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Thread: 2.3 Dev Update

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    Originally Posted by Ralph Vargr View Post (Source)
    NPC crew do not pay $30.00 USD to play.
    Simple, direct and completely true.

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    Originally Posted by FuzzyWuzzy View Post (Source)
    No no, you misunderstand. The CMDR at the helm is supposed to be the real human. The CMDRs joining (VIA HOLO-ME eg the hologram) are the ones IN the hologram. Communication between the ship they are all in and the two HOLOs (physically elsewhere in the galaxy) is where you would be introducing LAG (as our technology currently stands but who knows what this will be like then) so by keeping everything in one cockpit is where you can use imagination as far as overheads and processing power blah doesn't have to be technology as we currently understand it.
    But thats the point. With implementing this poorly thought out holo me system for multi crew they are saying we have the technology to NOT be in the ship at all either. So why would anyone be in the ship instead of using holo tech, when they would save all the expense, weight and trouble of having a cockpit, life support and danger of being in space...

    Not to mention that this holo me you create and change at will is the avatar you see in your own pilot seat as well, meaning that IS the same holo me that you transmit if you crew up.

    A VERY bad implementation for the sake of a limited turret mode that multicrew has devolved into. Thats without even getting into the balance issues of 'pay to win' via multi account afk commanders that give extra pips and duplicate free credits...

    The really sad thing is it could easily be fit in to the existing gameworld with no extra effort in a way that enhances the setting and preserves its functionality.

    1) Make holo me just an actual commander creator you create once (with costume, hair style changes etc possible later).
    2) Allow players to create npc avatars to sit in their empty bridge seats. No extra benefits need to be added, but it gives people that populated bridge at zero extra effort as well that we don't have.
    3) For instant multicrew have players take over these npcs in the same way they are implementing multicrew anyway - no teleprescence or holo me problems involved, no continuity problems caused.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Dash Rendar View Post (Source)
    Is the beta out yet?
    No delayed until... whenever

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