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Thread: Balancing Mission Rewards

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    Well definitely not going the right way on this...

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    Time to put Elite down for a while I think 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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    I can't quit you babe
    Woman I think I'm gonna put you down for a little while
    I can't quit you babe
    I... think I'm gonna put you down for a while
    I said you messed up my happy home
    Made me mistreat my only child

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    Originally Posted by EUS View Post (Source)
    Sheesh, FD a little hint; I didn't do those long, long missions for 35M cr, I'm not about to start doing them for less.
    now even the near distance missions r bad....

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    Originally Posted by FalconFly View Post (Source)

    That doesn't look sexy anymore. I understand some Missions paid surprisingly well for a 90-120mins roundtrip, but that seems a bit of an over-correction :

    Nope, not gonna happen. Not for that payment. The super-longrange ones... *uhm* no way. I'd hardly consider these for 10x that payout.
    I'd rather go mining in a Rocky or Icy belt, even these Missions pay more for a considerably lower time investment. Even Independent Mining in my local Pristine Metallic belt gives me far more bang for the buck.
    (and I'm primarily not really looking at the Credits - I don't really need these - but mainly from a BGS work/effectiveness perspective)

    What still seems okay upto quite good are the ShortRange Bulk PAX Missions, seeing some normal/unchanged ones there.

    Disclaimer : just a "first impressions" quick overview of what I found on the PAX Mission Board.

    What the frack Frontier???!!!!!!

    Oh I seriously hope they did not nerf the long range passenger missions, they were barely, and I mean BARELY, acceptable before, but holy mother of God, what is Frontier doing?? Do you guys even play your own game?

    I try to be calm and rational most of the time, but really, why again? Was it really necessary to nerf a great new gameplay mechanic into the grave? Especially when absolutely NO ONE WHO PLAYS ELITE considered it overpowered before?

    Why? What?


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    No FDev NO.. the passenger mission payouts were just fine, you were supposed to increase of the normal missions payouts..

    *going to sell my Beluga*

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    I'm not sure that this has really worked. The mission payouts for trade seem sightly up but still fairly low in general, whilst the problem that there simply aren't as many missions on the boards at all still remains.

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    So trading/delivery missions are back up to a reasonable level now and passenger missions are worthless?

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    It doesn't look fixed at all. In fact, judging by the anecdotal experience of posters in this thread, it's worse.

    Passenger payouts felt right. But you dropped those. Perhaps too much fun for the players? Too much progress toward something--anything?

    Every time you guys and gals tweak this stuff, I'm less and less excited about playing. I finally felt rewarded for my time. Not anymore, it seems.

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    While I am happy short-range missions were nerfed in payout (I made so much money with them while gathering modular terminals with those), I definitely don't think long range passenger missions deserve this!

    I'd quite happily have done 5-10kly trips for 15+ million, but I'm defintely gonna save the cabin weight to do those trips now!

    God, I'm so happy that I didn't get too attached to passenger missions so far. Would've broken my heart now.

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    Another face palm fail. Half fix trade and nerf passenger missions, are you kidding me?

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    Sometimes I wonder who are the ones actually developing the game.
    Developing the game would require to understand the game... or is this too naive thinking?

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    Hi was planing on going out to colonia soon and bring passenger missions. From the look of the long range missions its not much of a point can do something else for money before or later instead^^ If by reduced slightly you ment lowering it by 10-20% then someone must have been tired beacause it was lower to 10-20% instead from what I can see and that is not slightly! Just pointing it out if it was a miss.

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    Way to go FDev, you've done it again. Bravo.

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    Frontier, let me be bluntly honest: Your goal post 2.2 with the missions was to simply return all non passenger missions BACK to 2.1 levels while slightly reducing the Sothis/Ceos stuff, and leave the already fine long range passenger missions ALONE. Nothing was broken about long range (500+ lys) passenger missions, WHAT WAS BROKEN WAS ALL OTHER MISSIONS after 2.2 when compared to 2.1

    Can you please just make that happen? And if not, can you tell us the reason why? Thanks.

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