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Thread: Newsletter #149

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    Anyone had the newsletter yet?

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    Originally Posted by Drax Reborn View Post (Source)
    Anyone had the newsletter yet?
    checks email

    Nope ... I think that's a first for me, no newsletter by the time I get home!

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    I don't know how much he's involved with putting the newsletter together, but Ed Lewis wasn't well yesterday, so that might mean a delay. Either way, get well soon, Ed!

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    is available via email for some it would seem... Link to the main feature of the newsletter

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    There are always beautiful pictures in the newsletters. It is unfortunate that they are in miniatures and that we can not save them in a large format

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    Thank you, but no news about future updates or even patches for 2.2

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    Thanks for the link. Alas nothing of note.

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    Any news on an upcomic patch? I'm getting tired about all of those bugs, specially this annoying incomplete hull on ship-launched fighter deployment!!

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