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Thread: Passenger cabins full but no missions for them

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    Passenger cabins full but no missions for them

    i recently had my ship destroyed while taking on a passenger mission and now i find i am unable to sell or even use those cabins due to the fact that they are still marked as full even though the mission is a failure and has been cleared from my transactions tab

    does anyone have any advice on resolving this issue?

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    wow the bugs in this 22.1 just keep on coming think you may need to file a support ticket
    what happens if you swap ships?
    is there not an option to abandon them like undelivered cargo in the right ui panel?
    sorry have not shipped passengers yet so not sure, but if you died all pasengers should be dead also weird bug you have found sounds like!

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    i cannot swap my ship or sell the cabins and i am scared to undock because they may be wanted and i am not too fond of putting my anaconda at risk without rebuy

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    support ticket then is the only way methinks................

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    I'm having this exact issue right now. Did you get yours resolved by contacting support?

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    Sorry for the delayed response on this, transferring the passenger cabin to storage should resolve this. If this isn't working, please open a ticket with us and we should be able to remove the module for you:

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    I have passengers in my passenger cabin, no mission for them, and I cannot swap the cabin out or move it to storage. The ticketing process is not clear to me either. Do I go through technical support or through the bug forum for this?

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    weak!!!! so now I have to fly to a port that has a storage for me to dump the cabin full of useless pixels. Nice!

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    Got the same after the game crashed while accepting missions. Will attempt a transfer.

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    Not an ideal fix but it works and it's immediate, but I just self destructed my ship and all cabins became empty