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Thread: Alien archeology and other mysteries: Thread 9 - The Canonn

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    Originally Posted by iamgingerbear View Post (Source)
    p.s. sorry if i came off as combative in my post, didn't mean it like that.
    Not at all commander

    I just thought to myself wait that's not how I'm reading things

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    Originally Posted by Edd Jordan View Post (Source)
    Has anyone been to pic tok to check this out?
    Pic Tok is just the beginning of this story: check the Front Page

    Always check the Front Page for new content

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    Just for testing purposes, someone tried discard any of those artifacts in one of those "low gravity warning" points? Maybe those things floats around these points.

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    Originally Posted by xdeath View Post (Source)
    I have being playing long enough to know what is normal behavior or not. I know that you get a gravity warning when you deploy an SRV. This has been thing since 2.1 I know that.
    Now at the Ruins site, it keeps giving you those warnings. Even after you've dismissed your ship.
    You will randomly get gravity warnings while driving around the ruins. I was on the fence as to whether this was a bug or not. I didn't do any extensive testing, but I did drive around a lot on planet surfaces in the beta and that didn't happen so.
    This is conformation that it is not a bug, and it is also a link between these two mysteries.
    It is no coincidence that the artefacts (totems etc) are sitting on buried power sources. Perhaps the obelisks activate an antigrav mechanism that raises the artefacts to a height where they will bounce the light from the relics?

    If there is low gravity it is there for a reason. Something needs to go up!

    Just a thought

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    I'm probably missing something, but just looking for a system with 6-4-9 name is tricky.
    Does that include dashes and numbers ?
    Juenio JA-C d14-10104 ( plus I have another 58 examples like that )

    If it's in EDDB list of 3,727,917 systems then there are none that match without a dash.

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    I still believe the whole site is a map. Either system, part galaxy or star [system] constellations. The placing of the Monoliths/Beacons appears random. Connection them assembles something like a constellation in the sky. Drawing lines from each to the [big] center or lets call it Landing pad, the outta most lines are exactly 120 degree apart. (3rd of a circle).... Coincident??? Probably...

    Liking the bouncing beam theory very much... Who ever build it made use of all the elements at site. Light/Shadow/Reflections... Terrain...

    *Just thinking out loud.*

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    Originally Posted by GodBlock View Post (Source)
    There seems to be something on the floor at the center of dav's hope

    I think it could be a graphical glitch, but i've seen this 3 times (3 seperate jumps in to the system) and another commander with me right now can also see it
    I'd vote for glitch.
    (just popped a relic to see if it does anything)
    ps. it pulses here too please any morse specialist...give this a shot

    Originally Posted by SpeedMATS View Post (Source)
    I've converted your video to a waveform, which may make it easier for the 'morse friendly' folk to see if there is anything in it.
    forgot screenie:

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    Originally Posted by HagbardCeline View Post (Source)
    I still believe the whole site is a map. Either system, part galaxy or star [system] constellations.
    I still think it's a stellar map too:

    I'm just not sure what it's telling us yet.

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    Originally Posted by TheLawful View Post (Source)
    AFAIK the direction of the color spectrum is determined by the shape of the object, the angle at which the "white" ray hits it and the refraction index. The latter we don't know, but the possible positions where the "inbound" beam comes from can be estimated. In any case, it has to be either the "east" or "south" sides of the pyramid, possibly both. Note the "outbound" rays have left traces on the ground, they did not or not completely go up into the air.....
    Good one mate !
    IMHO I think coming from east and from ground, as the tetragon would not only refract, but far side also reflect the rays...

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    Nice!!! How did you find this? What had you searching that planet in that system?

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    Now the question is - did the alien ship crash because of UA or was it carrying em??