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Thread: Fungal Life Found on Colonia 3 C A

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    Fungal Life Found on Colonia 3 C A

    Coordinates 47.21 -174.16
    Discovered by CMDR Alesia

    "Animula Spires"

    Tall Spires covered with various types of fungal growths resembling those found on Earth and other planets, apparently thriving on the volcanic warmth and minerals around the Silicate Vapour Geysers. Samples of the Life have been turned over to the Colonia Counsel for examination. Pilots are encouraged to not disturb the flora as it is currently unknown how rare these life forms are or how quickly they grow. Any materials gained could be gathered the normal way via prospecting rocks that dot the planet's surface rather then destroying such a rarity.

    Photos captured by the Pilot's vehicle cameras are below.

    - The fungus have a unique sound on the wave scanner, like Vinyl being rubbed/scratched
    - The canyon is also narrow, larger ships may be forced to land on the edge and descend in an SRV.
    - The Geysers/objects will not be visible unless the pilot is flying under 3.5km Altitude

    Geograpic Information:

    Added Photos of Phloem Excretion because I missed the close ups originally:

    Edit again: Added Approach profile thanks to CMDR IsraelZulu of the CCN:

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    they look like dirt mounds that moles make. So subterranean alien or something?

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    Congrats for finding the first alien life

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    Very interesting and surprising find. Astromycetes alesiae

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    - cordycep growth
    - mussidaen seed pod
    - polyporous growth
    - phloem excretion

    "Mussidae is a family of stony coral in the order Scleractinia. Brain coral is a common name for this family."

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    We'll see what GalNet responds the next days. Please not another CQ about just collecting them again.

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    They only give synthesis materials so it's not possible.

    If it was....there would be fighting over what to do.

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    Very nice find! These look different from the fumeroles and even the alien "coral" from the trailer. This is something I havent seen yet. Hope we can find some bubble-side.

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    Nice find Cmdr.
    I suspected they would be on volcanic fumeroles sites.
    I'm hoping they are not unique to that part if the galaxy,but more specific some volcanic planets or systems.

    Planet details look similar to many geo sites I've looked at but not tried moons round a y type star. Will try that later.
    Could be related as star type can be a poi factor now in 2.2

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    Excellent ! Right on Alesia !

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    Nice find

    Didnt Drew tell us to look at where the barnacle's come from, or something to that effect?
    I know Jaques is a of a treck from the rift, but maybe there's similar to be found all over the place

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    Absolutely brilliant find Alesia!

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    Bloody awesome Alesia!!! So proud of you!

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    Alesia made an excellent discovery today. Sharing some images also.

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