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Thread: Sorry from AMERICA!!!!

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    Originally Posted by 6xes View Post (Source)
    what the hell are you on??

    you bring only gibberish to the table..
    i know you can do better than that!!
    Your the forelast Person who should accuse anyone of talking Gibberish.....

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    Originally Posted by 6xes View Post (Source)
    The beauty of being transparent.. will have American people support Donald Trump in limiting the influence of the CIA and all connected agencies and reducing access.

    In the whole press interview by Nune's outside the whitehouse he had mentioned, individuals have come forward to prove spying albeit an investigation was actually being carried out

    The cheek of the reporter saying "why was President Trump briefed on the intelligence reports" is laughable
    My favourite part of the interview

    Nunes (wildly paraphrased): There's absolutely no wrongdoing here. In fact Trump is a saint and Barack Obama did some nasty stuff. Boy! if I could tell you the nasty stuff but I can't because.. err.. I'm not allowed to. What a great guy Trump is, and completely above board, and so all these accusations are completely unfounded...

    Reporter yells out: Was the President personally involved!?

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    Originally Posted by 6xes View Post (Source)

    Oh Yeah.
    An Tinfoil Head Channel priding himself with Conspiracy Theories putting up Fox News....

    Now I have an good Idea just where this ridiculous Tin Foil stuff you keep putting up comes from....

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    Fox News? I'm afraid anyone who relies on this for 'news' loses any tenuous credibility they may have had. Its heavily biased and politicised. Hugely sensationalist, factually famished and relies upon the viewers stupidity. Which is guaranteed. It is owned by a corrupt liar whos sole aim is to make money at the expense of the American citizen. Rupert Murdoch. The most cynical money grabbing treacherous parasite within the Media today. News International are the enemy of all free thinking, democratic societies.
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    interesting dynamics, who is more trustworthy?

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    Originally Posted by 6xes View Post (Source)
    interesting dynamics, who is more trustworthy?
    The one with the degree in politics rather than economics.

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