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Thread: Alec's best of the forum (and elsewhere) thread

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    Thanks for the inclusion of! Now I'm _definitely_ pressed on making some much needed signature updates! \o/

    Here's hoping the scanner works as intended now.

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    Great idea for a thread
    There is a list of guides stickied in the exploration subforum but it has not been updated in a while ( ). The same goes for some of the guides/lists etc. that it refers to but some are still relevant. The rares commodity list ( ) is one that is still useful, as the locations of these don't change and no new rare commodities have been added for a long time.

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    Added a couple of rare trading links + updated Trending with Python Ship Kit thread.

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    +1 virtual rep until I hand out the real stuff, awesome thread CMDR ...subscribed

    here are some links I have found useful (all my other links are on your post #1 of this thread )...
    Reference lists:
    Active Discounts thread (CMDR Alex Brentnall)

    Gaining engineer reputation with rare goods (CMDR Limoncello Lizard)

    Side effects of weapon special effects: complete table (CMDR Truesilver)

    Official FDev Damage Stats for Every Weapon (CMDR Truesilver)

    Max Speed, Boost, Pitch, Roll & Yaw for Every Ship in Game [Official FDev Stats] (CMDR Truesilver)

    3rd party tools:
    Keyboard and HOTAS Reference Sheet Generator (CMDR jgm)

    [Tool] ED: System Importer - import all your old jumps into Elite for the galaxy map's new filter! (CMDR drkail)!

    [] Trade Computer Extension Mk.II (CMDR Eventure)

    Exclamation How to PROPERLY Change Your HUD Panel Colors (Colours) in Windows for All Versions of the Game (CMDR WR3ND)

    [GUIDE] Horizons SRV Guide *** NO SPOILERS *** (CMDR dognosh)***

    The popular guide to mining. (CMDR Lance 'Spacecat' D.)

    Neutron Highway long range route planner (CMDR Spansh)

    Stack an Extra Neutron Star Boost (CMDR iamadud)

    Meta Alloy Ripe Barnacle sources (CMDR PanPiper)

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    There's also the Prospection Farm Locations for Engineers / Jumponium:
    That has helped me to gather the materials I'll need for Distant Stars and roll a few grade 5 FSDs

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    Added Bran Tse Mallory vs. The Weekend plus Aliens closing on Sol to Trending section.

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    Great thread!

    +rep for you sir.


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    +Rep. Great stuff pulling all that together! One of my favourite videos is this one from way back in the beta. Unfortunately he stopped making videos not long after this.

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    Updated the "Trending" section with a couple of recent "never fly without the rebuy" cautionary tales.

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    Originally Posted by Alec Turner View Post (Source)
    So quite often I find myself wanting to recommend a bunch of forum threads to other players and rather than having to dig around each time I thought I'd start a thread that attempts to pull all the good (IMHO) stuff together in one place. I'm going to try and keep on top of this and include a "Trending" section as well which showcases some recent stuff that I think is note worthy.

    Oh, and I make no apologies for the fact that some of these are my own!

    Since I aim to point new players at this thread from time to time (and if that's you right now - welcome!) I wanted to add that you should feel free to post questions in here about using the forum (might even do a separate section on forum tips) or about any of the content featured herein.



    Stuff that's currently catching my eye (last updated 24/01/2017)

    Two cautionary "never fly without the rebuy" threads, one taking it on the chin, one not so much.

    Fuel Rats killed in high-g prank call

    Handy tool to calculate a planetary bearing

    Jackie Silver's galactic feature map

    Using Amazon Echo's Alexa as an Elite: Dangerous assistant

    Alien archeology threadnought (because of the alien interdictions and new alien ruins mission)

    First contact (more alien interdictions)

    Alien hyperdictions gettng closer to Sol?

    Decoding the ancient ruins (more ancient ruins)

    Formadine Rift (it looks like they found something!)

    The movie of the adventures of Bomba Luigi

    Stuff for newbies

    Handy tips and tricks (n.b. some of these are pretty old now but still contain some great little tips)

    Player written ED Manuals and guides
    (n.b. this first one is REALLY old but has some great backstory and early concepts for the game)

    Codgers Elite Adventure (a Youtube series in which an old player starts afresh and takes you along for the ride. Each video is about an hour long and introduces new concepts at a nice leisurely pace. Also features a snoring pug which amuses me greatly.)

    First impressions of ED (what others players like yourself think of the game)
    Usually a very nice read and worth turning to when you're tired of hearing people slagging off the game ... usually!

    If you ever run out of fuel, don't despair, call the Fuel Rats (a player run group who will come and rescue you, anywhere in the galaxy)

    Screenshots and videos

    The following screenshot threads should probably all be merged into a single thread but currently there are four really good ones that are all worth subscribing to.


    I've also done a couple of compilation videos featuring images taken from all four of these threads. I'll just include links to these rather than embed the videos because I've found that embedding loads of videos in a single post can make it load really slowly.

    Elite: Glorious
    Elite: Beautiful

    Qohen Leth's excellent guide to taking great screenshots

    Here's a selection of my favourite videos.

    Isinona (for me and many others this guys videos are what got us into Elite in the first place, a constant source of inspiration, sadly no longer broadcasting)

    Erimus: Distant Worlds (first video series from one of THE great ED explorers and, like Isinona, something that got a lot of us into the game in the first place)

    Cmdr Alot's Buckyball Sagittarius A* films (four films charting Cmdr Alot's record breaking attempts at the Sagittarius A* run - cool, funny and genuinely thrilling - basically works of genius)

    Flight Assist Off (still probably my all time favourite ED video)

    Youtube channels, podcasts, etc

    Obsidian Ant (one of the most popular ED Youtubers out there)

    Vindicator Jones (and another)

    Lave Radio (absolutely brilliant weekly ED podcast, basically THE ED podcast)

    Escape Velocity (brilliant audio drama set in the ED universe, produced by Lave Radio's Chris Jarvis, now into its 3rd series)

    Radio Sidewinder (essential listening for that long exploration trip)

    Hutton Orbital Radio (official radio/podcast of the Hutton Truckers and essential listening for that long loooong haul out to Hutton Orbital - a station which does NOT sell cheap Anacondas no what some people might tell you)

    Pete Wotherspoon's brilliant Galnet News 3302 review

    Useful reference lists

    A list of new (as of release 2.2) in-game structures (ships docks, CQC installations, etc)

    Geysers and Fumaroles

    Tourist Beacons

    Earth-like worlds

    Permits list

    Discounts on ships & outfitting

    Minor faction news and the BGS (Background Simulation)

    Rare commodities

    Alternative HUD colours

    Things to try in-game

    Science and Mystery

    Stuff to do with aliens, barnacles, ancient ruins, formadine rift, etc.

    The big Canonn threadnought (Canonn science is the player group that really gets off on this kind of thing).

    Formadine Rift (if you know your Elite lore then you'll know what this is, it's basically heavily influenced by writer Drew Wagar's "Elite: Reclamation" which is now being used to inspire new in-game mysteries including the mysterious Salome character and a group called the Children of Raxxla)

    Drew Wagar's background lore document

    Misc' other useful links

    NeilF's livestream announcment thread

    Colonia connection route map

    Fuel Rats official thread (for tales of rescue and daring do + general Fuel Rat banter)

    Buckyball Racing Club official thread (general race club banter - subscribe to hear about upcoming race news)

    Stuff to do with VR

    There's loads of great discussion about using VR to play Elite, these are just a few of my favourite threads.


    3rd party tools

    EDDB (brilliant website database for looking up all sort of stuff about systems, commodities, etc)

    ED Shipyard & Coriolis (brilliant websites for experimenting with ship builds and outfitting while out of game)

    Inara (terrific website containing all sorts of information, particularly useful for info to do with engineers)

    Voice Attack (a brilliant bit of 3rd party software which allows you to control your ship with macro'd joystick/keyboard bindings and voice commands)

    HCS Voicepacks (add-ons for Voice Attack that add new voices and characters to your Voice Atack setup)

    Drkaii's ED Profiler - Drkaii is a prominent ED Youtuber and explorer who's written this great tool for managing multiple Elite profiles (collections of graphics settings, control bindings and HUD colours) that you can switch between at the click of a button (really handy for switching between VR and non-VR play)

    ED Toolbox (a terrific utility for picking up information from the running game such as current system, galnet news, etc) and relaying it into a separate website that you can view on another screen. You can also get data from this website that can be fed into Voice Attack so you can use text to speach to have it read it out to you.

    Wavescanner (a nice little website that interactively illustrates the different SRV wavescanner patterns)

    An external list of 3rd party tools
    Sometimes I wish I could give someone double rep.

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    Originally Posted by Erimus View Post (Source)
    Awesome thread Alec

    Could you add the Galactic Mapping Project & Expedition Hub ?
    WOW - I'd forgotten what an incredible wealth of information is contained in the first 7 posts on that thread. Thanks for reminding me about it, now added.

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    Updated Trending with "brain tree" forests and some cool gameplay concept art.

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    A helpful thread is always nice to find, but a thread linking a bunch of them in one spot is not only genius it's pure gold. +1 Alec.

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