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Thread: (Xbox)2 year gpp player looking for a group

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    (Xbox)2 year gpp player looking for a group

    I'm a 2 year gpp player and I'm looking for a group to join.

    I have,
    elite rank in trade
    Deadly rank in combat
    Pathfinder rank in exploration

    I'm looking for a Xbox group mainly for combat and who are quite active.

    Some ships I have are,
    Federal corvette - combat engineered
    Cobra mkIII - combat engineered
    Eagle mkII - combat engineered
    Anaconda - exploration engineered
    Cutter - trading engineered
    And many many more ships

    About my self,
    I'm 19 and I'm from Scotland so who knows you might like a Scotsman in your group XD
    In elite I'm a guy who likes combat I won't lie haha I will get myself in the middle of the fight no matter what my rebuy is and I won't combat log or run.
    Other than elite you can party up with me in other games such as battlefield, Forza 3 or any other games or even if you just want to chat I'm up for that aswell.
    In real life I have work and college so I'm mostly on at nights about 9pm - 1-2am (GMT)
    I'm a f1 enthusiast and my main hobby is go-karting.

    My GT is reissyboy
    Add me if you have any questions
    o7 commanders!

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    Hey man! you seem like you'd fit in quite well with the Legion, give us a shout! Join the Discord link below, or add Excidium 007 to your friends list on XBox live, tell him CMDR Relick sent you!

    - PR: @Relick#4430 (Discord) // /u/InquisitiveLayman (Reddit) // Metal Wizard (Steam) // CMDR Relick (In-Game)
    - Platform: PC & XBox
    - Timezones: International
    - Comms type: Discord
    - Links: [Inara Wing Page]( // [Legion Website]( // [Discord](


    Lavigny's Legion is the might of the Emperor, Herself; Her right hand in delivering justice throughout Her realm! The Legion is the first organized ALD PowerPlay group in Elite: Dangerous. We even fought for our Emperor during Her succession to the throne! As a group, we partake in nearly every facet of the game, including influencing the BGS, PvP, contributing to the ALD PowerPlay community, participating in CGs, bounty hunting, trading, and mission running.


    We will happily accept any new players and show you the ropes of the game! We are a mature group of players from all over the world, with someone always on and playing at some time or another. RL comes first, and we all know how busy life can get, so don't not check us out because you're afraid of "not being on enough". We all share English as a common first (or second/third/etc) language. We are an ALD aligned group, and we encourage our members to pledge to her, but it is not a requirement. We also tend to fly in Open.

    EDIT: Feel free to PM me here on the forum, or add me in game (CMDR Relick) if you have any questions!

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    Thanks for the reply and I'll have a look at the weekend once I have some free time looks quite good

    I'm a pc player too but only have about 30hrs compared to my 22days or more on Xbox haha