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Thread: Elite Badge

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    Welcome to the group John.

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    Nice graphic!! Be great to have an 'original ELITE badge' Group when ED goes live.

    Am actually surprised how few badge holders there are. I think the old BBC ones are reasonably rare. I read / heard somewhere recently that they only gave out 1 per month to random draw of people who attained Elite. I saw Styggron said as such earlier and I think that is correct.

    Anyway, doesn't matter either way ... chuffed to bits I've found it

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    If no official badge is made maybe someone in the community would like to design one and make it available through a 3D printing company such as

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    Further to my last post I managed to track down a version of the 'Order of the Elite' - card. This is the card you fill out and send off to get apply to join the 'Order of the Elite' and potentially be in line for an emblem - like the one I posted earlier.

    If you read it carefully you'll see it says that they will basically award one per month - as Styggron mentioned earlier. Now it is unclear whether this actually ever happened but I am reasonably sure that they didn't hand them out to anyone who became Elite because I had a couple of friends who didn't get one.

    If any former Acornsoft folk are around - maybe they can shed more light on the matter.

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    And it seems that they were handed out in UK only... At least Finland was too small a region back then to have deserved a release of its own, so we all probably received that same card and forgot all about the offer as soon as we saw that "UK only" note.

    And what is this "tournament" that they speak of? How would you actually compete in Elite?

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    Wow what an Amazing Elite collection and I thought mine was "ok" I've got a long way to go.

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    It is unclear the tournament ever happened. At least I cannot find any record of it. We need someone from Acornsoft to shed a little light on the matter.

    I am pretty sure I sent my card in after April 1985 anyway. I certainty wasn't invited to play in any tournament. Also possibly a PR stunt that sounded good but never happened

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    Originally Posted by Johnb View Post (Source)
    Be great to have an 'original ELITE badge' Group when ED goes live.
    Someone has started a group called "Elite Federation of Pirates" so perhaps we should consider "Federation of Elite Pirates"

    Or 'Pilots' if you're not into piracy

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    Like it -- I am in ...

    And definitely PIRATES.

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    I wonder how much it would cost to get a run of die-cast ED badges made??

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    Shapeways are 3d printing, so each one is fairly expensive... as you can see by the nearly $30 price tag per badge.

    I was wondering if anyone has looked into having a larger number made by die-casting. And what that might cost.

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    Materials options/tips - I recommend the gravitas of the solid metal materials - particularly the gold plated or the bronze...............

    Nice 3d printer that would be..........

    Some one in the threads tried to sandcast from printer but cannot find the thread.

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    Hope this link works. As you can see it's somewhat of an on going process

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    Originally Posted by Styggron View Post (Source)
    So the Acornsoft one had the silver backing and the BBC had the goldbacking.

    I was told the Acornsoft ones are extremely rare and that only around 30 of them are around and that they were only given out once a month to random people that submitted their forms.

    Don't know if this is accurate or not......... anyone know ?
    Styggron -- which badges are you referring to as the Acornsoft ones? The one with the black enamel? I am pretty sure that is the Acornsoft version.

    The Gold version is the Firebird version. Not sure if there is another BBC version. Also how did you find out only ~30 or so are in existence? Did someone from Acornsoft tell you.