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Thread: Alien archeology and other mysteries: Thread 9 - The Canonn

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    Originally Posted by programad View Post (Source)
    I am an Xbox One player and at workplace. Get it?
    Being at work wouldn't be a problem, really, you're posting here after all. However playing on the XBone is the problem, no log files to import.

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    Originally Posted by Jorki Rasalas View Post (Source)
    Oh happy times, I remember that ships diagram. Yes, these alien ships are not octagonal and don't exhibit the mindless violence of Thargoids. So I think these are Guardian ships (this is 2.2 after all, & that's the title of this release) or their AI descendents.
    They don't match the ruins technology in shape or form or function.

    Either they are Thargoids that have undergone a greater transformation from wireframe to full 3d models or they are a third race Frontier is introducing into the elite Universe.

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    You know how we see shapes?

    All I see in the ruins from above is a crazy sort of Cubism/Picasso sort of face - almost like the Face on mars all over again.

    Has anyone else managed to trigger relic sprouting with ship or only with SRV?, what is the significance of the relic on the main mound only having two exterior shards? the rest seem to be complete with three?
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    Originally Posted by Noogillim View Post (Source)
    Has anyone else managed to trigger relic sprouting with ship or only with SRV?
    I tested this and it was SRV only.

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    The more I look at the overhead view of the ruins, the more I'm convincing myself that it's a large-scale glyph (or set of glyphs).

    The similarity between the main disc to the Egyptian hieroglyph "Sun shining with rays" means that, to my mind, it's certainly depicting a star. If one assumes that it looms large because it's the nearest one, then the second disc is presumably a "smaller" star as it is further away. Which one of those in the system, who knows.

    Note the Egyptian hieroglyph has the rays pointing downwards towards the ground, hence the orientation of the site for viewing purposes would then be "long-edge-vertically" - the two triangular groups of obelisks at B and E then point up and down respectively.

    However, even if this was correct and miraculously when viewed from the "bottom" end (left-side on our typical viewpoint) a closer star appeared with a distant one to the lower-right of it in the sky, and lets say there were various other local bodies dotted around them in a similar manner to the lumps and bumps it STILL wouldn't "point" anywhere would it? It would just be a picture of a specific orbital alignment. Except for the bar into the middle. Perhaps that would align with "something".


    *sigh* I'm rambling aren't I ...

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    Originally Posted by Noogillim View Post (Source)
    Has anyone else managed to trigger relic sprouting with ship or only with SRV?, what is the significance of the relic on the main mound only having two exterior shards? the rest seem to be complete with three?
    I did suggest this a day or so ago, but it didn't get picked up.

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    Originally Posted by Rennard View Post (Source)
    1) "This data proves a theory I had that the written form of the Guardians' language is based around glyphs, with each glyph representing a single word. Once I've fully identified these, the process of separating tonal meanings should become much easier. The glyphs seem to be able to be combines to describe complex concepts, but also communicate additional layyers of meaning through the inclusion of movement. each glyph is a symbol. They are more abstract than pictoral hieroglyphics, but it's possible to identify a simplistic reference to the shape of the thing being described - for example, the glyph for 'moon' incorporates the waxing and waning as it would have appeared from the Guradians' homeworld."
    Source: Ram Tah Language data decoded.

    2) "At the top of the card is the crescent Moon. It is symbolically the waning Moon, but it would only appear in the sky as portrayed in the card during a partial eclipse of the Moon."

    As linked above by CMDR Tesla3E

    3) Thoth is also a system in Elite Dangerous.

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    Sooo we have found the Goa'ulds?

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    Regarding the new bookmarks popping up - I've had that happen a few times, and before the ruins started. Travelling back from colonia I noted a few odd ones and had written it off as a map hotkey to place them then pretty much forgotten about it. At the time I saw them I was spinning about the map a lot looking for weirdy stars (mostly neutrons) to scan and add to edsm/eddb for routing. Checking the contorls I see no hot key definable, and pressing stuff at random on my mouse in the map doesnt repeat random placement (I have an mmo mouse with 12 key side buttons then get hit by accident sometimes). Best guess is some glitch is pressing the bookmark icon on screen after viewing a system and scrolling off.

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    Originally Posted by SpaceGoblin View Post (Source)
    Pick a petal, any petal. Draw a straight line to from the tip to the tip of the next petal. Continue all the way around...

    Yup, the AI in the obelisk network will not be our friend...

    See above
    Oh I really hope it doesn't go down the hackneyed old 'Evil AI' route!

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    Thinking along the lines of "egyptian", etc. and apologising if this has been covered in everyone's most elementary of deductions, what if it takes the form of the Great Pyamid's alignment with Orion's belt?
    if the two circular mounds are the two visible nebulae and the long pointy thing is effectively an arrow pointing to the location of the next ruin?

    I've not got the skills to make an overlay, but it may be worth considering.

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