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Thread: Alien archeology and other mysteries: Thread 9 - The Canonn

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    Originally Posted by rizal72 View Post (Source)
    mmm I think MB meant that THEY (not FD) use MORSE deliberately
    That's how I understood it too (hope that was clear from my question to Michael!). I'm just hoping to get confirmation that we are indeed understanding it correctly.

    Originally Posted by rizal72 View Post (Source)
    THEY want us to understand, THEY want to communicate somehow. Whoever made the UA at least.
    That could definitely be the case, but I don't think we can draw that conclusion directly from Michael's comment - another explanation is that the use of morse is for their communication purposes and that they hadn't anticipated the probes being found by humans. A lot depends on who THEY are.

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    This is all getting a bit overwrought.

    The use of morse was deliberate so that we could manage to understand and translate it.

    It's near-infinitely more likely the Aliens would have their own language and own codes that we could barely dream of translating - they have thrown us a bone by using morse. Look at how many people complain about how hard that was to solve anyway - imagine what it would have been like if it had been an entirely new code in an entirely new language with entirely new names for all the planets etc?

    It's deliberate to make the puzzle solvable by us. Just like the sounds can be heard at all - there's no sound in space. You'd hear nothing and any transmissions the UP/UA make are realistically going to be in the radio spectrum not audio, but it's put into the audio realm so we can solve it.

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    Hello there right honerable Canonneers.

    A favour is asked:

    Can one of you brave and foolhardy souls grab yerselves a Unknown Probe, get yourself Hyperdicted and then....

    Deep breath... pause for dramatics...

    Activate the probe on top of the Alien ships wake signal?

    Ol' Gyp thinks this is a most excellent idea. Id do it myself but im danged if I can find myself one. Its karma for picking the first one up within two minutes...

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    Someone (Aari) on Facebook was wondering... among all the pilot who encountered the "alien scout" (for lack of a better description) with an UA in there cargo hold... how many of you actually dropped the UA in space and then scanned it while recording its output and putting it back in a spectrometer (like the first time they delivered a message) to see if the message had change or updated?

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    Originally Posted by Th3 0utKa5t View Post (Source)
    im not sure there is anything in that "code" the fact its different to you than it is to another pilot would say to me its not a code at all, thinking logically the reason for the change would most likely be due to the different cockpit styles the 2 ships have, this makes the light refract in a different way due to one being a flat angular surfaces and the the other being curved......thoughts?
    If you look at this image the light refracts from your helmet and not the cockpit window, as you can see the two sets of double vertical dashes are not on the window but on the cockpit wall. And yes it does look different, depending on if you are looking left or right of the ship. Its the same image but flipped.

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    Originally Posted by JesusRocks1988 View Post (Source)
    Honestly, to me, the "barcode" from the alien ship bears a striking resemblance to the four corner glyphs on the UP spectrogram image.
    I'd just come here to post the same thing.

    Sorry I don't really like speculating without something solid to back it up with hence I don't post much (although that possibly contradicts the meaning of the word "speculate"). I've been looking at the spectrograph of the "honk" from the alien vessel just before it scans you - at least I think that's what Riz posted on the front page. If I am reading it right (and I really don't know if I am - spectrograhpic analysis is, by and large completely beyond my capabilities) it looks like there might be something buried (Morse?) in the start and end sequences of the spectrograph? I took a look at the spectrographic analysis done on the UA and UP signals back in the 4th Canonn thread that were translated into Morse and they look remarkably similar to me?

    Give Micheal's assertions that "use of Morse is deliberate" that would seem to me to be a fairly good indicator that translating whatever sounds / images or whatever else there is from the hyperdiction event, is probably the right move forward. Is there any visual analysis anyone can do (sorry, again I lack any technical competence to do it myself) to clear away the lens flare from the alleged "barcode" seen when the alien craft probes your ship?

    Personally that looks far too structured a light pattern to me to be anything other than deliberate. I reckon if there are clues to be found in the hyperdiction event (which, given it is a scripted sequence I suspect there probably is) then that to me looks like the most likely angle of attack for getting anything out of it.

    In the mean time I will use what gaming time I have to pootle about the Pleiades hoping to get probed myself. Not something I ever thought I post on an online forum, but there we go.....

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    I just think the "Signal" in the yellow beam is pareidolia. But don't let me dissuade you.

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    i dont know much about code, but thats is what i can see during alien ship arrival in my case: someone get similar, may we better audio source than me?

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    Originally Posted by rizal72 View Post (Source)
    Because UA and UP have different origins: one is from Oresians who want to help/warn us, the other is from Kalaxians wo want...well.. you know.... Right?
    Something like this.

    I think the UAs form a fence to stop the jellyfish ships from leaving the Pleiades. The UAs lurk half way in hyperspace and can snag them if they try to leave. The crash sites shows what happens when they do. The human ships were just caught in the balst, because the were hyperdicted while leaving the UA shell.
    The UA messages, simply tells us that they know where they are and have scanned us. They don't care though. We are not the target.

    UPs on the other hand, belongs to the jellyfish ships. They are looking for habitable planets in the direction of Col 70 sector. They are on the war path, but we are not the target.

    It looks like a Thargoid on Thargoid conflict to me. Red vs Blue.

    We are just in the way. They don't kill us, because we are dismantling the fence for them.

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    Originally Posted by Th3 0utKa5t View Post (Source)
    im not sure there is anything in that "code" the fact its different to you than it is to another pilot would say to me its not a code at all, thinking logically the reason for the change would most likely be due to the different cockpit styles the 2 ships have, this makes the light refract in a different way due to one being a flat angular surfaces and the the other being curved......thoughts?
    I think it is the same 'code' in both cases but one of the ships is oriented upside-down with respect to the alien ship compared to the other, so that it looks reversed. Of course, this adds an extra variable to deal with when trying to interpret it: which is the 'right way up'?

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    Just got a third confirmation that honking a UP then doing a direct jump from Pleiades Sector KC-U b3-1 8 to Merope gives instant Hyperdiction.
    Just to add here:
    Honk it while its free floating, then TAKE IT ON BOARD before the jump.

    That's me, Two Quiet Suns and Spiridon so far.

    Ironically, it didn't work with Rizal... (You did follow the instructions right Riz?)

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    Originally Posted by Jmanis View Post (Source)
    I dunno. If it's a message meant for us... why is it just a wireframe of our ship, or the name of the nearest body? And something bugged me when I picked up these six tonight. Why do the alien wrecks (besides the first one, and I rekon that's coz the guys from The Hunt nicked them) feature UA's scattered all over the place, and not UPs?
    Indeed. I've always wondered what would happen after a UA transmitted a wireframe of say an 8 sided ship... (On that, has aligining a bunch of our ships together to see if the UA could be fooled into transmitting a different shape ever been tried?)

    It's always seemed to me that the behaviour of the UAs combined with their distribution had some characteristics of an early warning system. No immediate response to the UAs transmissions after encountering our ships could mean that it's not our ships the UAs are looking out for. (Plenty of other possibilities too of course! )

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    Originally Posted by mossfoot View Post (Source)
    The only odd thing about the article to me is the notion of the formula for quirium being lost in the first place. Sure we have example of such things happening in the past (Greek Fire comes to mind) but how do you lose something like that in the future where backups are prolific?
    Quick google translate: "qui rium" (Latin -> English) "who reach out"

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    Originally Posted by TheOneWithNoLife View Post (Source)
    I was looking at the "code" in the light that the alien ship emits. I watched a few videos on youtube of people being hyperdicted and what I noticed is that the "code" reflection moves, stretches and changes shape when you move your head. Maybe when you get scanned you need to move your head around so the "code" image is arranged in a proper way so you can clearly see it as Morse or binary code ( the dots and dashes should be of similar length and not random.

    Here the dashes are spread wide across the display.

    I would like to ask for pictures or video that better shows this "code" with the commander moving his head around slowly so we can see it from all directions. I will try to do it myself if I have the time but help would be appreciated.
    The Best 5 Pics I could get from my Encounter.