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Thread: Elite Dangerous: The Guardians 2.2 update

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    Holy crap, thats amazing........thanks to the entire hard working team hugs

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    Originally Posted by Brusilov View Post (Source)
    Things changed, items upgraded, commanders shed crocodile tears at the size of the patch notes.

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    Corvette paint jobs in store yet?

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    Added option to sell mission specific cargo on the black market

    Ensure that a new destination wrinkle doesn't send you to the port you've just come from
    I didn't realise that was a bug......

    Switched from MM: SS time format to MMm SSs format for inbox messages detailing a remaining duration for part of the mission. This format avoids the ambiguity from a string like 20:30 (is it 20 minutes, or twenty hours?)
    I'm sorry I read through the missions section a number of times and couldn't find anything on the mission bonus (for haulage anyway) time completion zero time instance. I must put my glasses on.

    Stop powerplay AI from interdicting other powerplay AIs which are aligned to the same major faction
    Yeah that happened to me the other night at Maia...... stupid Aisling Guardian NPC.



    I look forward to getting to grips with it all!

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    Great, a day off... So Long and Thanks for All the Fish !

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    Nice !!!
    Too bad i'm stuck at work

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    Originally Posted by neutronium View Post (Source)
    Thanks for the update info.

    For those of us beta testers who were lucky enough to have access to the beta and already downloaded the patch 7, will the download be required from scratch or will it intelligently recognize the beta data and copy paste it to the main game folder and update as necessary?
    I'm guessing this will be from scratch as your beta is completely separate from the main game on your local hard disk.

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    That is one awesome patch list. I make it 1,252 separate times. Just WOW!

    Well done FDev. I'm impressed, even before it goes live.

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    Python and Vulture ship kits in store today too ???????

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    FYI to all, Brett has added to the bottom of the patch notes the list of new changes that are new since beta 7 (for those who have already read all the beta patch notes during the beta process).

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    I have never, ever had to drink 2 cups of coffee when reading through a changelog.
    Fantastic work FD

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    Originally Posted by GodBlock View Post (Source)
    I. Can't. Bloody. Wait!

    I hope WE are the guardians, against this implied alien threat! (see sig)
    What if the guardians are the aliens against the human threat

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    Don't wanna wish time away, but....c'mon c'mon c'mon...

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    "- Show planet surfaces in the system map without needing the surface scan"


    No recent UI updates though so .

    For those who don't know, the button you press to activate FSD, you can press it again to abort it. Got that ?
    Anyway the game holds your hand and reminds you of this in case you are about to encounter a non-safe system. Awww.

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