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Thread: How do you configure joystick

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    How do you configure joystick

    Hi there, I have a Saitek x52pro joystick and am trying to use it but it's not allowing me to set up my controlls with it. When I go into controlls and try to set an axis it won't register any movement or any button for that manor. Was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get my joystick to work with the game. Thank you

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    Hey CAPT.Serrano,

    Are you running ED through Steam at all? If so, could you try turning Steam off and launching ED via the launcher to see if this helps at all? Steam recently released an update which affected the way some controllers are picked up and I believe this may be what is causing you trouble!

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    Have you loaded a profile into the X52 manager? I have the same flightstick and I downloaded the ED profile from the Saitek website. Configuring of all the controls in ED works fine. Also check whether the joystick is connected properly: is everything lighting up and does the throttle display show the loaded profile?