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Thread: Elite Badge

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    Those badges are very cool. And, in an odd way, they may help prolong the longevity of the game by offering a non-digital incentive to carry on playing: a literal badge of honour/endurance/skill.

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    Originally Posted by dertayuk View Post (Source)
    My son is playing Elite dangerous and I'm still unsure if I should commit my remaining days playing this again..
    I'm an old original Elite player who achieved the elite status before the expiry date on the postcard provided and received the black and silver badge from acornsoft, but alas no T-Shirt.

    I currently don't have privilege's to post links so I am unable to put up a picture of my Elite badge.
    I am sure you have a few more days left in you...

    As a newly registered user I presume it won't take long before your account gets granted the required privileges.... Welcome Back!

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    Originally Posted by Spectre Alpha View Post (Source)
    No, I would not want a badge from a game at all, this or any game, way too tacky.
    Tacky like Olympic Gold medals....

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    My medals are scared blisters on my trigger pinky.

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    Originally Posted by Adam Lusardi View Post (Source)
    My medals are scared blisters on my trigger pinky.
    I can see it now ... your blisters screaming 'Oh no, not the joystick again!' at you every time you go anywhere near the computer

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    Here's my original BBC B Elite badge

    Attachment 3643

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    Originally Posted by Susimetsa View Post (Source)
    I've been posting to the KS comment thread and some thread here, hoping that those badges would become a pledge upgrade. Of course, if Frontier wants to reserve them for gamers who actually reach Elite status, I'd respect that choice happily - just as long as they exist!
    Hi Susimetsa; I'm retired and one of my several occupations; was a Jeweler, working out of shops in San Francisco. To this day I have a bench set up in our basement. When the time comes I'll have no problem creating and casting my own Silver Elite badge.

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    The new badge has arrived

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    Badge would be cool! Unfortunately Elite Plus Commanders won't ever achieve such badge other then in a form of image in a game after Elite promotion (see my Avatar).

    Originally Posted by Cody View Post (Source)
    I believe that required considerably fewer kills (although I ain't certain, it would fit with my experience of Elite Plus).
    In Elite Plus requirement for Elite rank is 1000 or more hit points, which is sad. Being worthy to be considered Elite must be evaluated someway else. I set myself par to 1000 or more achieved hit points made during single flight without pauses or game savings.

    As far as I know the current world record time for achieving Elite status from the start of the game at Lave in Elite Plus is 2 hours 43 minutes (Youtube-Video) made and recorded by me. As long as nobody has made it in shorter time without any kind cheating during single game session and providing sufficient proofs that happened, I can consider myself The Elite in Elite Plus.

    Also, I managed overflow hit counter at 65536 Hits and get second Elite Promotion in my 12 years long flight (Commander Nothoria Infama), so I should have now 2 Elite badges. But, because I've been very bad pilot all the way my career (Pirate/Bounty Hunter), GalCop won't consider me eligible for a real badge.

    I expect my 3rd Elite Promotion around 132000+ Hits and 4000000-4300000 played Credits. It will probably take few years of flying (= several hundred hours of game play as if concentrating for piling more kills it takes over 2 hours to make 1000 hits).

    ...Currently wandering around Galaxy 3 (3rd or 4th time), systematically visiting and surveying every single system on a Galaxy Chart.

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    A warm welcome to Krys, our 10th badge holder, we are now a Deca of commanders...

    Any more orginal Elite badge holders lurking out there?

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    It would appear that getting a bunch of Elite badge holders together is like herding cats.

    But on the night before the launch of Elite Dangerous and the last night of the Gamma I spotted huwthomas was online, he was over 150ly away, but I pointed my Cobra towards his star and jump by jump closed in on him. By the time I entered his current system I was low on fuel and had a cracked canopy. I headed to the nearest space station for repairs and hailed huwthomas asking him to show himself.

    An in system rendezvous was arranged at Reamy Dock, I patiently waited, and then some fool emerged from supercruise right on my nose and nearly cracked my newly repaired canopy... it was huwthomas and for the first time in history two Elite badge holders where face to face in space, both sporting the Cobra MkIII as their chosen method of deep space transport.

    A couple of hours of boy racer antics in space followed, before we parted ways. Until the next badge holder hunt!!

    The Inaugural Badge Holder Meet Up Pic

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    It was a cool meetup on the eve of an auspicious day :-)

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    Originally Posted by Patrick_68000 View Post (Source)
    The new badge has arrived

    The new badge bought for 3.50 the orginal badge paid for with the lives of 6,400 commanders.

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    The gold price vs the iron price :-)

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    Welcome Krys - I'm sadface though... "one of the nine" sounds better than "one of the ten..."

    Nice reference there Huwthomas