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Thread: Galnet News: review of the year 3302

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    Galnet News: review of the year 3302

    For those that don't listen to either Hutton Orbital Radio or Lave Radio I've stitched together the audio from the two superb "Galnet News review of the year 3302" features produced by Pete Wotherspoon.

    If you've struggled to keep up with the Galnet News and feel in a need of a recap then I highly recommend listening to this, it's absolutely brilliant.

    Thanks to Pete for allowing me to post this and thanks to the Hutton Truckers and everyone at Lave Radio for their excellent shows which can be found at the following websites:
    "For the mug!"
    "If you can't fly safe, fly dangerous"

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    Thanks for posting Alex, this is going on the play list for the journey home tonight!

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    Awesomeness! Thanks Alec.

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