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Thread: A visit to HIP 17403 SYSTEM A4A -34.98 -141.38

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    A visit to HIP 17403 SYSTEM A4A -34.98 -141.38

    G'day all,
    have just returned from HIP 17403 System A4A planet;
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    where I went to have a look at the crash site of the alien ship and the other human ships wrecked with it. How these ships ended up all together in the bottom of a crater all next to each other is a bit of a mystery.

    Its one thing to look at the pictures but you dont get a sense of how big the Alien ship is until your next to it.

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    A rather strange scene with two of the human ships pinned into the wall of the mountain like they were throw there as darts. There are several unknown artefacts strew around, but as I did not have a corrosion proof container I left them there, Also look (in the photo below) just above the alien ship and in the light of dusk you will see one of the ships that is pinned into the wall.

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    The shipwreck seems quite fresh... as its still glowing with a green light and a point of interest that I have not heard anybody mention is that in the evening light the alien ship had a lot of small flying blue firefly type of insects moving in and out and around it. The insects did not go into the other ships, but stayed under the left wing in the cave like area there and moved only in the vicinity of the alien ship. If you look closely you will see about 8 of them.I took several photos but in the conversion to jpeg some of the detail has been lost .

    Please click on photo for a clearer view,
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    An enlargement of the electric blue fire-flys, about the size of a dragon fly and moved at the same speed. I am quite excited to be able to report this "life force" as I haven't seen any live animals at all in E.D.

    Yours Aye
    Cmdr D38

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    Huh those little guy look like mini Unknown Artifacts. Great pic, I'd never seen the "fireflys" up close like that.

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    I have taken some Pics,, but can't upload,, something about size is to big. Anyhow I think they are or were an organic life form, With the pics I have taken you can see the skull which sort of looks like a rams head, or maybe better yet a sea Horse. also at one of the sites, I think I have found what could be alien writing.

    I have to get some software to shrink the screen shots I have taken and I will share soon.

    Edit : regardless what I do it keeps telling me I "Invalid File" .... what the Crap??? Never had a forum make it so hard to upload a g picture.