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Thread: Alec's best of the forum (and elsewhere) thread

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    Alec's best of the forum (and elsewhere) thread

    So quite often I find myself wanting to recommend a bunch of forum threads to other players and rather than having to dig around each time I thought I'd start a thread that attempts to pull all the good (IMHO) stuff together in one place. I'm going to try and keep on top of this and include a "Trending" section as well which showcases some current stuff that I think is noteworthy.

    Oh, and I make no apologies for the fact that some of the recommended threads are my own!

    Since I aim to point new players at this thread from time to time (and if that's you right now - welcome!) I wanted to add that you should feel free to post questions in here about using the forum or about any of the content featured herein.



    Stuff that's currently catching my eye (last updated 28/04/2017)

    Support the Miners 3rd party developers (or not).

    You say Salome I say Salami let's NOT call the whole thing off! (29.04.3303)
    n.b. Ignore the fact that this thread is on the xbox side of the forum, it applies to everyone.

    Help Drew decide what to do on the 29th STOP PRESS - 29th is a GO!

    Make you're ship look like a Reaver ship (SPIKES!)

    Salt has been mined, update 2.3.01 is here!

    2.3.01 discussion - a bit salty but what the hell

    .. alternatively, if you like your popcorn sweet ..

    New Race from Buckyball founder ElectricZ now on over! (or ... "how to earn over 2000CR/second")

    Lots of more love for the game over here ...

    Find out what it costs to transfer various ships to Colonia (WARNING: you might want to sit down first)

    CTRL + ALT + SPACE 2017

    Owners of stupid ship names need not apply!

    Do you remember the first time?

    Older stuff

    IT'S HERE!
    While you wait for the download why not watch Obsidian Ant's excellent roundup of the 2.3 features.

    Or just settle down with a LARGE coffee (or beer depending on time zone) and read the changelog.

    Nice interview with THE ARCHITECT!

    Hurrah, someone actually likes the game!

    What's your idea of fun?

    A tale of Modular Terminals brilliantly written by DNA-Decay.

    Early days for this "funny moments" thread but I have high hopes for it!

    Make Bran laugh for comic relief!

    Anaconda fails to follow SLFs high speed manoeuvres with truly disastrous consequences!

    The Hamilton Incident (Vindicator Jones' awesome new machinima movie)

    What's in a name? - well, money apparently. EZ argues the case against.
    ... STOP PRESS ... pitchforks down everyone!

    2.3 Q&A part 2

    Superb video (with zero combat) lures another commander into the world of Elite: Dangerous

    One small vote for Elite: Dangerous one giant vote for Cmdr Ryder (cast your vote now and make someone VERY happy)

    Rejoice - Isinona is back!

    Commander drives SRV so fast that he literally bounces into orbit!

    Truly stunning images - if these don't make it to the newsletter I'll eat my hat! (they didn't ... chomp chomp eurgh)

    Superb combat video using the new camera suite

    List of Sandro's Q&A answers from the 2nd PAX livestream

    Warning: contains horrifically fugly human visages ... and their avatar counterparts (baddum tish)

    Get your 2.3 Q&A questions in early! (now with added answers)

    Discussion of the new ED trailer shown at PAX

    Beta 2.3 patch 2.01 (Leeloo Dallas - MUL-TEE-CREW!)

    Beta 2.3 patch 2 is out (but multi-crew still isn't)

    Bran Tse Mallory posts a new thread ... and people take it quite seriously! (warning: contains dementors!)

    The beta 2.3 changelog is out and it's a MONSTER!

    The beta is out (but multi-crew isn't)

    Buckyball Racing Club presents "Tunnel Vision" - the best race in the galaxy, the best thread on the forum (I may be a tad biased I suppose)

    Zombie Apocalypse! Necro of the biggest baddest thread on the forum. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! (or hide in solo like the snivelling cowards you are :p)

    And another necro, this time of one of the all-time best threads and most exciting rescue operations this forum has ever seen!

    Hilarious, Dave Gormanesque, "Found Poem" (courtesy of Lave Radio) featuring forum whines from the 2.3 beta delay thread - LOL.

    With ship naming coming in 2.3 this could soon be an essential tool (P.S. "The Poor Colonial Necessity" is now taken :p)

    Surprisingly good-natured and enjoyable read about how people are earning their credits

    The forum in musical form! :D

    Does "blocking" another player prevent you from instancing with them? (from what I've read so far ... nobody knows for sure)

    2.3 beta livestreams! - first look at some brilliant new stuff including the avatar creator ("Holo Me"), the new camera suite and, of course, Multi-crew.

    Season 2 has been great.

    Procedural cities! (bad thread title, terrific content)

    #HairGate - nearly 1000 posts about long hair ... LOL!

    Colonia Olympics!

    Which ships support what multi-crew options?

    Link to brilliant article on Mr Braben

    Thread with some lengthy and quite interesting posts on the subject of "Content" and "Gameplay".

    Excellent post clarifying the issue of "realism" in ED and how "naturalism" is a better word to use

    Frontier licence rights to "enduring movie franchise of global renown" for their 3rd game (alongside Elite and Planet Coaster)

    Emergent use of 2.3 multi-crew - before it's even out! Check out the Galactic Travel Agency.

    An actual bloomin' honest to goodness dev update courtesy of the beige cowboy!

    The official 2.3 dev update mud-slinging contest!

    And, as a counterpoint to that, some positive spin on 2.3 (at least until the mud slingers get wind of this thread)

    Dan and Dean are Elite Dangerous Noobs (don't ask!)

    Conflux data held to ransom in epic player generated roleplay drama!

    A thread of all the "exploration lacks gameplay" threads.

    Decoding the ancient ruins (more ancient ruins)

    Jackie Silver's galactic feature map

    First contact (more alien interdictions)

    Extraordinary forest of weird "brain trees" discovered!

    Cool imgur album of player created gameplay concept images (one for the devs to check out maybe!)

    Forum tips and tricks

    Seeing as this is a guide to what's good on the forum here I thought it might be worth posting a bunch of tips and tricks I've picked up re: the actual use of the forum itself. Apologies if these are bloomin' obvious, it's often hard to tell.


    You can subscribe to individual threads via the "Thread tools" drop-down at the top (and by default will automatiicaly subscribe to any thread you create or submit a post to). Under the "Quick links" drop-down at the top you can then pick "Subscribed threads" to see a summary of all the threads you've subscribed to. Threads which have new posts (since you last looked at that thread) will be highlighted in bold. There's also an option, when you subscribe to a thread, to add that subscription to a different "folder" other than the default "Subscriptions" (via the "Folder" drop-down). This allows you to manage your subscriptions under different categories (for example I also have a "VR" folder and a "Reference" folder). When you use the "Quick links/Subscribed threads" link there's a "My subscriptions" section in the panel on the left where you can pick different folders to look at.

    Posting images

    There are some screenshot links further down this page (including a nice guide by Qohen Leth on how to take good ones) but the main thing to note is that it's no longer possible to upload images directly to this forum, despite what the UI might suggest. Instead what you have to do is upload your images to an image sharing website (most people use which is free) and then post the image into the forum using the "From URL" option on the "Insert Image" button. In fact, you can bypass use of that button completely by copying what's known as the "bbcode" from imgur and pasting that directly into your post (the bbcode is just the image url enclosed inside [img]...[/img] tags).

    Linking to another post

    You can of course just use the "Reply With Quote" link when you want to respond to someone else's post within the same thread but sometimes you want to include a link to another post (perhaps from a different thread) within your own post. I see a lot of people including page URLs (i.e. the URL that's typically in your browser's address bar when you're reading the forum) which ends with "/pageN". Unfortunately these are unreliable since many people view the threads in reverse order (e.g. most recent post first) and/or may have altered the number of posts to display per page. A much better technique is to use the URL of the specific post. You can get at this by clicking the "#" number that's shown in the top-right hand corner of the each post.

    Replies to your posts

    Currently there's no support in the forum for being notified when someone replies to one of your posts. However there is a trick to search a thread for replies to your posts. Basically go to the thread in question, click the "Search thread" link at the top right, pick "Advanced search" and then, in the "Keyword(s)" box type in your forum user name (in double quotes if it contains multiple words like mine does) and click "Search now". This will bring back a list of all the posts mentioning your user name. Unfortunately, if your forum user name is something like "immershun" or "git gud" then this might not work quite so well for you!


    As the name suggests these are a matter of personal preference but a couple that I would personally recommend are:

    Official Frontier Theme - use the drop-down on the left at the very bottom of the page to pick the "Official Frontier Theme" which I personally think is a lot easier to read than, say, the "Official Elite Theme". One word of warning tho' - since different themes use different background colours be wary of using colour in your forum posts since some people can end up seeing things like white text on a white background.

    Display newest post first - click "Settings" at the top and then "General settings" from the panel on the left. Scroll down to where it says "Thread display mode" and pick "Linear - newest first". If you use the forum a lot, and especially if you use "Subscriptions" a lot, then I find it far more useful to land on pages that show the most recent posts rather than always having to manually select the last page.

    Oh, and if you want to see recent posts by the Frontier dev's (and other key figures).

    Stuff for new players

    The official Elite Dangerous manual
    Elite Dangerous Players Guide v2.20

    Handy tips and tricks (n.b. some of these are pretty old now but still contain great info - I've ordered them with the newest first).

    Player written ED Manuals and guides.
    (n.b. this first one is REALLY old but has some great backstory and early concepts for the game)
    Cmdr David Winter's truly brilliant "Guide for Almost Everything"

    Codgers Elite Adventure (a Youtube series in which an old player starts afresh and takes you along for the ride. Each video is about an hour long and introduces new concepts at a nice leisurely pace. Also features a snoring pug called Charles who makes the whole experience very relaxing.)

    First impressions of ED (what others players like yourself think of the game).
    Usually a very nice read and worth turning to when you're tired of hearing people slagging off the game ... usually!

    And another nice positive thread (rather old now but still worth turning to when the general mood on the forum is getting you down).

    Looking for a group to join?

    Out of fuel? Don't despair. Call the Fuel Rats (a player run group who will come and rescue you, anywhere in the galaxy).

    Screenshots and videos (and songs)

    The following screenshot threads should probably all be merged into a single thread but currently there are four really good ones that are all worth subscribing to.


    I've also done a couple of compilation videos featuring images taken from all four of these threads. I'll just include links to these rather than embed the videos because I've found that embedding lots of videos within a single post can cause it to load really slowly.

    Elite: Glorious
    Elite: Beautiful

    Qohen Leth's excellent guide to taking great screenshots

    Rardain's handy guide to using the new camera suite controls

    Here's a selection of my favourite videos.

    Isinona (for me and many others this guy's videos are what got us into Elite in the first place, a constant source of inspiration).

    Erimus: Distant Worlds (first video series from one of THE great ED explorers and, like Isinona, something that got a lot of us into the game in the first place).

    A new discovery for me, Tikas and some awesome video editing skills.

    Cmdr Alot's Buckyball Sagittarius A* films (four films charting Cmdr Alot's record breaking attempts at the Sagittarius A* run - cool, funny and genuinely thrilling - basically works of insane genius)

    Some absolutely fantastic videos showing off the size of all the different ships (and of the mailslot).

    Nice timelapse using EDSM data to show our slow but inexorable exploration progress throughout the galaxy.

    Flight Assist Off (still probably my all time favourite ED video)

    And lastly, a special mention for Cmdr Hugh Mann's epic collection of ED parody songs - pure genius!
    (Thanks to Iron Anode for pointing out this horrific omission from my list).

    Youtube channels, podcasts, etc

    Obsidian Ant (one of the most popular ED Youtubers out there)

    Vindicator Jones (and another)

    Josh Hawkins (and another)

    Lave Radio (absolutely brilliant weekly Elite Dangerous podcast, basically THE Elite Dangerous podcast)

    Escape Velocity (brilliant audio drama set in the ED universe, produced by Lave Radio's Chris Jarvis, now into its 3rd series)

    Radio Sidewinder (essential listening for that long exploration trip)

    Hutton Orbital Radio (official radio/podcast of the Hutton Truckers and essential listening for that long loooong haul out to Hutton Orbital - a station which does NOT sell cheap Anacondas no matter what some people might tell you)

    Pete Wotherspoon's brilliant Galnet News 3302 review (his weekly Galnet news articles are featured on both Lave Radio and Hutton Orbital Radio)

    Useful reference lists

    A list of new (as of release 2.2) in-game structures (ships docks, CQC installations, etc)

    Geysers and Fumaroles

    Tourist Beacons

    Earth-like worlds

    List of "strange and wonderous" planets and planetary surface features (somewhat out of date now)

    Permits list

    Discounts on ships & outfitting

    "Grey items" - useless materials and data that you don't need to hang on to

    Complete list of all the Elite Dangerous controls (up to date as of beta 2.3)

    Rare commodities

    USS types

    Alternative HUD colours

    Things to try in-game

    Ship and weapon stat's, etc

    Complete stat's on ship speeds (including boost, pitch, roll and yaw performance)

    Weapon damage stat's

    Table of all special effects for weapon engineering and their associated side effects

    Science and Mystery

    Stuff to do with aliens, barnacles, ancient ruins, Formidine rift, etc.

    The big Canonn threadnought (Canonn science is the player group that's heavily involved with all this stuff).
    n.b. posts #1-5 attempt to summarise everything that is known so far.

    Cmdr masCh KisieL's fantastic interactive list of ancient "Guardian" ruin sites ...

    Formidine Rift (if you know your Elite lore then you'll know what this is, it's basically heavily influenced by writer Drew Wagar's "Elite: Reclamation" which is now being used to inspire new in-game mysteries including the enigmatic Salome character and a group called the Children of Raxxla)
    n.b. posts #1-5 attempt to summarise everything that is known so far.

    Drew Wagar's background lore document

    Obsidian Ant's video recap of the alien story so far

    Misc' other useful and/or interesting links

    The galactic mapping project (everything an explorer could possibly want to know about the Elite Dangerous galaxy is contained in the first 7 posts)

    Nice visual guide to the exploration value of all the different astronomical bodies you can scan

    "Planet identification guide" - handy image showing what the different planet types look like on the HUD (courtesy of Cmdr ColdGlider on reddit)

    Minor faction news and the BGS (Background Simulation)

    And another brilliant guide to the BGS explaining factions, states and how to influence them

    An excellent guide to understanding the sounds made by different planet types in the system map.

    Colonia connection route map

    Handy flowchart(s) explaining the whys and wherefores of bounties, fines, dormant bounties & legacy fines

    Beautiful maps of the different planetary city and base layouts

    Fantastic collection of FD licenced Elite Dangerous Windows and Mac desktop icons.

    Brilliant (if technical) thread by Jackie Silver and Esvandiary describing how galactic co-ordinates relate to individual systems and can even be translated into the system name (and vice versa)

    Old but incredibly detailed and beautifully illustrated thread describing the science of Elite Dangerous

    Really nice thread discussing the many subtle details that have been built into this amazing game.

    NeilF's livestream announcment thread

    Fuel Rats official thread (for tales of rescue and daring do + general Fuel Rat banter)

    Buckyball Racing Club official thread (general race club banter - subscribe to hear about upcoming race news)

    Controller accessories, add-ons and other tools to improve the ED experience

    There are now a lot of add-ons (both hardware and software) to enhance the ED experience. Here's a few of my favourites.


    Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X joystick
    A HOTAS (Hand On Throttle And Stick) joystick is a great way to enhance your ED experience. There are many different joysticks available, the one I (and many others) use is the Thrustmaster T-flight which is absolutely unbeatable value, costing justing £30 on Amazon at the time of writing. It's not the most precise stick in the world (see also "Joystick Curves" below) but is pretty robust and a really good way to start before (maybe) deciding to spend a lot more money on something flashier.

    Additional note on the use of so-called "shift key" buttons to maximise the amount of ED controls you can bind to your stick.

    Originally Posted by Alec Turner View Post (Source)
    Elite allows you to bind button combinations to functions so what you can do is use one or more of the buttons on your joystick as so-called "shift" keys. Generally these don't do anything when pressed by themselves but affect the behaviour of other buttons. For example, on my Thrustmaster T-Flight I have the thumbstick operating my vertical and lateral thrusters when pressed by itself, but if I hold button 5 then they operate my pips, if I hold button 6 they target next/prev ship and next/prev subsystem, if I hold button 7 they operate my various side panels and if I hold button 8 they do miscellenous things (lights, silent running, FA off and galaxy map). As you can see I'm actually using 4 "shift" buttons which gives me an enormous amount of flexibility. To map a button combination you simply go to the control bindings screen, pick the function you want and then hold down the desired button combination.

    TrackIR5 head tracker
    Head tracking devices allow you to use head movements to look around the ED environment (e.g. you can look up to track a ship you're following in combat or look left to enjoy the view of the planet you're flying past). After the joystick it's probably the single best way to enhance your ED experience. The one I use is the NaturalPoint TrackIR5. It's a small device that clips to the top of your monitor and uses IR to track the movement of a small metal frame that you clip on to a baseball cap or similar. I absolutely love it but will admit that it's somewhat expensive. A cheaper alternative is the ED Tracker, created by an ED fan and available either as a kit or ready assembled. (also check out OpenTrack)

    Tobii eye tracking
    Another form of head tracking also worth a mention. Although I haven't had a go it basically works by tracking your eye movements rather than your head movements.


    Voice Attack (brilliant bit of software which allows you to control your ship with macro'd joystick/keyboard bindings and voice commands)

    HCS Voicepacks (add-ons for Voice Attack that adds new voices and characters to your Voice Attack setup)

    Roccat Powergrid (a brilliant utlity that lets you map ED functions to a panel of touch buttons on your tablet or phone)

    Joystick Curves (an excellent utility that allows you to setup response curves to fine-tune the behaviour of your joystick)
    And an excellent video to guide you through setting this up.

    Control bindings reference sheet generator (handy tool for generating a printable reference sheet with all your HOTAS key bindings on it)

    ED Toolbox (a terrific utility for picking up information from the running game such as current system, galnet news, etc) and relaying it into a separate website that you can view on another screen. You can also get data from this website that can be fed into Voice Attack so you can use text to speach to have it read it out to you.

    EDDI (basically the foremost utility for utilising the official player journal in order to add loads of new immersive features to the game)

    Other 3rd party sites and tools

    EDDB (brilliant website database for looking up all sort of stuff about systems, commodities, etc)

    ED Shipyard & Coriolis (brilliant websites for experimenting with ship builds and outfitting while out of game)

    Inara (terrific website containing all sorts of information, particularly useful for info to do with engineers)
    Note: Inara's engineer info is pretty out of date at the time of writing so you might find this more accurate

    Wavescanner (a nice little website that interactively illustrates the different SRV wavescanner patterns)

    EDbearing (handy tool for calculating a planetary bearing based on your current co-ordinates and those of where you want to get to)

    Elite Dangerous Neutron Router (excellent tool for plotting routes utilising neutron star FSD boosts where possible)

    ED Pathfinder (cool little utility for locating data points and other materials at planetary settlements - includes detailed maps of each base)

    Pristine Metalics Distance calculator (find high yield mining resources near you)

    Beautiful blueprints for all of the Elite Dangerous ships

    An external list of 3rd party tools

    Stuff to do with VR

    There's loads of great discussion about using VR to play Elite, these are just a few of my favourite threads.
    (n.b. I'm an Oculus Rift user so I can't really comment on which Vive related threads are best)

    VR newcomer questions, advice and first impressions ...


    Configuration and setup tips ...


    Drkaii's ED Profiler - Drkaii is a prominent ED Youtuber and explorer who's written this great tool for managing multiple Elite profiles (collections of graphics settings, control bindings and HUD colours) that you can switch between at the click of a button (really handy for switching between VR and non-VR play)

    Rift vs. Vive ...

    Vive-or-rift (1)
    Vive-or-Rift (2)

    So that's settled then, Rift is better .. no wait ... Vive is better ... errr, never mind, they're both awesome!

    Miscellaneous ...

    Note: At the time of writing I haven't tried any of these.

    Using voice attack to dictate text for in-game comms messages, etc.

    Embedding other Windows app's (e.g. web browsers, video players, etc) into your VR display.

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    Walt Kerman's "A Guide to Minor Factions and the Background Sim"

    Discussions on Background Sim mechanics
    Turn the Galaxy Green, join the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps.

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    Very nice compilation!

    For all your Role Players out there, be sure to check out the RP forum, too. Lots of awesome stories in there.

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    +1 Good stuff, CMDR.

    Some of my own:


    Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming

    Aussiedroid's Enhanced Thrustmaster Warthog Script & Profiles, Including TrackIR

    Today's ED posts
    Main page->Quick Links->Todays Posts

    Fly dangerous, Cmdr Macros Black

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    you forgot the solo vs open vs group thread

    I tried to add something useful but i think everything i know is covered...

    scratch that.......

    this may be good for finding stuff on planet surfaces.

    (thanks to RandomLee a chap on another forum for showing me this site)
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    Originally Posted by Mad Mike View Post (Source)
    you forgot the solo vs open vs group thread
    Which iteration?

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    Originally Posted by Jenner View Post (Source)
    Which iteration?
    obviously you start at the start and work through.

    anything else would mean you may miss something important.
    Fiat Coupe 20VT+ Gone..... Nissan 350Z Gone. Replaced with dirty nappies, no sleep and sicky shirts. Thank god for my Cobra MK III. Fast, practical AND child friendly

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    Nice job, someone's been busy

    Originally Posted by Alec Turner View Post (Source)
    Player written ED Manuals and guides
    That's quite old are we sure it's still up to date?

    Another 3rd party tool thread (quite old but still good)
    That thread has been replaced with the EDCodex tool.

    A couple of threads I find useful:

    Permit list:
    Active Discounts:

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    Originally Posted by MAIN SEQUENCE View Post (Source)
    Nice job, someone's been busy
    Beginnings of a "Trending" section now added.

    That's quite old are we sure it's still up to date?
    It's totally not up to date (I've added a note to that effect) but it's got some great stuff in it nevertheless.

    That thread has been replaced with the EDCodex tool.

    A couple of threads I find useful:

    Permit list:
    Active Discounts:
    Great additions - I'll update the OP.

    Note: I won't add everyone's suggestions to the OP, only stuff I know about personally and can vouch for.

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    Added a few more entries to "Trending" (might rename that section), a couple more reference links, a bit of tweaking and removed the note saying I haven't finished yet. I've finished (for now) although I'll continue to maintain and update this.

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    sticky! this is already a great thread.

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    Subskribed. Should be stickied.
    I'll be back with the +1 once I share some around.

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