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Thread: Colonia Expansion Initiative

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    Originally Posted by fearnow View Post (Source)
    Where/which base would I go to to find one to Sag A or someplace other than 'Repairs Concluded' or 'Jacques Visitor Beacon'?
    Without Horizons ... probably they're all about as good as each other. Just keep flying around all of them checking the passenger boards until something shows up. Most of the time it'll either be really local or back to the bubble, though.

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    First of all, thanks 4 the new stations in Colonia! Useful indeed, several stations with shipyard are much more close to star, than Jaques.
    One question to FD - are you planning to add an engineer(s) to Colonia? Maybe, not top skilled for all modules (level 3), but for FSD should be 5+
    Several previous questions ( from me are answered "by life", however, engineering ig not present in Colonia now.
    By the way, will FD tell something about Colonia future during FrontierExpo?

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    OK, was looking the stream from Frontier Expo - nothing about Colonia... Due to this - questions\proposals about Colonia future

    1. Please, fix the situation, when agriculture systems can be flooded to outbreak by biowaste. First time I was thinking, that Metztli is a glithch or exception, however, looking on Deriso and other agriculture I see outbreaks too Seems 2 me, that the petition from EPG is caused by this - living from outbreaks to wars is something (self-censored) indeed. In February I thought, that they are lucky, having Metztli, but now... Thinks 2 me, that we'll not agree to expand in agriculture system indeed, before exact fixing the situation, we have four systems now, by the way
    2. Engineer in Colonia is HIGHLY needed! (please, see my previous post). In eddb I found 5 new hidden engineers, but all are in old bubble May we propose a CG 4 the engineer in Colonia, or it's not possible 2 be done quickly from technical\programming viewpoint?

    P.S. I am writing not a petitions about making everything good, but exact questions (at least, I hope, that I am doing this )

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    So this song was made recently. It's about leaving the bubble for Colonia and letting the bubble burn.

    Thought it fit with the CEI.

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