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Thread: Newsletter #151

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    Newsletter #151

    A story of heroism in the Galaxy this week



    Welcome to the Elite Dangerous Newsletter, the place to find all the latest from the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

    We have a story of a daring rescue on the edge of space, along with new community goals and some beautiful Beluga paint packs. We'll also be at Fantasticon, UK this weekend, so be sure to come and enjoy the fun.

    As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Community Homepage, and right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback.

    On the Horizon
    All the latest for Elite Dangerous: Horizons


    This week, we bring you a tale from the community. One Commander, stranded on the edge of space and another Pilot's heroic plight to bring him back.

    Seasoned explorer CMDR Felix Macedonica having spent a year out on the edge of known space, was heading back to Beagle Point when disaster struck.

    Having found himself a single LY out of range of the next system, and without the necessarily materials to progress, a forlorn Macedonica lamented that his time was up.

    Sending one last distress signal, Macedonica contemplated his fate, before voices started to call back to him from out of the black.

    Chief among these was Commander Chiggy Vonrictofen. Refusing to leave a Pilot stranded in the depth of space, Chiggy kitted up at Jaques then set off to retrieve Macedonica.

    Macedonia was in need of a single unit of Germanium to escape his fate. Having equipped mining lasers, Chiggy made his 60,000 LY journey across the Galaxy in hopes that he could mine the Germanium needed nearby for Macedonica to scoop up.

    There were no guarantees it would work, but it was the only shot they had.

    After racing to Macedonica at blistering speeds of 3-5,000 LY an hour, Chiggy arrived and got to work mining.

    Tensions were high, as the Galaxy watched on, calculating the chances that they would find the elusive material. Fear of failure began to set in. After all this, would it be enough?

    But then... GERMANIUM!

    An elated Macedonica scooped up their prize. With enough range to leave his purgatory the two finally left the system.

    An incredible example of Pilots coming together, and one we are incredibly proud of you for.

    Rest assured; this will be commemorated in-game. Congratulations to all parties involved.

    Livestream Lowdown
    Catch up with videos from the community team


    Rumours have it that the Frontier Community managers are currently occupying a mysterious planet, preparing for next week's challenge.

    They will, however, still do battle. Pick your side, and come support them both in game and in the live stream
    on November 24 at 7pm BST.

    The latest goods and the best deals from the Frontier Store


    Take the most luxurious ship in the Galaxy and make it your own with a brand new range of paint packs for the Beluga Liner.

    Choose from Vibrant, Military or Tactical options to customise your ship with, and give your passengers a journey to remember.

    Community Central
    The best from the community, all in one place


    FantastiCon, UK is back this weekend and it's shaping up to be bigger, better and even more fantastic!

    The Frontier team will be there to bring you a whole host of goodies, information and prizes and we'd love to see you there. You can grab your tickets now from the FantastiCon website for November 19 - 20th.

    Galnet Focus
    All the news from across the Galaxy



    Both the Federal astrocartography department and the mysterious Children of Raxxla have issued requests for exploration data. The campaigns will focus on Hawkin’s Gap, the Conflux and the Formidine Rift.


    An outbreak of disease has been
    reported at D'Arrest
    Station. The starport is home to a repatriation centre for former slaves, which
    was est
    ablished last year by Princess Aisling Duval. The Uibuth Empire Party has offered to coordinate a relief effort.


    The Zosi Major Corporation has confirmed it has received sufficient quantities of thermic alloys, chemical manipulators and industrial firmware to proceed with its proposed research project.

    Dr Arkady Cole, the organisation’s chief research scientist, thanked those who responded to the request.


    The Pleiades Resource Enterprise has announced that its operation to weaken Maia’s criminal network has been a success. The victory may give the Pleiades Resource Enterprise the time it needs to prepare for the next phase in its fight against the Ant Hill Mob.


    A large convoy of heavy construction ships and associated support vessels has been assembled by Wreaken Construction in the Zearla system. Wreaken does not have an exclusive contract with any of the galaxy’s superpowers, and there has therefore been significant speculation over the purpose of the convoy.

    Community Goals
    The latest missions for you to take on

    Gilmour Orbiter, Tau Ceti

    Deliver Exploration Data to Gilmour Orbiter in the Tau Ceti system for the Federation.


    Sereborv Terminal, HR 6421

    Deliver Exploration Data to Sereborv Terminal  in the HR 6421 system for the Children of Raxxla.

    D'Arrest Station, Uibuth

    Deliver Basic Medicines, Advanced Medicines or Medical Diagnostic Equipment to D'Arrest Station in the Uibuth system to combat the outbreak.

    Comms Chatter
    A round up of this week's community content


    Elite Dangerous in Planet Coaster?

    Thanks to Ulthris on YouTube, it's more likely thank you might think.


    Making a strong case for "World's Coolest Dad", CMDR drsgfire put together this ace video on the Solar System for his Daughter's homeschool class.


    CMDR Isaiah Evanson treated us to an incredible shot this week, which has been dubbed "Dust".

    See you in the black, Commanders

    The Frontier Developments Team


    Copyright 2016 Frontier Developments plc. All rights reserved.

    Frontier Developments plc, 306 Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, England,  CB4 0WG, UK

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    Urm ... thought you might want to know the emailed newsletter "subject" says "Newsletter #150"

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    Originally Posted by mpfj View Post (Source)
    Urm ... thought you might want to know the emailed newsletter "subject" says "Newsletter #150"
    I noticed ... oops!

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    I should stop reading those "news"letters.....

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    Great to see Chiggy and Felix in the news letter, best Elite player story yet and so pleased for them both. Can't wait to see if they get their names on some planets/ systems, and bravo with the tourist beacon

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    Something go wrong this time? Didn't receive the newsletter (spam filter checked by the way).
    Anyone else?

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    I hope that the graphics for atmospheric landings won't reflect those in the video of the Elite ride from the Planet Coast video! Yeuugh!.

    Great story about the pilot rescue though, although I did read about it first on Eurogamer. Best story about the ED community ever. I don't think another will come close. Well done!!

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    Thanks so much for keeping a timesensitive! #irony

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    Originally Posted by Maeyae View Post (Source)
    Thanks so much for keeping a timesensitive! #irony
    ? Can't believe people are complaining? Take the time to actually read the news letter. Who cares when it came out? Not me

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    Wow... a buddy told me to check out the newsletter today. OMG... I feel honored. Thanks for the mention guys. Much appreciated

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    Originally Posted by Gimi View Post (Source)
    Something go wrong this time? Didn't receive the newsletter (spam filter checked by the way).
    Anyone else?
    Me neither.
    I read somewhere that Planet Coaster Beta was released today, so I suspect the culprit is Zero Bandwidth.

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    Anyone else miss the days when the newsletters actually had proper news about things like the state of bug fixes, upcoming features etc? Seems to me that more and more we get a wall of galnet posts and stuff players give them rather than any real news about oh.. i don't know fixes to the stuffed up mission rewards, progress being made towards getting 2.3 out.. information on what is going on with season 2.. etc.

    It's like they forget that not every one comes here and wants to wade through 100000 forum posts looking for the few new ones with a fdev symbol on them and hoping that it's actually an fdev post with actual information.

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    Maybe some news on the fantasticon?!

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