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Thread: Meta Alloy Ripe Barnacle sources

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    Rechecked the Barnacle states earlier this evening , since the new patch. Didnt expect any changes, didnt find any.

    Had been busy at the Ancients ruin site, or guardians as they are known. Some testing done with good data results.

    Tomorrow should be a new barnacle state change day. Will check on the barnacles under study for any changes.
    Re-scanning the barnacles when nav targets vanish, as expected. Also testing Ancient items while scanning the barnacle data for improbable and unlikely results.single earlier test nothing new, but have to check just to eliminate.

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    Latest data on barnacle navigation points. From observations since this was introduced in 2.2 they have seemed to vanish each weekly state change.
    i suspected it was not meant to get lost, but is stored on the barnacle state that is drawn in for the week.

    E.g say each barnacle has many states it can be in, stored as a seperate object ( with or without spikes,turrets,skimmers etc )
    you seem to remember the navigation target for when the barnacle is in that state alone. Scanning further weeks i suspect fills in the blank nav targets for each type of state.

    Each week i had lost the nav targets , i noticed mainly since i had started this study each week now . Until this week, changed state, nav targets were gone except for a couple which i hadnt visited since last week.
    Merope 2a had a target i hadnt visited that day, inspecting it was in the same state at the start of this study.
    Another in RO-Q system had one 1 out of the 8 nav targets when i entered system, also in the same state it had been scanned in before.

    In Pleiades JC-U B3-2 there also was a nav target, i had not visited that system for months.
    Checking the single barnacle there in a barren state with cap ship against the barnacle meta sheet, it was one i had discovered on the 24th October last year! Just after the 2.2 release with nav targets added to barnacles.
    Possibly was the last time i was at that barnacle and happened to be in the same state as when i had found it and first scanned it

    Its too early for certainty at this early stage, but would appear so. Next thursday should yield more infomation with the state change, and the barnacles in pleiades under study.
    I hope now with 5 state changes logged and scanned each week there could be more returning to a state that i have scanned them in
    Barren barnacles have not remained with nav targets , so i suspect counted as seperate states regardless.

    Next change could be useful if i am right. It could be possible to only bother scanning the ripe barnacles, say in a system like JC-U B3-2 the binary planets 1&2 have around 50-60 barnacles between them.
    If you only see the nav targets of barnacles in the ripe state, then with a few weeks of scans there of the ripe ones only, then the navigation panel would show several ripe barnacles only while in orbit, easy to select and farm locations then.

    Taking a break out to the California nebula for a day or two, maybe find some new barnacles while logging the current ones here.

    If you are willing to travel to the California nebula and looking for more than 2 MA barnacles to farm in peace then this one is a nice farm location for the week.
    Double barnacle 5 MA spikes - California sector LC-V C2-10 A 4 -9.71 / 138.80 added to OP

    Additional - While scanning some of the known barnacles out here in the California nebula finished some scans in one system , had suspected in past barnies would be on the other planet of this binary.
    located that one tonight.. New barnacle found on new planet in a known barny system,, not many found at all in last few months,, in fact only 2 in last 5 months,, and one was by me.

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    Originally Posted by Ben Ryder View Post (Source)
    +1 for this thread
    thank you. Always nice to know this infomation is useful.
    Maybe just interesting or just perseverance, but i hope one day soon the Barnacle story will be back in the limelight.
    Nowhere else in the galaxy can you source a Meta-Alloy but a barnacle, they will have significant uses in time as these engineers keep telling us. but when they reveal what they have discovered is anyone's guess.
    (Prof. Pallin, what are those defense technologies from MA you mensioned in galnet ? Like always , he's gone silent and into hiding no doubt )

    Additional info to add,
    had another beer, since it was there,, second wind and thought i would continue my brief survey again in the California nebula.

    More data came to light regarding the navigation markers. Arrived in California nebula DL-Y D4 . Another main barnacle system in this nebula.
    Surprised since it had been quite some time since last visit. This system also had navigation markers available from long ago scans.
    More data confirming what i suspected but dismissed when the nav targets in 2.2 got intoduced and vanish.
    4 in this system though long after i had visited here last, so headed off to complete fresh scans of all known barnacles in this system.

    Upon reaching C2/C3 binary planets, 4 nav targets , 2 on each planet, must have been months ago was here last but they remain now in the same state i scanned them in last.
    California Sector Dl-y d4 C 2 45.69 / -88.15 Caught my eye as i neared the nav target in glide mode and a wave of nostalgia. Here was my first ever first barnacle discovery, it was a double barnacle on a mountain side in this nebula.
    Slowly from there on 7 months ago i got better at locating the barnacles, right back where it all started for me as a Barnacologist
    Double barny half way up that hillside

    Have a pic from my last visit actually iirc.. wasn't that long back soon after i started this thread. It was the first time i had ever seen the barnacle be ripe,, every time was barren till then.

    Oh and another Double barnacle here on C3 too, this time a 4 MA spike unguarded one. Seems out here things are just 'RIPE' i guess without the Pleiades Resource Co. possibly affecting their state changes or putting in defenses things are just simpler for the barnies.

    California Sector DL-Y D4 C 3 48.45 / 11.74

    Still one more barnacle system in this nebula to check,, could be more old scans active.
    Leaving Mic turner base in California sector BA-A E6 and its barnacles and new ones i may find till tomorrow.Most likely there will be other old nav targets there active from when i last did a pass through this nebula.


    Late Edit : Arrived in BA-A E6 system , found one last bottle of beer and still up this late. Anyways, got here but no further for now , in system , confirmed several Navigation markers for barnacles from a while ago visible.

    7 nav targets from my last venture through this area, maybe 1-2 months ago. all post 2.2 update. Logged 7 barnacle targets last pass it seems, and only 7 known in this system.
    Same state as that time perhaps? things certainly looking better now with the nav targets.

    Mic Turner base at the north pole, also with the fungal site. Since locating Nightshade Valley fungal site , 3rd at Hind nebula after another Cmdrs first discovery , makes me think at least 3 sites of fugus possible here too.
    First was located prior to the base's construction, placed their no doubt due to its discovery rather than nearby barnacles which was its purpose.
    Quite possible other fungal sites are on planet, while surveying the barnacles in system and other planets later, will survey for fungal sites, or maybe even coral.
    This site is central to the nebula and would fit into my categories for nebulous life spawn locations. Either barnacles or possible fungal sites,, good times later scouting.

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    This info is incredibly useful

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    Finishing up scouting the last known system with barnacles in the California nebula. Mic turner base and 7 barnacles , all which still have old nav target markers.
    I may spend some time here , either looking for more barnacles or trying to locate other fungal sites.
    I learned from the Hind nebula fungal site , multiple sites are very likely just like the geological sites.

    Different rules to barnacle placement, but if theres 1 here there must be others. Same for the barnacles. Also planets 1-3 to check for any activity.

    Double barnacles do seem to be more common here in the California nebula. Another located this cycle with 4 MA spikes.
    California Sector BA-A E6 4 30.58 / -66.27

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    Pre Additional , Did i mension the new Alliance base ? the 2nd base in the California nebula.. ya know , we gathered the materials end of december for that CG, completed but they never told us where or even if it was added , well found that.
    Might of got lost in the Canonn threadnaught or on discord,, a few saw,, but its there . Quietly released info hehe.

    Also like Mic Turner base, Mahon Research Base has what i now call a fungas garden. just like at the other base. Very odd, more for my geological and biological studies. odd placement still near these alliance bases. Why ??

    Additional , i got held up before leaving the California nebula.
    With the new Mahon Research Base discovered now in HIP 18077 , i noted there was no MA demand. Not surprising since nobody knew it was there. It does have a BM so it could also become a target.

    Also a target? Yes , it seems while at Mic Turner base in California Sector BA-A E6 i noted there was a MA demand in the market. Some of those UA Bombers perhaps have decided to deliver a little further afield after shutting down so many stations in the bubble

    First thing of note before proceeding further. If you carry 1MA at least you will be able to see the demand at stations you land at. Without it you dont see that commodity.
    This can act almost like a UA bomber detector!.

    When a station gets listed in galnet Starport status updates there are 3 catagories. Station affected (some systems down , thousands of demand), Station about to close (most systems down, several thousand demand),Station shutdown (10's thousand demand)
    By then it can be far too late to organise a effort to counter it.

    Small demand last night at Mic Turner base though, 450 or so iirc, sold my 40 tons , demand falls but reverts to 450 reinstanced,, its a daily update on demand.

    Restocked earlier today after deciding not too leave and try to counter this early UA bombing attempt.. A call to arms if you like for Alliance.. Many wont be aware there are Alliance assets out here,, not 1 base but now the newly found 2nd base too.

    Also a potential target, but UA distances are far , and MA ,the cure is actually on this planet..

    This cycle i located last night that last double barnacle , i was mistaken too, not 4MA, but it has 5 MA . Maybe the beers and i didnt see the last one.

    Demand is falling to 252 today,, sold another 40 tons of MA and i plan to return to this same barnacle and get at least one more haul in of around 50 tons.

    You want to help ? need some profit and interested in barnacles and want to help some alliance outpost in need?

    Barnacle valid in this state till 19 th Jan

    Deliver MA to Mic Turner Base , same planet , a few mins to cruise and glide there. Wont take long and its will be cured before its even infected. Tomorrow perhaps.
    60-65k selling price of MA, you pick them up from barnacles for free. 5 per instance. Land ship near the barnacle, plenty of room , nice flat area ripe for harvesting pick you're own
    SRV holds 2, shoot pick 2, transfer cargo, shoot pick 2, transfer cargo, shoot last one, reinstance. get the 2nd MA and transfer cargo again, 4 MA left, finish up the cycle and repeat.
    5 MA per instance, 10 mins can do at least 3 times maybe 4 depending on driving skills.
    20 MA in 15 mins,, thats worth 1.2 million at least market prices and helps the base ..

    I dont expect demand to increase and probably was just a one off UA bombing,, but if persists or they attack our new Alliance Mahon Research Base i shall be ready to gather another Ripe source to counter them.

    Delivered another load of 54 t MA. wont know the demand until tomorrow updates.
    Yesterday approx 460 MA demand.
    Tomday 252 demand .
    Tomorrow unsure. If more were selling here unknown factors. Sold 50 or so day before , demand reduced nearly 200 . 50 more sold today, also noted on my thread Mic Turner base UA bombed briefly, sourcing a 5MA on same planet
    i expect that this will be cured or just about cured. Will have more details around 4-5pm daily BGS update should tick over for the market demand.

    Also just attained Allied with Turner Research Group. MA has a big effect on increasing rep with a faction, counted on profit margin it seems, and harvested MA is 60k profit per ton at least..
    Can quickly get you to Cordial, Friendly ,Allied regardless of the faction you are targeting,, say you were helping cure you're own home system in the bubble. or anothers.

    Also i claim patent on MA use as a UA Bomber detector, having 1 MA in hold will show demand for MA. None if unaffected, any demand revealing UA deliveries. Long before any mension in galnet starport status updates.
    By then infection is rife and countering far harder. MA demand can reveal UA deliveries and earlier MA medication can easier neutralise the effects even before the station suffers failures.

    1 MA carried in hold , although may attract pirates is a MA demand scanner revealing any technoplague infections far earlier than station updates

    Last check 252 demand which it reverts to, until tomorrow. Presuming increased MA vs UA or no UA increase = cured or almost cured

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    Update - Incoming transmission .
    Barnacle state mission delayed till later , more important news.

    Monitoring UA bomb or MA increase in demand at Mic turner and also Mahon research base in California Nebula. Multiple MA deliveries into the hundreds didnt reduce the increasing demand. Possible UA bombing suspected but not shown on the latest starport update list yet. i await further data to confirm if UA bombers.

    Today though. Barnacle state day, but diverted by latest CG in Galnet. Sirius Corp research to counter the UA bad effects , possible solution? Progressing rapidly tier 2 now withing a hour of launch.
    Deliver materials to the contacts tab - Science and research project - Sign up first. Shield scans , shield data, Unknown fragments.
    Easiest to farm fragments at unknown ship crash site 3.
    System : HIP 17403
    Planet A 4 A
    Coord: -34.96 / -141.37
    Contains 3 fragments, and 3 UA, which dissasemble into 1 or 2 fragments each. Suspect open and groups busy and glitchy, solo preferable.

    Good chance too of Hyperdiction with UA and UF interactions and flying through Pleiades.

    Will update the barnacle states later tonight or tomorrow.
    Heading back to recheck for any changes.

    CG thread for the UF's wont last the night , or maybe 1 day at most. Turn in what scans and fragments you have , little time to farm.

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    This thread is very useful. So thank you PanPiper!

    Just a question. I'm here in the California Sector and farming barnacles. However, not getting Arsenic, which is what I'm really looking for. Does this only spawn on certain planets or if I keep reloading, I'll eventually get some.

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    Nice add with teh CG info +1

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    21:00 Thursday , no change in the barnacle states yet, i guess awaiting the Barnacle galac-tic-tock to happen. Will check on them tomorrow evening. CG will complete soon too, 70 % done last check.

    Originally Posted by MrFrankFontaine View Post (Source)
    This thread is very useful. So thank you PanPiper!

    Just a question. I'm here in the California Sector and farming barnacles. However, not getting Arsenic, which is what I'm really looking for. Does this only spawn on certain planets or if I keep reloading, I'll eventually get some.
    Materials from the barnacles ( and geo/bio sites ) will always be related to the materials on the planet in system map with detailed scans.
    Much like geo sites, they can be farmed that way , but the barnacles are more random than targetable. With the right barnacle you can easily stock up on Arsenic, since each material = 3 materials collected.

    If you are out in the California Nebula, i've checked the planets with arsenic , 2 possible planet locations only out of the known barnacles.
    California Sector LC-V C2-10 A 5 -19.91 / -7.52 My latest find, Arsenic on planet , BUT, considering i found that in the ripe stage during the last week, it may change to barren, unless the state change skips this week.

    Better option is the DL-Y D4 system 6th planet, Arsenic on that planet and 4 barnacles there. Unsure on their current states but at least 1 maybe 2 could be in ripe stage. As long as its ripe, getting arsenic shouldnt be a problem.
    California Sector DL-Y D4 C 6 -34.46 / -44.43
    California Sector DL-Y D4 C 6 -29.43 / -54.33
    California Sector DL-Y D4 C 6 -24.74 / -64.04
    California Sector DL-Y D4 C 6 10.35 / -80.22

    Ideally locating a Fumarole site on a volcanic planet with Arsenic is far easier for stocking up. Alas i have no locations for geo sites that far out yet.
    I normally stock up at the jumponium sites i located for Canonn in IX Chodharr system but thats back on the edge of the bubble.
    IX CHODHARR 2 C A -4.32 / 16.18 Fumarole site. iirc 3 x Arsenic from Crystal fragments around the fumaroles. Should drop around 1/3 chance from fragments depending on other materials of that rarity type on the planet.
    Cobble= Very common+common , Crystal Fragments = common + uncommon (now just regular element) ,Crystal Clusters= Rares , Needle crystals=Very rares

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    Thanks for the post. Found a ripe barnacle on the second one posted on D4 C6!!!

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    No state change, thinking that may alternate changes from 1 week , 2 week , 1 week, 2 etc. will keep eye on that.

    Same as last week then.
    PLEIADES SECTOR RO-Q B5-0 4 -26.57 / 73.32 2MA , Unguarded
    PLEIADES SECTOR RO-Q B5-0 4 -31.93 / 77.61 2MA , Capship
    MEROPE 2A -11.23 / -145.37 2MA , Capship
    MEROPE 2A 2.68 / 143.03 2MA , Capship + Barren clone barnacle
    MEROPE 5C -26.35 / -156.40 2MA Unguarded

    California Nebula - Still those 5 MA spikey should be there for this week.
    California Sector BA-A E6 4 30.58 / -66.27 5MA!
    California sector LC-V C2-10 A 4 -9.71 / 138.80 5MA !

    California Sector DL-Y D4 C 3 48.45 / 11.74 4MA

    Updated OP with the previous locations again since i cleaned them earlier.

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    PLEIADES SECTOR RO-Q B5-0 4 -26.57 / 73.32 2MA , Unguarded
    Bad news. I just visited this site and there's a big, ugly Farragut floating over it.

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    Originally Posted by Kasparaitis View Post (Source)
    Bad news. I just visited this site and there's a big, ugly Farragut floating over it.
    Well thats a change then,, the cap ship and ships are mostly safe, keep low and dont approach the cap ship.

    Did it have 2 MA spikes like before?, Maybe there was no changes this cycle in some systems, or maybe cap ship movements..

    I only did a brief check earlier and found those in the same state, Later on i will do a full round and do a full detailed check. Also possible a late state change today,, hope so as thats a new data set to study.