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Thread: Mission failed immediately after accepting

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    Originally Posted by jonesskill View Post (Source)
    So, i can't pick up missions, every single one fails - "Donating missions, Data missions, transport cargo missions)

    what i do now? i need money! - For that purpose i spend time running missions.
    Relogging often fixes it.

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    I found that if I had cargo rewards and I had no space it would fail the mission. Not sure if thats the problem or just coincident.

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr Hobgoblin View Post (Source)
    Relogging often fixes it.
    This allow to get some missions, after deliver them the error happen again... every single run i must to close ED and close the lancher, then open the game again...

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    It happened to me tonight again. haven't had it since the day of the patch and then all of a sudden instafail.

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    This just happened to me when trying to accept Skimmer-type missions. Each one automatically, instantly fails and I get a blank "Mission Failed" notice in my 'Messages' tab, from "Hidden Contact", and just a picture of a Skull + Crossbones?

    My transactions tab shows that the mission was failed too.

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    This has been happening to me at Sothis with the data missions. The second I accept them I get mission failed, if I have cargo from the mission its marked up as stolen. Doesnt always happen but it will go through a phase, exiting and entering the starport menu sometimes fixes it.

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    same thing happened to me exactly as described in ceos 5 mins ago - got 8 missions auto failing on selecting them from the menu, I think the mission system is bust again

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    Had this happen a few times now at Hip 10716 only with haulage missions. I does effect your rep as I saw a decrease in rep, and as the station has no black market I had to leave with the stolen cargo so I was fined on the way out (even though I was boosting like mad!) and then as a result of the fine I was demoted by the faction.

    On top of that I was interdicted by an NPC Pirate for the Stolen cargo who even asked for more after I dropped all 99 tonnes for him, and immediately interdicts me again after I go back into SC, so I guess he didn't bother to pick up the 99t I dropped for him and now want's all the juicy cargo in my now empty hold?


    Not meaning to rant - just trying to give an example of a chain of events that happens because of this bug. I blew the pirate out of the sky for having the audacity for interdicting me again, I was going to jettison the cargo anyway after leaving the station but owing to the fine I was checking the system map for a black market to sell it at to recoup when I was interdicted.

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    Just to log another, same here. Same symptoms, message, hidden contact etc. I found that the cargo wasn't actually showing if I tried to sell it, had to simply dump it.

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    Hi I'm on xbox and this has been happening to me a lot recently. Currently have a large bounty due to stolen goods.

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    This also started to happen to me today for the 1st time - I am PC version. I took 20 data missions and I think 4 imediatly failed.

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    Just to add, this just happened to me as well. 3 missions failed right after I did a donation mission. On Xbox One. Logging out and logging in seemed to help so far.

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    Hi,playing on xbox one. had auto fail and upon leaving chomski station noticed 2 messages both indicating i had been demoted . had auto fails around xmas time and again just now ( 10.50pm ) but never noticed demotion till now. Anyhoo i guess frontier are on the case,just sayin'

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    Don't think it matters where you are because it's happening at every station I've taken mission from for a couple days now. I also saw the email with no subject but content said, "Hidden Contact." I've stopped doing missions for the time being. Don't forget to jettison the now "stolen" cargo or sell it at a black market. Also taking negative Reputation hits with the minor faction giving the mission when this happens.

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    Originally Posted by darkmetal View Post (Source)
    i have had this happen multiple times this weekend . if i select the first mission its all good, as soon as i take a mission from a different faction then one of the two will fail , if i take multiple missions from the same faction it seems to be ok . i think it has something to who have your alligence to in galaxy powers tab , i had picked zachery hudson and that's when the problem started . since shutting that off and picking no one it seems to have cured my problem.
    I'm not pledged to a PP faction.

    Originally Posted by karuno View Post (Source)
    I found that if I had cargo rewards and I had no space it would fail the mission. Not sure if thats the problem or just coincident.
    In this case it would not let you turn in the mission. In the insta-fail mission, you accept and immediately fail with no chance to even leave the station to complete it.

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