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Thread: Newsletter #161

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    Newsletter #161

    Get a first look at 2.3 "The Commanders" features



    Welcome to the Elite Dangerous Newsletter, the place to find all the latest from the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

    The expansion efforts in Colonia reach the next stage this week, with the first factions settling in their new home as the second bubble begins to grow. That's not the only exciting news this week, we're gearing up for the first ever look at 2.3 "The Commanders" new features.

    As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Community Homepage, and right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback.

    On the Horizon
    All the latest for Elite Dangerous: Horizons

    Phase One and Two of the Colonia Initiative is complete, and the 16 factions who earned their place in Colonia have now established their new homes.

    Thousands of Commanders shipped Galactic Travel Guides half way across the galaxy in order to colonise the area of space around Jaques Station. The factions that collectively shipped the most goods were rewarded with a place in Colonia.

    The top groups were able to name their new faction, star system, and ground base as well as choose their faction and government type. As from 5PM GMT today (February 10th) these changes will be visible in-game, with one exception.

    The star system name change will occur at the next big update; in this case they will update with 2.3 The Commanders update.

    The Mission Board service will come online at a later date – we’ll update you when this becomes available.


    The Colonia Council are still looking for new factions to take up residence in Colonia, in their ongoing initiative. If you’d like to get involved, visit the Expansion Initative website, and then sign up for the Community Goal in-game.


    Livestream Lowdown
    Catch up with videos from the community team


    Next week we’ve got two very exciting livestreams for you! On Tuesday 14th February at 7PM GMT we’ll be showing you some of the headline features in 2.3 The Commanders, including the Commander Creator.

    We’ll be continuing the 2.3 buzz only two days later on Thursday February 16th at 7PM GMT with your first ever look at the Multicrew feature in action. You won’t want to miss either of the streams, as we’ll be showing things that have never been seen outside of Frontier before.

    The latest goods and the best deals from the Frontier Store


    Federal pilots will be jumping for joy this week as the long-awaited Military, Tactical, and Vibrant paint jobs for the Federal Gunship have hit the store.

    Whether you want to give your ship a tactical edge or let everyone know you're coming, there's a paint job perfect for you in these packs.

    Community Central
    The best from the community, all in one place


    The Colonia Citizens Network are delighted to announce the Colonia Olympics.

    Starting Saturday the 18th February and running for three weekends, all citizens of Colonia are invited to take part and marvel at the feats achieved bty the competitors.

    To apply, please fill out this Google form.

    Curious as to the events taking place? This action-packed trailer explains all.

    Galnet Focus
    All the news from across the Galaxy


    Independent engineer Ram Tah has commented on the discovery of several new Guardians sites. In a statement, he stressed that while the new sites were superficially similar to the one in Synuefe XR-H d11-102, it is likely that each holds unique data.


    Former Federal president Jasmina Halsey has announced that her campaign to establish a rehabilitation centre for victims of war received the wholehearted support of the galactic community. Halsey thanked those who took part, saying, “In the current political climate, peace cannot be achieved without practical effort”.


    As Valentine’s Day approaches, retailers throughout the galaxy are preparing for a busy week. One of these retailers, Vestani Conservatives, has placed an open order for various commodities in anticipation of this hectic period, promising to reward pilots who respond to the appeal.


    The second Colonia Council appeal has come to an end. Hundreds of organisations took part, delivering huge quantities of material to Jaques Station in the hope of earning a place in the Colonia Nebula. A spokesperson for the Colonia Council said the response demonstrated the galactic community's commitment to Colonia.

    Community Goals
    The latest missions for you to take on

    Rose Terminal, Vestani

    Earn rewards by delivering  Thrutis Cream, Deuringas Truffles, and Esuseku Caviar to Rose Terminal in the Vestani system.


    Phillips Dock, Peacock

    Earn rewards by delivering Robotics, Ion Distributors and Emergency Power Cells to Phillips Dock in the Peacock system.


    Jaques Station, Colonia

    Earn your faction a place in the Colonia region by transporting Galactic Travel Guides from Bluford Orbital in the LHS 3447 system to Jaques Station in the Colonia system.

    Comms Chatter
    A round up of this week's community content


    This nostalgic intro animation for "Super Elite: HD" by tfaddy has been given a HD makeover. We love it!


    It'a party time for Commander Tichus and friends! This animation really is mesmerising.


    Commander Ryze has got their hands on a timelapsing toy, here are the loopy results.

    See you in the black, Commanders.

    The Frontier Developments Team

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    And again, no Newsletter. What the hell Frontier? Last week I got it...

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    Ooh two live streams, nice.

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    There had better be hair with that character creator

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    Originally Posted by stormyuk View Post (Source)
    Ooh two live streams, nice.
    From the sound of it, Thursday is the stream where they will actually show multicrew.
    Maybe on Tuesday they'll show just the Commander creator

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    Hooray for everything \o/


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    When's there gonna be news in the newsletter FDev?

    What's that? Next week?

    Ok. Good job.

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    Such good things! Glad Colonia Olympics made it to the newsletter. Hope to see you folks there!

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    Shame there wasn't a mention of the EDRPG kickstarter being in its last week on this weeks newsletter.

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    14th mwahahahah, here you go singletons, have something to keep your mind off everybody else being soppy sods, love it

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    I wish I could go to colonia and install my own faction here, but since I don't play as much as others and have the Sidewinder, hard to go here and complete objectives...

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    Originally Posted by neonox View Post (Source)
    And again, no Newsletter. What the hell Frontier? Last week I got it...
    I have noticed they're turning up much, much later in my e-mail than they used to! Check in a few hours I say.

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    Really? Livestream in the evening of 14th February? Guess you're mostly relying on single people? Not that gamers ever have girlfriends/wifes though... So, good call!

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    Originally Posted by Morgan Grimes View Post (Source)
    14th mwahahahah, here you go singletons, have something to keep your mind off everybody else being soppy sods, love it
    Ninja'd ..

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    Originally Posted by stormyuk View Post (Source)
    Ooh two live streams, nice.
    I think they also did that with update 2.2.

    Tuesday's live-stream is about new stuff other than multicrew. That must mean they have enough new content to fill a whole live stream.

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