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Thread: Elite Dangerous: The Guardians 2.2 update

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    Probably the best beta so far. Keep doing them like this guys, long and with lots of balancing.

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    Originally Posted by LGP View Post (Source)
    Awesome I have been waiting for this for a long time.......I hope the bring back Elvis.

    Oh sorry wrong movie.............
    Checks patch notes for confirmation of Elvis!
    +1 hehe

    Have a great day Frontier!

    edit: also have to say .. the trailer .. rocks

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    Time to do the Tourist thing

    Looking forward to this one!

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    Thanks for all the hard work from the Development Team and the Community, the beta has been a great experience with lots of interaction between the community and the development team.

    Really excited to have all the amazing updates in the live game.

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    Ready to read !

    Hope that performance stuttering bug has been cleared.

    Most annoying ever.

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    Well done to the FD team, hope the update goes smoooooth!! Loved the beta! Sooooo much going on in 2.2!!! "I see you shiver, with antcip.......................pation"!!!!!!

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    thanks for the hard work Frontier!

    Commander TNX

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    Originally Posted by Lenin View Post (Source)
    Looking forward to trying out the update - forced myself not to look too closely at the details of the update so that it will be a nice surprise.
    Well done and thanks to FD team and those involved in testing the Beta.
    Nice avatar Lenin.

    "Down and safe"

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    Originally Posted by Zac Antonaci View Post (Source)

    The patch notes are just being compiled and will be added to this thread shortly.
    You will put them in the first post I hope and not buried somewhere in the thread?

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    Patch notes added. Enjoy.

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    Originally Posted by Brett C View Post (Source)
    Patch notes added. Enjoy.
    I scrolled for days and eventually I was able to pick my jaw up off the floor. What an update!

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    Thanks for the update info.

    For those of us beta testers who were lucky enough to have access to the beta and already downloaded the patch 7, will the download be required from scratch or will it intelligently recognize the beta data and copy paste it to the main game folder and update as necessary?

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