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Thread: Meta Alloy Ripe Barnacle sources

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    Originally Posted by PanPiper. View Post (Source)
    Well thats a change then,, the cap ship and ships are mostly safe, keep low and dont approach the cap ship.

    Did it have 2 MA spikes like before?, Maybe there was no changes this cycle in some systems, or maybe cap ship movements..

    I only did a brief check earlier and found those in the same state, Later on i will do a full round and do a full detailed check. Also possible a late state change today,, hope so as thats a new data set to study.
    I'm at the site right now and have been parked here for two days. No changes that I can see. Still two MA spikes in the same configuration as the last couple of weeks. Rares are Antimony, Molybdenum and Tin. It's also spitting out Zirconium like it's a clearance sale.

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    Just ran a full check on RO-Q system , i can confirm no changes. i found one mistake in my logs, recorded one as turreted 2MA, should been 1MA turreted. corrected that in my log, but didnt post that one. Turrets only spawn on 1MA spiked setup.

    Originally Posted by Kasparaitis View Post (Source)
    Bad news. I just visited this site and there's a big, ugly Farragut floating over it.
    Might have been error in his coordinates i presume,aimed for the cap ship while gliding perhaps? there is a cap ship nearby but thats further west in the distance, 2 other barnacles are there, 1 below capship barren and other nearby but turreted 1MA.

    Coordinates are 52 km east of the cap ship
    -26.57 / 72.09 A nice one , bit of rocky terrain , but land to the right side of the barnacle where its flat, can park there nearby and farm the 2MA , quick and short trip to ship.

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    Pan, dude, thanks for all your work on this. You've revealed quite a bit about the barnacles and meta alloys that I didn't know about (chief among them that they're targetable from orbit now. Did not know.)

    Rock on, I'm gonna have to check out that 5 spiker before it ticks again.

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    MA demand seems unrelated to UA attacks,, I presumed that demand was related to UA infection but seems not.

    Alliance bases presumably are not being attacked in California nebula, but MA demand is now around 500 at Mic Turner. 580 at Mahon research base.
    I've delivered a few hundred tons of MA to each of them over last week so they should at least be protected somewhat.

    Infected starports have MA demand, but i presumed non infected stations didnt, until i noticed Jameson Memorial at founders world , with no BM has a large MA demand of 43,000. Cant be infected so that rules out UA attacks.

    Unsure now even if MA did counter the UA effects like Prof Pallin told us. UA infections still spread, but hopefully now Sirius Corp will have some answers after the latest CG.

    Will have to see what uses MA shall have for the future then, Pallin also suggested defensive technologies uses for MA but nothing further on that galnet news since.

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    Save you a trip

    PLEIADES SECTOR RO-Q B5-0 4 -26.57 / 73.32 2MA , Unguarded,

    Just left there o7

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    Awesome thread, will rep asap.

    I was actually intending to ask if anyone knew whether undepleted barnacles could still be found, after some disappointments.

    Magnificent work!

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    Later today will be the barnacle state change day again (around 4-5pm GMT ), i presume it wont skip two weeks in a row so should have new data incoming in the afternoon.
    Checks to see which navigation markers have returned if any. There should be many i assume since many weeks of scans now accumulated.

    Will survey the Pleiades ones first to assist in the curing of stations. CG completed and news suggests MA needed to counter UA effects are lowered.

    Also i'll check out at the California nebula barnacles, see if last change with many doubles continues or returns to singles. Check demands of MA at Mic turner base and Mahon research base.
    Infected stations have MA demand. I thought the demand was a sign of UA effects but there could be other reasons. Stations i've checked have no demand without UA's.
    2 Alliance outposts have demand, and also Founders world , Jameson's Memorial owned by Pilots Federation, but also no BM there. I've more to find out about the mechanics or reasons behind these.

    Predictions for the change.

    PLEIADES SECTOR RO-Q B5-0 4 - 2 barnacles have been in barren states for 2 changes now, they should be ripe with the next change.

    -27.01 / 72.09 Both quite close by to each other. Previous ripe both had 1 MA and turreted, presuming they will become 2MA unguarded later on
    -27.08 / 75.11

    MEROPE 5C 8.33 / -96.13 This one of the 4 barnacles here will be ripe the next change. Previously ripe with 1 MA and turreted , hope to see this one 2 MA unguarded next.

    MEROPE 2A This planet has been the odd one, only 1 behaves normally so far , with the other 3 almost fixed in a ripe cycle with barren weeks being 1MA weeks.

    -11.23 / -145.37 Previously 2MA Capship , should be barren cycle but that means it should then be back to 1MA and guarded ,probably turrets if repeats its cycle.
    13.42 / -161.51 Not one i list due to being on a mountain side, but for study it is in the same cycle as barnacle above. Previous 2MA Capship, should become 1MA Turreted
    2.68 / 143/03 The oddity barnacle with a clone. Main barnacle will be as above again, was 2MA capship , next should be 1MA turreted. Clone nearby however is different and behaves like a regular barnacle cycle. 2 off 1 on cycle.
    Clone one previously in 2 barren cycles and now should be ripe again. 2MA most likely but last cycle ripe it was a double , so 4MA. Will have to see how it behaves later after a change.
    9.74 / 134/23 Regular cycle pattern on this one. 2 previous cycles of barren , should become ripe with 2MA later on.

    PLEIONE 11A Pleione's barnacles i only use for study, 3 known there , Imperial Cap ships. Can be less friendly if you get too close so i am wary of farming from these locations.
    0.81 / 176.56 Of the 3 barnacles they are all on differing cycles too, so one should always be ripe. This one previously 2 barren cycles and should be ripe next. Last ripe had 1MA and turrets, predict 2MA this cycle

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    Good times today. Barnacle state change happened . Arrived at RO-Q system to notice no navigation markers. Unexpected, thought a few should be here, but confirms a state change has happened.
    Just brought myself back from the new ruins systems where some nice finds are happening. No ruins yet, but i found a fumarole or two, this morning someone found SPACE TREE'S or Brain fugus trees. Cool stuff.

    Survey will take a while to get around. Quick update if you're in need of MA fast. PLEIADES SECTOR RO-Q B5-0 4 -23.59 / 70.94 Unguarded 4 MA spike barnacle. This should do for MA farming close to bubble.

    Prediction on that one correct. Returned to its previous ripe stage as a double ripe 4MA . Curious. will have to check if all revert to one ripe state only or vary.
    Thats the top Barny in that system for this cycle. 2 others ripe with 2 MA capship(-27.01/72.09) and 1MA skimmer(-27.08/75.11)

    Brief Video from orbit showing nav targets of barnacles on RO-Q B5-0 4 . Shows the targets and placement on canyons, can be useful to search for similar areas for new ones. Could be more on this planet too.

    RO-Q system complete. All are in predicted states. Moved to Merope next. Approaching 2A 3 of the 4 barnacles have their navigation markers. Curious. Also from orbit Merope 2A does look like many possible more sites would be here, Time to search is the problem but plenty of viable areas. Surely more than 4 barnacles here.

    2A survey completed. Once again it has returned to previous state with same double barnacle on the Clone barnacle. 2nd Harvest site with 4MA in Pleiades.
    Merope 2A -2.68 / 143.03 Single turret guarded with cap ship barnacle thats the main one, next to it is the Clone of it, now in double ripe state with 4 MA -2.65 / 143/03

    Onward to 5c next
    No Nav markers. One ripe as predicted at 8.33/-96.13 . Bad barnacle to harvest on a mountainside again. Returned to its last ripe stage of 1MA and skimmers instead of turrets this time.

    Seems excluding 2A which has 1MA replacing its barren, most seem to return to the same state , most 2MA ones return to 2MA , most 1MA return to 1MA , 2 exceptions so far. could be another cycle but not to worry for now.

    Pleione 11A - 3 nav targets in place when i arrive. useful. one should be ripe this cycle. not seen a 2MA here yet, maybe its time.
    No 2MA yet here, All sites have cap ships , ripe one as predicted at 0.81/176.56 but once again 1MA spike and skimmers with exclusion zone.

    Summary - 2 top locations in double ripe state with 4MA - One unguarded but with cap ship nearby on the clone but not a problem, other Unguarded 4MA

    Patterns seem predictable now. Should be able to class these barnacles into one of three cycles , each cycle a select list will be active and ripe. If that works then the same could be applied to all barnacles with some study.

    Proceeding to the California nebula briefly , check alliance bases MA demand, check barnacle nav targets. No time to survey their states tonight.
    HIP 18077 Mahon Research Base MA demand 440 sold them 8 or 10 MA . seems to be stable not increased . Unsure why MA demand,, for science i guess and not UA effects.
    California Sector BA-A E6 4 Nav targets for barnacles in place 7/7 , same as before,, no missing targets
    No time to survey all, or other 2 systems here. Couple of barren double barnacles found on BA-A E6 4 , ponly checked 5/7 barnys . no time.. last check on MA demand for MIc then i need to return home. and sleep. Dayshift work.
    Mic Turner base MA demand - 389 lower than it was several days back ( 440 iirc ) sold 5MA token gesture.
    If theres time may return to check on things here, but with so much else going on regarding the ruins systems to search, the tree brain fungus found , 2 sites now. that needs study and spawn criteria determining.

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    Tomorrow could be a state change day. previous change took 2 weeks. This cycle is now at end of the first week. Could change on a 2 week then 1 week cycle perhaps, but will find out tomorrow.
    Would be best if skips a week as we have 4MA doubles in this cycle.

    Looking at next change, should be a repeat of a previous cycle no.4

    2MA at most during that change if so.
    Predictions if the cycle change happens on 2/2/17 -- EDIT : Passed no change this week. Same predictions for 9/2/2017
    RO-Q B5-0 4 -27.10 / 74.60 2 MA unguarded
    Merope 5C -28.77 / -114.01 2 MA + Capship

    dont think there will be any other nice ripe ones, but many other 1MA barnacles, some may become 2MA but doubtful.

    2MA are certain, but the doubles with 4MA and 5MA only during 1 of the 3 cycles with the barnacles i'm studying currently.
    I may search out other doubles in nearby systems for those cycles. If can locate, then should be able to maintain 4MA locations for all weeks.

    Work tonight, Dentist in morning,followed by more work. May not get time to run a full check on the barnacles but will confirm these 2 which should be ripe, rest will have to wait for days off.

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    Checked at 18:15

    No changes this week
    Current double barnacles are still there

    Will recheck later too

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    Thanks PanPiper! I'm currently making the rounds to rid our galaxy of the UA bombing scourge. The Galnet news, along with your thread are both most helpful. The Sirius CG made it almost trivially easy to repair a station. The list is shrinking, but there's still some work to do.

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    Originally Posted by MottiKhan View Post (Source)
    Thanks PanPiper! I'm currently making the rounds to rid our galaxy of the UA bombing scourge. The Galnet news, along with your thread are both most helpful. The Sirius CG made it almost trivially easy to repair a station. The list is shrinking, but there's still some work to do.
    My objectives are embarrassingly trivial in comparison: snyth for mah pew pew ... and yet, a very good thread for that it still is, too!

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    Originally Posted by Truesilver View Post (Source)
    My objectives are embarrassingly trivial in comparison: snyth for mah pew pew ... and yet, a very good thread for that it still is, too!
    Merope 2A has Tungsten and Mercury for that. I'm also collecting for my pew-pew.

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    Did some MA farming earlier on to fight the UA bombers. Confirm that no change happened this week. All OP barnacles with the doubles are correct till next thursday. Definate state change that week. Almost definate, else another annomoly.

    Barny materials,, good source for mats for synth. Had to stock up on my SRV refuels and repairs after the guardian sites. All mat drops are tied to the planetary materials there in detailed scans. Each planet is fixed materials.
    Think i may add that to the OP for the 3 systems under study RO-Q 4 , Merope 2A , 5C for now.. longer term prostects along with other ideas to work on too..

    Originally Posted by MottiKhan View Post (Source)
    The Sirius CG made it almost trivially easy to repair a station. The list is shrinking, but there's still some work to do.
    Was good to know,, tonight i looked into the MA demand levels and MA required to counter. Early results are promising but suspect its a daily demand tick . Had some deliveries earlier which affected Kagan Vison a Canonn station.

    100k Demand expected for a newly closed station but oddities with the UA situation. Wondering how supply demand ratio works now after the sirius CG i did some tests.
    2pm approx, before presumed daily BGS tick, 50t MA delivered to counter a 104k MA demand. dont think any others delivered there during that time, or if so not many MA at least.

    This evening checked once again on the situation and surprised to see 46k demand !. Could be others delivered there in last 12 hours but not many presumed , would seem maybe 1000 demand countered by 1 MA since after the Sirius CG.

    Good news if this is correct, although more data needed to confirm, incoming tomorrow afternoon since 40 t more MA delivered and expect Kagan Vision to be around 5-10k MA demand.

    Other oddities noticed today , Kagan dock as well as a few other stations affected very recently didnt get affected but open status, jumped right to brink of closure then closed. Seems accelerated infection, many possible reasons, but some were ODD

    BC - Brink Closure C - Closed
    Since the Sirius CG. Many stations cured since, affected stations reduced. Progress looking good.

    No BM at station, but the system had either another planet base or outpost or startport in system not affected but with a closed BM. Somehow it had affected a different starport in system

    Still its cured easy enough now , but a strange development, as even stations without BM can be affected.

    Further Birkhoff Station CHNEMINE - Communism , maybe player facction , non PP , only station in system, no landable planets and NO BM. How was this affected? further study, but only possibility i can think is maybe like Kagan a BM can affect another station in system, but here. Maybe a BM in a system of a faction can affect another station in that faction, in ANOTHER system...?

    Curious questions, and maybe get some answers soon, but the fight against the Techno plague seems to be going very well since the Sirius CG. Lets reduce that starport list to barely a handful for the next time.. was yesterday the last post, expect the next starport updaate in near a week. 9th 10th 11th of Feb probable

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    Checked MA demand, has not changed yet today. Checking again later.

    Estimates of MA vs MA demand last night are out.. Noted a Cutter load of MA was delivered also to Kagan, so will have to adjust my estimates by a scale of 10... 600 estimate MA + my 52+40 MA.
    Maybe MA cancels around 100 Demand each rather than a 1000