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Thread: Alien archeology and other mysteries: Thread 9 - The Canonn

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    Originally Posted by SpocksOddSocks View Post (Source)

    Well, a black hole removes time from the universe, white hole must add it...

    Just kidding.

    Seriously, what are were looking at? Where are the images from?
    Rumor is they were hacked from the [Redacted] at the [Redacted] [Redacted]

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    Now that's just [REDACTED]

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    Is your life beset by [REDACTED]? Wondering what the freck is going on? Looking forward to all this being over so you can get back to Quince?
    Well, fear not! For the news about [REDACTED] shall be here shortly!

    In the meantime, look at this... This is going to be more than a few of you...

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    Kyp, is it almost time?

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    Yep, almost


    - - - Updated - - -

    Cmdrs, I bring awesome news! News that you will be glad to hear, that will warm your hearts and massage your souls. Not only that but news that heralds a new chapter of open science for all. Awesome news indeed (and I know all about awesome, for I am Kyp Shard!). And besides my sense of awesomeness, I also know that you’re going to love this because you’ve said you would. Many, many times.

    A couple of years ago, or however long ago it was now, when I designed the logo for the Canonn and shortly after when you lovely lot started putting the logo in your forum signatures it warmed my heart. It was great to see more and more sigs rocking the biscuitrons. How many of you over these past couple (few?) years have said that we need it as a decal? Loads of you, that’s how many. On the forums, in the discord, you’ve all said sooooo many times how we need it as a decal on our ships. And we’ve tried to get it, and we’ve got knocked back, or been told soonTM.

Well, the Canonn Council have been busy bunnies of late and we’ve also been keeping schtum on our hard work, but now is the time to tell you: we’re getting decals. For all of you. In perpetuity. Get allied with our faction in-game and you get the right to slap them on your ship and call her Brenda. 

So however gratifying it was for me when I saw you put the logo in your sigs, that rosy feeling is gonna get hotter and hotter until I cook from the inside DECALS! CANONN DECALS! FOR ALL, FOREVER!

    Oh…. but that’s awesome right? Well, yes it is. But however awesome it is (which is very) it’s not the awesome news. No! You see, us Council bunnies have been even busier than that, and have even more awesomeness than that up our sleeve. Because my logo as a decal, fantastic though that is, (and it is rather fantastic) is still a bit limited in those who would enjoy it. There’s plenty of you who don’t count yourselves as Canonn, and don’t give a flying fugaroon about my stupid, stupid, pointless logo.

Well…. here’s THE awesome news then. We’re going to be able to provide a better way to do science. We’re going to be able to dock where the science is, outfit where the science is, get missions and make monehhhh where the science is. You want that right? Whether or not you think of yourself as part of Canonn, you want that right?

    If you truly do want that then we’re going to ask that you work for it. We’ll need YOUR help to make this happen and how awesome it will be will depend on you. We’re going to have a CG, and you’ll make loads of monehhh out of it. And at that CG you can unlock the decals. But what we really want you to unlock is the science MEGASHIP, the Gnosis. Work hard enough and we can get landing pads, outfitting, the works. A mobile station we can take to the science wherever it is! THIS is science for all, not just Canonn. A decent restaurant out there in the black, nice rooms and beds, hot showers, a cinema and a swimming pool. Because when you go out to science sometimes you need that module and you have to schlepp all the way back for it. Not any more you won’t! Sometimes you wish you’d brought your other ship and you have to schlepp all the way back for it. Not any more, you won’t. Sometimes you want to find a nice bar and you have to… you get the picture. You want that right? Right? Right. Well, you can have it. The Gnosis is becoming real and we’re going to station her first in the Pleiades.

So keep your eyes peeled, and be prepared to haul tonnage like you mean it. Unlock the landing pads, the outfitting, the services etc. FOR SCIENCE! For all! (and for decals)

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    Awesome news Kypper!

    Originally Posted by NorMonsta View Post (Source)
    "solar" winds?

    nebular clouds

    meteor showers (pre atmos entry)

    also, if "in space no one can hear you scream"......what are the LISTENING POSTS for?
    Ship radio transmissions.

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    Mega Hyped!!!!!!

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    Great news, thanks for sharing! Looking forward to hauling some cargo.

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    I'm signed up already..

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    Epic reveal lol!!!

    Count me in for the long haul.

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    a mobile station?? really?? that's amazing! I might consider making some science

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    Aren't CGs usually announced Mondays? Though what with the UK Holidays today, fingers crossed for Canonn Cg today!