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Thread: Two interdictions "after" dropping from supercruise...

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    Two interdictions "after" dropping from supercruise...

    I was heading for "Chris“ and Silvia“s Paradise Hideout" (who invnted THIS name???) in Eurybia today at about 20:05 Middle European Time. After hitting "o" to drop out of sc, i realized, that someone (NPC ??? Deathgod) interdicted me. I could not react in any way, not even drop out of sc myself. After about 1 minute in front of the "interdiction tunnel" I got a message, that the server was unreachable. I reconnected, flew back (from about 300ls away of the station), got into the "o-zone", hit "o" again, and again, someone interdicted me. This time, my Asp dropped at the station and I landed as normal.
    I know, that in multiplayer games connection timing is very important, but i never had this problem before. Now twice within 5 minutes. And after the first interdiction I was kicked from the server with the red triangle on my HUD. Am I now flagged as Interdiction logger???

    :-( CMDR laHorg

    sorry for my English...

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    Hi CMDR,

    Go ahead and send us a ticket. We will be able to look through your game logs and see if we can work out what happened here.