Engineer. I want my base to be the Doghouse. Only Level 1 mods. And, a UC vending machine.

    It should be the truck stop/trailer park on the inbound side of Colonia. 500 ls or less from star, so crippled ships can make it in.

    Oh Mistress Of Minions, help me!

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    Awesome! I’m heading back out to Colonia after the DWE reunion this weekend, and I’ll be looking for geyser and fumerole sites. If I find anything super scenic I’ll submit it to this!