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Thread: New in game assets

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    New in game assets


    Is there a list of all the locations of the new in game assets?

    Ie. CQC objects, ship yards etc.


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    Originally Posted by Eldrich Stark View Post (Source)

    Is there a list of all the locations of the new in game assets?

    Ie. CQC objects, ship yards etc.

    Considering they are many I doubt that. They also will appear more later.

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    Maybe generate a list and ask people to fill in the blanks. Something like this, just gotta do the research and add what you want to see:

    Science outpost:
    Civilian outpost:
    Military outpost:
    Neutron star (near sol): Jacksons Lighthouse
    Empire Capital ship dock:
    Federation Capital ship dock:
    Fungal growths:
    Ancient Ruin:

    There's some you can find yourself like station interiors (Extraction/Agri/tourist etc).

    But no there is no list of everything that I'm aware of, some things are googlable tho... If that's a word

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    Tried a quick Google, no luck. I like your list above. Anyone care to sta populating it?

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    Current ones that i know about -

    Giant Military base - LFT 926
    Federation Capital ship dry dock - Oops, forgotten the system name!
    Imperial Capital Ship dry dock (Two ships under repair) - Baal
    Imperial Capital Ship dry dock - Cubeo
    Giant Civilian installation (Long structure) - Nevermore A1
    Giant Civilian installation - Ngalkin A 1 C
    Pirate base near planatery rings - Dain System

    I think there are a lot more out there, don't get too close to the military base! All areas have satellites to scan for data & Plenty of debris to salvage for engineer upgrades. And of course, not forgetting some mindless violence or joyriding around these massive structures in fighters

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    I've taken the liberty of starting a new thread to try and catalog these assets more formally ...

    For starters I've just pinched 777Driver's set to get the ball rolling.

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    First post so apologies if found before:

    I found three listening posts in the following locations -

    * COL 285 SECTOR RV-K C9-8
    * COL 285 SECTOR LU-M C8-6
    * COL 285 SECTOR QA-L C9-3

    Each of these contain information that will lead you to an abandoned planetside lab. I recommend trying the puzzle if you fancy a bit of a teaser. If not the location is in the link below

    COL 285 SECTOR FL-X B17-3