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Thread: Mission failed immediately after accepting

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    i have had this happen multiple times this weekend . if i select the first mission its all good, as soon as i take a mission from a different faction then one of the two will fail , if i take multiple missions from the same faction it seems to be ok . i think it has something to who have your alligence to in galaxy powers tab , i had picked zachery hudson and that's when the problem started . since shutting that off and picking no one it seems to have cured my problem.

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    So, i can't pick up missions, every single one fails - "Donating missions, Data missions, transport cargo missions)

    what i do now? i need money! - For that purpose i spend time running missions.

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    Originally Posted by jonesskill View Post (Source)
    So, i can't pick up missions, every single one fails - "Donating missions, Data missions, transport cargo missions)

    what i do now? i need money! - For that purpose i spend time running missions.
    Relogging often fixes it.

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    I found that if I had cargo rewards and I had no space it would fail the mission. Not sure if thats the problem or just coincident.

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr Hobgoblin View Post (Source)
    Relogging often fixes it.
    This allow to get some missions, after deliver them the error happen again... every single run i must to close ED and close the lancher, then open the game again...

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    It happened to me tonight again. haven't had it since the day of the patch and then all of a sudden instafail.

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    This just happened to me when trying to accept Skimmer-type missions. Each one automatically, instantly fails and I get a blank "Mission Failed" notice in my 'Messages' tab, from "Hidden Contact", and just a picture of a Skull + Crossbones?

    My transactions tab shows that the mission was failed too.
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    This has been happening to me at Sothis with the data missions. The second I accept them I get mission failed, if I have cargo from the mission its marked up as stolen. Doesnt always happen but it will go through a phase, exiting and entering the starport menu sometimes fixes it.

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    same thing happened to me exactly as described in ceos 5 mins ago - got 8 missions auto failing on selecting them from the menu, I think the mission system is bust again

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    Had this happen a few times now at Hip 10716 only with haulage missions. I does effect your rep as I saw a decrease in rep, and as the station has no black market I had to leave with the stolen cargo so I was fined on the way out (even though I was boosting like mad!) and then as a result of the fine I was demoted by the faction.

    On top of that I was interdicted by an NPC Pirate for the Stolen cargo who even asked for more after I dropped all 99 tonnes for him, and immediately interdicts me again after I go back into SC, so I guess he didn't bother to pick up the 99t I dropped for him and now want's all the juicy cargo in my now empty hold?


    Not meaning to rant - just trying to give an example of a chain of events that happens because of this bug. I blew the pirate out of the sky for having the audacity for interdicting me again, I was going to jettison the cargo anyway after leaving the station but owing to the fine I was checking the system map for a black market to sell it at to recoup when I was interdicted.

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    Just to log another, same here. Same symptoms, message, hidden contact etc. I found that the cargo wasn't actually showing if I tried to sell it, had to simply dump it.

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    Hi I'm on xbox and this has been happening to me a lot recently. Currently have a large bounty due to stolen goods.

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    This also started to happen to me today for the 1st time - I am PC version. I took 20 data missions and I think 4 imediatly failed.

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    Just to add, this just happened to me as well. 3 missions failed right after I did a donation mission. On Xbox One. Logging out and logging in seemed to help so far.

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    Hi,playing on xbox one. had auto fail and upon leaving chomski station noticed 2 messages both indicating i had been demoted . had auto fails around xmas time and again just now ( 10.50pm ) but never noticed demotion till now. Anyhoo i guess frontier are on the case,just sayin'

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