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Thread: Mission issues post patch

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    Mission issues post patch

    New to the game and I really enjoy it thus far. However I encountered an issue that surely cant be intended.

    I had Massacre Missions selected pre and post patch. When I went to actually accomplish the missions, NO targets were available in the area. The missions indicate to search targets in the CZ's (CZ was available pre-patch but was not post patch). Understandable, however when doing as I have seen in many posts on this forum... I went searching for 5 hours in the extraction zones, Nav points and anyplace really. Not one target was offered as a mission target even though the faction was present.

    Failing the missions I had saved took me from fully allied to slightly friendly not to mention the money lost. I cant imagine what it did to my Federation ranking. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

    I figured I would try on this forum as I attempted for 2 days to enter in a ticket to your website with no avail.

    I have screen shots of all of this and proof the targets were not showing up as mission targets.

    Thank you

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    Hey TheVanish, we've received some reports of CZs misbehaving, and in those cases it was reported that the CZs were only appearing in certain game modes. The best thing to do is to submit this as a bug report so our QA team can investigate:

    I'm sorry about the trouble with the ticket, if you wish to open a ticket with us, this link should work:

    -CMDR Kosmos, Support Wing