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Thread: GTX 560 TI dont work with this game

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    FWIW, my old pc has a 560ti, it ran Elite Dangerous absolutely fine at 1080p. When I upgraded to Horizons, I had the same issue with terrible fps drops whenever I entered orbital flight or lower. It was virtually unplayable.

    However it was still fine as long as I stayed away from planets.

    Op - either run Elite Dangerous without Horizons, or you'll have to lower your settings to 720p with lower quality, I was generally alright like that once I landed on a planet, ie I could do stuff in the SRV without too much trouble, it was in flight near a planet that I had the super low fps.

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    Not that it helps much, but I modernized my MB and CPU and still use a 650Ti and it is still going fairly well. I'm saving up for the GPU and hope a price war starts if AMD ever gets around to starting the best bang for the $ war.

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    wish i could buy a new card but im stuck iv tried every thing to try and cope but its getting bad

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    Originally Posted by sintara View Post (Source)
    wish i could buy a new card but im stuck iv tried every thing to try and cope but its getting bad
    Post your DxDiag Report & we'll have a better idea of what system you are running & how to help it out.

    But, definitely read all the posts above too (avoid the ones telling you to buy bits for the moment) Quite a few people have already given you very good advice, on what you can try to improve performance, try it out.

    The latest drivers for your card are available here:

    it's a good idea to install them if you haven't already.

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    Originally Posted by MickyG1982 View Post (Source)

    The card should be fine, but it depends on the rest of his system too, GPU isn't everything unfortunately.
    Very true, but I didn't have the strongest set-up, IMO, either.

    Asrock H77m for the mb, a budget i3 processor, strongest point being 16gb ram (DDR3). It ran generic "HIGH" settings for E: D, barring some framerate drops around planets. I never felt it was "Unplayable."

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    well i have been in contact with support and turns out this is a known bug with some nvidia cards and that they have a fox but wont be rolled out until next big update whenever that will be so until then im buggered they said its there end not mine sadly i was at the point of getting my anaconda but due to the lag i crashed so many times trying to do skimmer missions and so on i lost it all

    so now i start from scratch i worked hard too sigh oh well nothing i can do but wait

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    It's a problem with the game and/or drivers as I've run Elite with nice settings since launch on my 570 and starports, combat, etc. are all fine except for landable planets. Look at them from far away, or on approach and enjoy single-digit FPS. It's been reported multiple times in this forum with little to no response from Frontier. It wasn't always this way either. I forget which patch, but there was a time you could land and not have any issues either, which is more frustrating considering dev silence.

    Being told you just have to go spend several hundred on a new card when you're getting consistent 60 FPS in all aspects of a game except one is pretty irritating. Especially as common advice to turn settings down does nothing for the issue. Turn terrain to lowest, zero work, no change in FPS issues. Turn them up to medium and more work, same FPS.

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    I have a 550 ti myself.

    I have been experiencing the same problem. Recently I contacted support. This was the reply I got back!

    Thanks for getting in touch and for your extensive investigation prior to contacting us, it's really helpful. I have good news and bad news.

    The good news is that this issue has virtually nothing to do with your machine, that all looks great. We're aware of this issue: FPS drops to incredibly low rates when observing certain locations (mainly planets) with certain Nvidia cards. We've already been hard at work to fix this issue and we have one ready to go.

    The bad news is that it's a pretty huge fix and the next available time to roll out it out is the release of 2.3, which is some way off yet. We may find a way to deploy it earlier but ultimately I don't have a solution for you right now. I'm really sorry to disappoint. I hope that understanding the nature of the issue and knowing that there's nothing you can do on your end somewhat offsets the fact that the fix could be a way off.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability.


    CMDR Tronador
    Elite: Dangerous Customer Support Wing
    So for us guys with older cards, we'll have to wait a little bit but we have reason to be hopeful! (And sadly there's nothing we can do ourselves in the meantime.)

    P.S. If anyone reading this can reach out to CMDR Tronador and say "Thanks pal!" for me, that'd be swell! (I did have more questions about the technical details about what's causing the issue and the fix, but I figure I can raise that question when the patch comes around?)

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    Thanks for the info V'larr. Disappointing to have to wait until whenever 2.3 arrives, but I'm sure hoping the fix will work. A message in the threads on the forums asking about this issue so many times would have been appreciated as well.

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    I have the exact same issue with fps drops on an older Nvidia card, I'm waiting on the same fix.

    Those old gt5xx cards have run Elite Dangerous just fine until 2.2 dropped.

    You don't need a $300 gpu to play Elite.

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    I'll just add that even with my 550 ti, in most other parts of the game, I often hit 100+ FPS. I drop to the 50s only in certain huge stations.

    (That of course would change if I jacked up my settings to all High/Ultra, surely!)

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    Hello there,

    Just my 2 cents about that.
    First I'm happy about the fix !!

    Then, I have the exact same issue with a GTX570. I can run the game at maximum detail except when I want to land
    Even if I put all the setting to low I got 4 FPS ...

    The very strange thing I noticed is that the first landing is working correctly (on a fresh launched game).
    But if I'm trying to land on a second planet, then the issue begin.

    So I leave the game and launch it again to be able to land

    I Need money to buy a more recent computer


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