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Thread: Elite Dangerous 2.2.03 - Update incoming.

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    You can download the launcher from the ED website - click on Downloads (top-right), suggest trying the smaller download (26MB) first.
    Or use this direct link:

    The above will give you Launcher version 0.4.5912.0 which is (most likely) the minimum version you need (and the one I am using so I know it works).

    But as Micky suggested, I strongly encourage you to post something in the Support section as otherwise FD won't get feedback that their links/processes are broken (they really need to pay a bit more attention to this sort of thing as it must be very off-putting for new players and/or players who are not comfortable with PCs).

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    Cheers. I hope I can get help there. Figuring out downloads/installation isn't my strong point...

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    Thanks for this, I'll try it for starters. I re-posted in the other place as well.

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