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Thread: Ryzen Pricing looks promising ...

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    Originally Posted by Robert Maynard View Post (Source)
    Things may be about to get more interesting:
    This competition with Intel / Nvidia is excellent for consumers

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    Good old WCCFTech, taking a 1000 words to say the same thing as the table slightly lower down on the same page.

    They don't address some things though. Are the new CPUs a new die or multi-chip in one package? Given what we currently know about CCX so far in that each module needs to be balanced, I wonder how those 10 cores would be split. Either the balance isn't really needed, or this is some new structure. I don't think it the latter as CCX was designed to be scaleable by having more of them.

    Their comments on TDP falls exactly into AMDs marketing plan. Intel TDP tends to be higher as the highest TDP scenarios involve AVX2, and Zen was not designed to be high performance in that area. In other workloads they're pretty much comparable. With AVX512 being introduced Intel could once again be 4x the IPC compared to AMD in that area.

    Also I'd take the 3200 ram claim with a pinch of salt. It is different between officially supporting it, and offering it and you're on your own luck. Pretty much I don't see it being different than the situation now. You have a lower official supported speed, but you are effectively ram interface overclocking if you want to go higher. If AMD really do offer 3200 as an officially supported speed (as opposed to OC speed) I think they would need a ram certification scheme to ensure it works. Right now on both Intel and AMD, even if the mobo claims to support it, running at 3200 is far from guaranteed.

    Still, it will be a really interesting time once R9 and i9 are announced and we have another wave of benching to look forward to.

    On a slight tangent, I built my 2nd Ryzen system on the weekend. Slightly lower spec than 1st, with a R5 1600 currently overclocked to 3.6 GHz paired with 2666 ram. I'm running the bundled Wraith Spire cooler while I wait for my free Noctua AM4 mount kit to arrive and allow me to use something nicer. Both the Wraith Spire coolers, one each from 1700 and 1600, have noise problems. The one from 1700 clicks when it rotates, with nothing visible outside so it must be internal. I suspect I got a bad sample and it isn't worth returning since I replaced it anyway. The one from 1600 is fine under normal use, but under sustained intense loading (even when not OC), if fan speed goes above 2000 rpm a whine starts which is really annoying. This isn't just air noise but something else going on. Not likely to affect casual users to be fair. From a performance point of view, I'd still look to get decent after market cooler for anything other than very tight budget builds.
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