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This update make the game worse. Dear developers, (("thank you")) for fix all money and rank missions.
In version 2.3 it is expected that the player must now jerk off a lot with empty flights - that would have the same money and experience as it was in version 2.2
Now er have 1-3 mission in one stantion - this is very small.

Also ("thanks") for removing the cut derones missions. We really see how you care about the players, the game has become "better"!
One questions - why? You something add to gameplay ? Interest did not become more, the difficulty of getting money and the rank became more.
hmmm.. evry single passenger mission i done since 2.3 earns me atleast the same amount that my entire ships worth (a-rated dolphin, 33-ish Ly and never under 400 (sustained boost speed, top boost speed far above that) for the cost of 3 clicks @ engineer)
never had an easier time making money